Recap of Dwane Casey’s Post-Draft Press Conference

Dwane Casey speaks about all the sneakiness Masai Ujiri has been upto in trying to get Bruno Caboclo.

Bullet points from Dwane Casey’s press conference:

  • Met him in Houston
  • Masai went down three times in a “stealth move”
  • Bruno has wingspan of Javalee McGee
  • Getting Ennis and Bruno was part of the plan, once they couldn’t get Ennis, shifted gears
  • Tried to move up to get Tyler Ennis
  • “Bruno was going to be our guy anyway”
  • Bruno is an “athletic phenomenon” and raw
  • “Defensively, he’s long, covers a lot of ground”
  • They all went down to see him workout
  • “Reminds me a lot of Rashard Lewis”
  • “Shot the three very well”
  • Has to get footwork and technical work, will work in staff
  • Saw him about a week ago
  • “Probably three or four teams that knew about him but we had the most intel about him”
  • “He’s in the States now and is working on getting visa now”
  • As far as cracknig the lineup, it’s a “wait and see”
  • One of the most athletic guys in the draft, also in terms of quickness and speed
  • Didn’t want to take a chance that he’d fall to 37 and took him anyway
  • Sees him as a 3/4 but with a huge wingspan, sees this as a big plus on defense
  • He will appear in summer league
  • Casey didn’t know who he was but was totally impressed by him
  • English isn’t great but it’s coming, speaks Portugese
  • When Bruno was asked if he could guard Kevin Durant, said yes
  • “Nobody will be disappointed” by him
  • Has played in Brazil, not against US competition
  • Played in the same team as Leandro Barbosa
  • Doesn’t think anybody on the board at the time had as high a potential as Bruno, but acknowledges that they are probably more polished
  • He’s a “quick learner” based on what Casey saw in the workouts and has a very “high baketball IQ”
  • Has great feel defensively, sliding, moving feet, for a kid his size
  • He’s a “clean slate” in terms of working with him and coaching him
  • Bruno will be off to LA immediately to train, and then to Vegas for summer league
  • “He’s going to be someone our fans will really take to”
  • Phoenix had a beat on Bruno as well, but Raptors were well ahead.
  • “Masai did a great job of keeping it hush, hush which is hard to do in today’s scouting system”

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