The Raptors have exercised the $3.3M option on Tyler Hansbrough for 2014-15.

Hansbrough made $3.2M last season and averaged 15.3 minutes in 64 games, while starting 4. His final year was partially guaranteed at $1M, which makes this an understandable signing from a financial perspective since the cost of a decent replacement would cost more than $2.2M. He averaged 4.9 points and 4.5 rebounds, and saw his minutes decrease with the acquisition of Patrick Patterson in December as Dwane Casey preferred the more versatile Patterson in a stretch-four capacity. With the future of Patterson uncertain, the move ensures that the Raptors are at-least two-deep at power forward next season. Newly acquired Lucas Nogueira, Jonas Valanciunas, and Chuck Hayes would round out the big man rotation.

You might have been forgiven for thinking that the Raptors may decline the option to free up more money for Kyle Lowry, Patrick Patterson, and Greivis Vasquez, but Ujiri clearly feels that Hansbrough is a rotational player, albeit a situational one. Hansbrough was 24th in the NBA in fouls per minute, which appears shockingly low given his style of play and disregard for rules. He’s 28 years old and although he was one of the greatest college players in the modern era, his NBA game remains confined to the role of a garbage man who plays with a tremendous amount of heart and hustle.

There is no word on whether the Raptors will pick up options on Dwight Buycks ($816,482) and Julyan Stone ($948,163). Assuming the Raptors exercise the $7M option on Amir Johnson, their guaranteed money for next season will be $48 million. However, considering cap-holds of Caboclo, Nogueira, Lowry, Vasquez, De Colo, and Patterson, the number balloons to $69.4M. The NBA salary cap is set to be approximately $63.2M.

Here’s a chart of the Rudy Gay trade impact (no way William Lou out-does me):


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  • RickE


    • webfeat

      The dude plays with a ton of heart and that’s an important part of the chemistry of the team. What he lacks for in physical ability, he makes up for in toughness and grit. Also, the raps don’t save that much cap space by buying him out.

    • DDayLewis

      Also, salary considerations to consider:

      Keep Hansbrough = 3.2 million

      Waive Hansbrough, sign replacement = 1 million (buyout) + ~1.5 million (replacement min guy) = 2.5 million

      Doesn’t really carve out any cap space. Might as well keep him and see if he can fetch a second rounder at the trade deadline. Or, depth/insurance.

      • WhiteVegas

        Tyler is also a nice piece to add to any trade. If a team has a need for a backup PF then Tyler fits the bill at a cheap price. Also gives us some insurance in case someone makes a big offer to PPat that we don’t wanna match.

    • caccia

      Tyler ranks in the top three on the team in WS/48, ORtg, ORB/36, and TR/36. He brings an intensity that complements players like Lowry and DeRozan. He is top ten in the league in drawing fouls. He has been and can remain a valuable member of the team, if used properly. “Garbage player,” indeed!

      • riz

        I agree Tyler is a valuable player and probably underappreciated by the Coach, but the author called him a “garbage man”, not a “garbage player”. “Garbage man” is not a derisive term, but a description of one who is around the basket for offensive rebounds and put backs. I don’t think it was meant as a put down, but just as a way of saying he is not the force that he was in college.

    • Adam Gingrich

      In addition to what the other responders have said, it makes it easier for us to balance salaries in a trade if you have an expiring, yet manageable contract.that can be added to a cheaper player to bring back a larger salary

  • G MAN

    We bringing hustle back, sweet. This guy draws fouls and gets under the skin of opposing bigs, whats not to like?

  • Xtremenator1

    Still should be able to resign everyone and have a bit of money left over to go after someone with the MLE like Thabo Sefolosha. The fact that there hasn’t even been talk of a potential deal between Lowry and the Raptors though worries me.

    • DDayLewis
      • Xtremenator1

        Nope. Been hearing reporting like that for a few months now. It can’t be too complicated to make a deal. Lowry probably wants at the most 4 years at 12 mills per, and I am sure Masai would sign that since there is no one on the market (not like they’re saving for Durant in 2016) who can match his talent thats a realistic replacement; Phoenix for example can match any offer for Bledsoe. Its always, “Masai to work hard on resigning Lowry”, its never, “Lowry and Raptors close to a deal.” Similar to the Zack Randolph situation be he ended up resigning. So what’s Lowry’s issue? It can’t be money because the Raps can pay him more than anywhere else, and if its Championships than I hope he realize the Raptors next year will be one of the best rosters in the east; especially if they get someone like Thabo or Ariza. He won’t be going back to the west, that would be stupid. So what’s the hold up? That’s what worries me, and until he’s resigned than I think the odds are that he’s going elsewhere.

        • DATGUYBOI


          • Xtremenator1

            But at least there has been talk about deals being in place with Randolph who’s in a similar situation. Outside of “Masai trying to sign him”, there has been nothing.

    • jakdripr

      Well one way or another, we should know by the end of this week. So the wait is almost over.

    • noname

      there has…woj reported that ujiri is going to make his pitch to lowry at midnight tonight.

      • Xtremenator1

        A deal should have been agreed to months ago. Like Zack Randolph and the Grizzlies agreed on a deal, and it will be official when Free Agency starts. The terms are pretty straight forward, it just comes to whether or not Lowry thinks the Raptors can win. Why at this point and time is Masai still trying to even talk to Lowry about staying? That tells me he’s probably going else where. They’ve had the whole year to talk over it, now we’re at the point where he can become a free agent and test offers in a few hours.

        • Heyjoe

          Lowry is probalby not going to go elsewhere but by putting himself on the market he’s nearly guaranteeing 12 mil/year contract. This is just a financial move by Lowry to ensure he gets the best pay possible. Can’t blame him considering that Masai was trying to trade him during the season. I wouldn’t expect Lowry to be showing exceptional loyalty to the raps and sign some contract for less than what the market will pay him when just a few months ago his status as a Raptor was being put in question (although what he says to the media does display loyalty, which is all the more reason to keep this dude on the team).

  • why

    Prior to the Gay trade he was the only decent bench player that they had – assume that is the reason his stats were better pre trade??

    • tonious35

      It was called 2Pat was better and talented, pretty much……

  • Ted

    He was actually good for us. Now if Casey realizes this is another question. Should’ve used him more instead of Chuck Hayes, Novak and small ball.

  • Wen Here

    man why people always saying don’t sign this man. get another guy for cheaper. The next guy will “totally want to play for Toronto” while knowing he get pay a cheap amount and gets little mins in this rotation. There no such fool that would do that in this NBA League. Quit fantasying about that “next nigga” and sign Hansbrough before he leaves us for another. Who cares about fouls when you get a bully on the court

  • tonious35

    As a contract year, I will like to see more power bombs and DDTs, make it happen TYLER!!

  • chris johnson

    This means I will be still a Raptor Fan. Great

  • dferraez