Marc Stein from ESPN is reporting that the Raptors appear to be quite confident of locking up Kyle Lowry at $12M/year. This is on the heels of Michael Grange reporting that it’s “just about a done deal”:

This is coming on the heels of the Might Woj reporting that the Raptors would tender an offer at midnight. If the deal is signed at the reported $12M, would the Raptors have enough money to match any offers for Greivis Vasquez? Or would they be willing to go into the tax? This does put the Lou Williams acquisition into greater context. It’s a little unbelievable if Lowry signs without even listening to another team, but for our sakes, I hope he does exactly that.

The reported $12M is well and beyond anything Miami can offer him – even with a S&T they could offer a max of ~$8M, and that would mean neglecting all their other needs. To put in perspective, Lowry has a career earnings of $28.8M over his 8-year career. Under the reported deal, he would eclipse that in a little over two years. That kind of a pay bump would be hard to resist, no matter what Miami offers in terms of LeBron and Friends. Lowry also has to be thinking that, at 28, even if he signs a 4-year deal, he’ll have enough in the tank to go ring-hunting at 32 years of age if he hasn’t gotten one by then.

8:06 Update: Josh Eberley of DimeMag is reporting that Lowry has signed an extension, after being unable to resist the urge of being the #1 guy on the team (little does he know that Bruno Caboclo is going to take care of that soon enough):

8:16 Update: David Aldridge is reporting that Ujiri will present an offersheet at midnight:

8:46 Update: Apparently the Rockets want to make a pitch too if they can’t land ‘Melo. Nothing to worry about here, because Lowry would never go back to Houston. Would he? Blake Murphy will have an analysis of the Raptors cap situation once the numbers are a bit more clear, for now though, the off-season is off to a fantastic start.

10:14 Update (William is taking over): Josh Lewenberg just said on TSN1050 Radio that the Toronto Raptors’ offer will be the first one presented to Lowry at midnight. Not really a surprise, but it’s something.

10:31 Update

So that’s a bit crazy. You know, like eating a whole pack of magic mushrooms crazy. But hey, if the goal is to keep him, and this is the price, perhaps it’s not so bad. Having Lowry eat up such a huge chunk of money would leave little for Vasquez and Patterson. We shall see. If Lowry does net that figure (and it would be insane for him not to), Lowry would become the 6th highest paid PG in the league next season (Jeremy Lin technically has him beat, but his is a poison pill).

The upside is, it would certainly price Lowry out of anyone else’s range. However, the bad news is that it would be overpaying. While it’s possible for the Raptors to structure a front-loaded deal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Raptors could drop 7.5% off the first year’s salary every season, and make it something like: $14.5, $13.4, $12.33, $11.24 million, which comes down to $51.47 million over four years. That’s not that insane, but it’s still pretty nuts.

10:48 Update

Sweet. I just did all that calculating for nothing.

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  • ddd


  • Daniel Grouzman

    Not have enough room to sign Vasquez ? Not sure what you mean by that .. Raptors have his Bird rights and can therefore match any offer Vasquez signs.

    • keith

      I think Vaz won’t get a big enough offer to leave or raps match a decent offer. But seems like timeframe is the issue. Vaz wants longterm security.

    • arsenalist

      That wasn’t phrased correctly, I was implying that will they have enough in their total free-agency budget to offer Vasquez what he wants. Fixed it.

  • Charanvir

    I can’t right now just…………..please make sure he’s wearing a raptor uni next year

  • Ridoba

    No greasy has me worried! Do we have enough to keep Patterson? How about repatriating Ed Davis? Of we let hansborough go, what room do we have? I’d like them both. That would gve us 4 quality bigs. Wings would be a little weak. Masai then looks to trade a contract like Hayes for his wing equivalent ?

    • Nilanka15

      Raps picked up team option on Hansbrough today.

  • Jensan

    This is B.S. about GV. The raptors including with Landry , pyscho, DD , JV, TRoss, Amir, Hayes, Deandre Daniels, Lou Williams, Brazillian Blunder, and Lowry (12) totals 56 million for 11 players.
    Than you have GV , PP and Decolo , so don’t sign Decolo and let the cost be 11 million for the first two players brings you to 67 million for 13 players.

