Bullet points from Dwane Casey’s press conference:

  • Met him in Houston
  • Masai went down three times in a “stealth move”
  • Bruno has wingspan of Javalee McGee
  • Getting Ennis and Bruno was part of the plan, once they couldn’t get Ennis, shifted gears
  • Tried to move up to get Tyler Ennis
  • “Bruno was going to be our guy anyway”
  • Bruno is an “athletic phenomenon” and raw
  • “Defensively, he’s long, covers a lot of ground”
  • They all went down to see him workout
  • “Reminds me a lot of Rashard Lewis”
  • “Shot the three very well”
  • Has to get footwork and technical work, will work in staff
  • Saw him about a week ago
  • “Probably three or four teams that knew about him but we had the most intel about him”
  • “He’s in the States now and is working on getting visa now”
  • As far as cracknig the lineup, it’s a “wait and see”
  • One of the most athletic guys in the draft, also in terms of quickness and speed
  • Didn’t want to take a chance that he’d fall to 37 and took him anyway
  • Sees him as a 3/4 but with a huge wingspan, sees this as a big plus on defense
  • He will appear in summer league
  • Casey didn’t know who he was but was totally impressed by him
  • English isn’t great but it’s coming, speaks Portugese
  • When Bruno was asked if he could guard Kevin Durant, said yes
  • “Nobody will be disappointed” by him
  • Has played in Brazil, not against US competition
  • Played in the same team as Leandro Barbosa
  • Doesn’t think anybody on the board at the time had as high a potential as Bruno, but acknowledges that they are probably more polished
  • He’s a “quick learner” based on what Casey saw in the workouts and has a very “high baketball IQ”
  • Has great feel defensively, sliding, moving feet, for a kid his size
  • He’s a “clean slate” in terms of working with him and coaching him
  • Bruno will be off to LA immediately to train, and then to Vegas for summer league
  • “He’s going to be someone our fans will really take to”
  • Phoenix had a beat on Bruno as well, but Raptors were well ahead.
  • “Masai did a great job of keeping it hush, hush which is hard to do in today’s scouting system”

More on the draft from RR:

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16 Responses to “Recap of Dwane Casey’s Post-Draft Press Conference”

  1. GoingBig

    Casey’s positive response to Bruno sort of lightened my shock about the pick. It’s going to put the Raptors development system to the test; maybe they’ll have to get an actual D-League affiliate.

    At pick #20 I did not see a major piece to be added that would move the needle. Masai seems to be launching one for the fences. While Caboclo’s youth hints at a larger upside, it’s going to be a longer development slog.

    That longer-term path hints that 2014-15 will be a steady state year. With Lowry signed & further development of JV and TRoss(and maybe DeRozan), there will be another team-building playoff appearance. The reputation for steady management & a quality team will set the Raptors up for 2015-16 – the target year.

    2015-16 will have the lots of cap room for a big ticket free agent. And cash to keep JV and possibly a much better TRoss. And Caboclo’s upside will be another asset that can be sold or displayed.

    Pick #20 means nothing if you are taking at team from very good to elite. If the Raptors were merely mid-level, a standard pick would solidify the bench at most. Playing the averages, Pick #20 nets little in value in taking the Raptors to the next level.

    So, we will see.

  2. RPT23

    I like the part where it’s said that Masai went down to stealth scout him… lol.

    I guess GMs underestimated his ssssssssssneakiness.

  3. Hassan Mehmood Khan

    if this guy is as good as masai and casey say he is then we just go the steal of the draft , He is a physical freak I can just imagine blocking a shot on one end then dunking on someone on the other end

  4. KJ-B

    Maaan! Saw video of him off bleacher dude is pure. I now get the “two years away from being two years away” comment… you have to have a futbol brain to understand MU’s pick.

    It’s like a Rooney playing in Everton at like 16?? Messi going to BARCELONA when Ronaldinho was still the Man. Bruno had instincts you can’t teach. He just needs to stay in the gym and outta the club… Special prodigious talent!

    • asifyouknow

      So you will be happy to go back to the basement of the east for a few years …Right…lol

      • Anonapotamus

        If the 20th pick in the draft is the key to whether we’re a top 4 team in the east or a basement team, then we’ve got bigger issues than Bruno. I’m pretty sure the pick would have little bearing on how we do next year regardless of who we took.

  5. LosLikeGilligan

    I understand that people think there was no missing pieces that were available at the #20 spot but there was a vast amount of talent. Bruno averages about 5.1 points in Brazil and is said to be 4 years away from competing at at the NBA level. After watching a video of Bruno on Youtube, I couldn’t help but feel this was another year where we didn’t capitalize on an opportunity. Many mock drafts projected that Bruno was going to be undrafted and in most scenarios the Raptors were going to select Ennis (A bit of a reach) or Kyle Anderson (A bit of a slide). We needed a player that would have been able to contribute to us staying in the play-offs.

    • Anonapotamus

      Bruno “is said to be 4 years away” by analysts who had no idea who he was and were on the spot and thus needed to say something to fill the air time and not look foolish. Why is it you’ll take the word of someone who wasn’t ready to talk about a player and probably knew next to nothing about him, but you won’t take the word of your teams GM or coach? Because you watched a quick video of him?

      Frankly I would have preferred Capela but I understand the upside reach just the same.

      • LosLikeGilligan

        81 games averaging 4.9 a game…You realize that we are in Canada and our development in any sport is at par yet. Its the best it’s been in years but we still have queit a bit to go. So to say the video is not a great way to get an idea of how he plays, is crazy. Now they are trying to put him on the roster for next season. He is four years away from playing in/at the NBA level and they are just going to have him play on a random D-League team and their summer league team.

  6. dunkmycat7

    What a pile of ridiculous rationalizing CRAP. For a team who got knocked out in the first round this pick is inexcusable, arrogant, and just plain stupid. There is nothing that is ever going to convince me this was the right move with the players that were still available.
    Hope KL isn’t throwing up in his own mouth, THIS is how you inspire confidence to get him to re-sign ?
    And for all of you just asking us to TRUST Masai ?
    Just like we trusted BC ?
    How’d that work out for you ?

  7. asifyouknow

    You can tell this guys are going back to the old plan of building San Antonio style…
    Lowry gone, Vasquez gone, Salmons gone, Patterson gone..Then the dumping in the next few years of Landry, Hans etc ..etc
    Expect a few years of “back to the basement” but the up side MU will eventually build a great team…
    Just an opinion..

    • jakdripr

      What makes you think all those players won’t come back? I fail to see the correlation between the Spurs style of team building, and letting your assets walk in free agency.

      • asifyouknow

        This is really a dead end argument, Monday is the last day in June. Next week we will all know.
        I know where you stand and you know where I stand ..may the best guesser win…….lol

        • jakdripr

          I was asking a question not trying to argue, I’m not about to argue about something neither of us know shit about. I didn’t see how you came to the conclusion and was asking why.

  8. feylines

    all of a sudden everyone thinks they’re smarter than ujiri, without any evidence (yet) that they’re right. MU deserves a chance to make a weird move and see how it plays out


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