Mighty Woj: Expect Ujiri to bid on Lowry at midnight (5pm Grange update: Lowry’s staying)

Chill out guys, Masai Ujiri has a plan.

It would be wise to listen to Adrian Wojnarowski’s words, for they oftentimes come true. And he makes a lot of sense here. Why?

Miami and Houston don’t actually have enough cap room as of yet to bid on Lowry. The Heat would first have to forgo the Big 3’s bird rights, or have all three re-sign at lower prices immediately, before they have any useable cap room. For Houston, they’re waiting to bid on other superstars first, so Lowry’s down their list of priorities. The Rockets also need to find a taker for Jeremy Lin’s poison pill’s contract. Time is on the Raptors’ side here.

Of course, there are also other suitors to consider. Teams like the Lakers, Mavericks and Hawks have holes at point guard and enough cap room. They could conceivably chase Lowry too. So, we’re not out of the woods until he actually puts pen to paper.

Then again, the Raptors like Lowry, Lowry likes the Raptors, the Raptors have the money, opportunity and stability that Lowry’s never had before. As they say in the freshman mixer, “when you get a yes, you go home.”

5pm update

Apparently they’re very close and Miami won’t even get a chance to officially entertain Kyle Lowry.


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