    Than there is Bebe for another 1.2 plus a MLE for 5.3. That gives you 15 players for 73.5 million plus the 650,000 for Camby attribution.

    The 5.3 million should be spent against a strong challenge TRoss.

    The luxury tax is 76 million this year. What is everyone’s issue.

    • keith

      I think the sticking point is not money, its years. Vaz wants a longterm commitment and raps don’t. I think they would pay him the full MLE for one year. I just don’t think that is what he wants.

      • Daniel Grouzman

        You definitely just made that up.

        • WhiteVegas

          Vasquez has stated in the press recently he wants a 3+ year deal and long term security is his biggest concern. It’s not impossible to bring him back, might just depend on what other teams offer him. If he gets a 3 year $15M+ offer then I’m not sure we’d wanna match. Gotta preserve that 2016 cap space for a bigger free agent than greasy.

          • asifyouknow

            Do you know the impact this guy had on the Raptors…Did you watch the games? 15 mill is gift for this guy who played hurt most of the year and was still only about 85 % after all-star game.
            If you don’t like the guy , that’s fair enough, but you need to know what you’re talking about.
            This guy will be going into a very good 5 year stretch in his prime and with experience.
            I seen lots of silly comments but you suggesting you don’t want to spend 15 mill for 3 year on one of the best back ups in the NBA is , well I’ll take the high road and let your comment speak for itself.
            5 mill a year for three is a gift.

            • Kermit Da Frog

              Vasquez sucks get over it ….

              • asifyouknow

                So said a guy named Kermit Da Frog ! ….can’t make this stuff up folks…lol

      • asifyouknow

        Keith you are absolutely right ..Vaz said he has to have a multi year deal to sign ..Period, he wont take a one year. I have a feeling that is what Raptors are trying to give him…

  • Dr. Scooby

    This just in!
    Lowry signs with Raptors at the request of Dr. Scooby

  • jclaw

    but is this all just based on the Grange misquote?

    • 70-92

      yup. this will not be settled anytime soon.

  • Ridoba

    Surprised that Hansborough got picked up. I thought it was understood that he was gone. Maybe they want his salary for a deal.
    I was worried about Vasquez,and still am, but I just saw how many pg’s are is saturTed with high amount of supply.

  • caccia

    If Toronto wants to free up cap room for Lowry, they might have to part ways with Amir Johnson. They could get some nice players or draft picks in return. The $12 million would be difficult to manage financially.

    • DDayLewis

      They won’t need to part with anyone to sign Lowry. They might have to dip into the luxury tax though. We’ll see what happens with 2Pat and Greivis

    • Xtremenator1

      Amir is quite possibly the heart and soul of this team. If he were to leave it could be a devastating impact chemistry wise.

  • javalog

    why did u use an oasis pic w lowry as liam gallagher??

  • asifyouknow

    Mr. Siddiqi quote: “If the deal is signed at the reported $12M, would the Raptors have enough money to match any offers for Greivis Vasquez? Or would they be willing to go into the tax? This does put the Lou Williams acquisition into greater context. It’s a little unbelievable”

    You may have made an all-star type on analysis there. That makes sense..

  • mike, prague

    Just please Masai, don’t do a Javale McGee …

  • cdub

    14.5 mil? I thought 12 was overpaying but I was ok with it. 14.5 is too much for Lowry imo.

    • leftovercrack

      Yeah, that’s Rudy Gay-like, cap-crippling money, especially if the contract is for more than 4 years

  • Cospo

    I bet that scam text was from Pat Riley, trying to make 12 mil seem like not that much.

    • Raps

      LOL! I could totally see that happening…

  • Jkwasia

    im surprised people actually want yolo no defense vasquez to stay ….then again this the same fan base that had a hard on for Dribblez o.0

    • asifyouknow

      I agree cause he obviously had nothing TO DO with helping this team win. Best comment of the day…Get the bum out of Toronto!!!

