Raptors Weekly Podcast, June 30 – Caboclo Tease, Totally Not Jose Calderon

A packed pod with Andrew, Tim, Will and Zarar looks back on draft night and into the near and distant future while commenting on Russian thuggery.

A packed pod with Andrew, Tim, Will and myself as we look back on draft night and into the near and distant future. Unfortunately for us, the last thing John Salmons did was mistime his trade so there’s no discussion of Johnny Fish but there’s everything else, including Russian thuggery.

Part 1

  • Jason Kidd news
  • Historic week in Bucks history
  • Bruno Deboclo reaction
  • ESPN overreaction
  • The whole “moving down” approach and its feasibility
  • A Vancouver story from years past

Part 2

  • Targeting Tyler Ennis
  • His coach’s comments on his NBA-readiness
  • Should we be disappointed that we didn’t get him?
  • Jose Calderon comparisons for Tyler Ennis
  • Zach Lavine reaction
  • What’s the worst city to play in the NBA?
  • NBA projections for Bruno Caboclo

Part 3

  • Ric Bucher rumour and apology
  • Brain Windhorst hate – his Kyle Lowry reports
  • Would Miami’s acquisition of Shabazz Napier (LeBron’s favorite player) cool off their interest in Lowry?
  • Sixers strategy – genius or madness?
  • Should we envy the Sixers? Or is that crazy?
  • Andrew Wiggins’ introduction in Cleveland
  • Nik Stauskas playing point guard?
  • Four Canadians drafted in first round
  • Leo cutting in during the draft
  • Predictions: percentage chance of Kyle Lowry staying

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