      • Jkwasia

        are we talking about Vasquez mr. i give up on defence what i put up on offence …the same dude that would rather do a running one foot floater from the free throw line off glass instead of swing it to the open team mate?…..the same dude that treats his opposition with the most hospitality by providing red carpet treatment to the net…hold on as i throw up watching him guard a pick n roll….yea he has done a lot for toronto wins he has made the deficit large enough for the dramatic comebacks o.0

        • asifyouknow

          I see you are a basketball expert…Ask Casey for a coaching job.
          You have zero clue of what you talking about.
          Funny how his plus and minus are one of the best in the team, funny how Casey had to put him in to settle things down and run the offense.
          The NBA is a team defense league Spurs.. the Raptors has DeMar who can’t guards his own shadow and is too weak to put a body on anyone and in the other end you got a 178 pound Ross who they push around like a rag doll and in the middle JV who don’t know where the ball is half of the time. So the problems was bigger than just Vaz my friend.
          Listen go on you-tube and look for basketball coaching 101 and you will began understanding the game. Is actually easy to learn.
          It will make basketball more enjoyable to watch and also will help you make a more informed
          Just trying to help you.

          • De Colo

            I have no problem with Vazquez or Lowry, Salmons is gone, and right now that’s all that matters, got Lou Williams out of him, now sign Lowry and try your best to keep Vazquez or Patterson(if they have any money to do so) and go from there.

            • asifyouknow

              Good comment..

              • De Colo

                Vaz’s “bad defense” is overblown anyway, he doesn’t have great lateral quickness but he held his own, i never felt his defense alone lost the Raptors any games ever, it’s dumb to think that and it’s extremely nearsighted.

                • asifyouknow


                • Rapchat

                  My last memory of GV was of him coming into games against BKN, down already, and getting us back in those game. I’d go so far as to say that without GV we woulda maybe won 1 playoff game. Going even further, I’d say GV helped win a shit ton more games for us than he lost. This would be reflected by the %666 winning percentage since he joined our team that already featured KL, DD, JV. Yes it’s cumulative, but when a guy joins a team and is a HUGE contributor for a %666 ball club. I’d shut my F*@#ING mouth right there.

                • Kermit da Frog

                  lol last i checked he wasn’t the only one that came in the trade and moving rudy gay out of any team would immediately make your team better see grizzles Memphis…but thats none of my business…

                • Rapchat

                  None of your business? Why? Your right, but it doesn’t change a thing about what I said. Moving Gay is one thing, but it doesnt mean %666 just because of it…Okay, out of the trade who contributed the most, alongside of Gay leaving? Uh oh….you simply can’t say ANYONE has contributed more than GV out of that trade.

                • Jkwasia

                  Lol i would check Memphis winning percentage after the gay trade but this some bomb ass tea…shit….all 4 contributed……yes even salmons at some point was integral to that bench ha! and who are you?! asifyouknow come get your son……..

                • Rapchat

                  Wait, did you just compare GV to Salmons? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH Oh wow…so let me get this straight, in your opinion they all contributed equally? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Ever heard of a door knob? There is a funny joke where someone calls someone else a doorknob for being irrevocably idiotic. This is one of those times.

                • Raps

                  bro calm down with caps lock not everybody needs to know you got overly sensitive with a comment the man just made lol

                • Rapchat

                  HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH thanks for the tip.

                • Rapchat

                  You do know youre talking to yourself right?

                • Rapchat

                  Looks like someone forgot to switch accounts when trying to post as someone else….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

                • Jkwasia

                  Lmfao i was about to reply to this guy but you just ehtered him for me lmao

                • Jkwasia


                • asifyouknow

                  I need to know!!! lock it…

                • asifyouknow

                  True… Jkwasia is probably smoking crack or drunk…..but he is good entertainment while we wait for news ..I’m staying up till one am east time…

                • Jkwasia

                  hahaha and who is having the debate wit a ten year old? lol does Vasquez send you checks in the mail? be honest? are you on his PR team? dont worry your secret is safe

                • jkwasia

                  asifyouknow is that you?o.0

                • De Colo

                  No, but truth hurts bud

                • Jkwasia

                  trust me there is no emotional attachment here basketball is entertainment…..but i think asifyouknow didnt get the memo…….o.0 and if you read my comments defense was only one of the issue with his game…but moving on as i have gotten all my laughs from asifyouknow already your not worthy

                • De Colo

                  Really dont give a shit man, do whatever you want

                • asifyouknow

                  Is that guy drunk….lol

                • De Colo

                  we’ll just go with yes, drunk or 10 years old, either way, not worth my time for any kind of argument.

            • asifyouknow

              I’m expecting a tweet as soon as something is up…Got one about 30 minutes ago..

          • Jkwasia

            lol I know stating facts about your man crush makes you sensitive but take his weak ass and your adoration for him with you to what ever team has a brain cramp and signs him……defence starts at the top with the pg once he allows penetration everybody goes into scramble mode….vasquez couldn’t guard zarar at the YMCA lol….o.0

            • asifyouknow

              If you can read get a good basketball book then come back and talk to me. You are talking at a childish level, adults don’t debate like you …you will be ok with time…is part of growing up… 😉

  • robertparish00

    We were underpaying him since we got him, so it all evens out. I Love Lowry, pay that man!

  • mountio

    Just landed from a long flight .. loving the updates – thanks. Glad to hear the $14.5 mm was a mistake ..I can certainly live with $12 mm – $14.5 mm is excessive and limits our flexibility…

    • truth be told

      12 million is excessive as well.

  • RNsteve

    Anything over 12 million a year is limiting to team in the future.

  • Dr. Scooby

    “Receiveda scam text from someone posing as Raptors front office member.There is no offer on the table paying $14M.Apologize for the mistake”
    — Marc J. Spears

    I like to think the text came from Masai…just to mess with other teams and the media.

    • noname

      nevermind f*** Brooklyn, f*** the toronto media!!!

    • Ho Tep

      Which one of you scamps is working the IP mojo? First Bucher and his Bosh sign and trade and now this. Do these guys ever bother checking a source?

  • Xtremenator1

    I hope it’s true they got him. I was “LEGIT” worried that they wouldn’t. Yeah it’s just basketball, but it’s real to me damnit. Now if they can just resign Vasquez and Patterson, we’ll be all set. Honestly though, and I know a lot of people are hesitant to say this, but the Raptors are legitimately a contender heading into next season; at least in the East. But I feel like they still need one more defensive piece to add to the team. I like the idea of Lowry, Derozan, *Sefolosha, Johnson, Valunciunas as the starters, with Vasquez, Williams, Ross, Patterson, and Hayes off the bench. If you ask me, that’s real right there. Thabo shouldn’t be too much of a price, and he could help mentor Ross on the defensive side of the ball. Plus he would be able to defend guy’s Ross/ Derozan are unable to, and this gives us a 3PT shot off the bench.

  • Truth Teller

    Raptors still could use an upgrade at SF and PF. Hopefully they don’t spend too much on Lowry. 14M might be too much. 12M is ok though.

  • asifyouknow

    Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 4m

    I’m told face-to-face meeting between Raptors & prized free agent Kyle Lowry scheduled for later Tuesday … as in Tuesday in the sunlight

    • asifyouknow

      Good night I’m going to sleep…nothing to see tonight..

  • Tank

    12 million is ridiculous for a point guard like Lowry who had one really good season. I would rather have Vasquez at 5 million and Williams as backup and spend the money on a Small forward who can guard wings. Lets be serious if we ever want to beat Miami, nets and Pacers you need a big wing who can guard and at least spot up for long two. Maybe we find a big 3 who can guard and shoot for cheap? To me its easier and way cheaper to find a point guard like patti mills to go along with Vasquez for a combo of 8-9 million then paying Lowry 12 million. Lowry is a short armed bull dog point guard who is a little over rated on his man to man defense. His help defense is very good. Offensively he takes a lot of bad shots and he forces it like the last second shot against the Nets.
    Parker, Curry and a few other point guards who are all stars make 12 million a year not Lowry who could gain 10 pounds and not be the same player. What will be his motivation after signing the big contract?

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