A break from your Kyle Lowry-induced nail biting.

According to a report from Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, the Toronto Raptors are among five teams in pursuit of Vince Carter. You might have heard of him. Best player in franchise history and all that. The other teams interested are the Trail Blazers, Thunder, Heat and Mavericks.

This isn’t really a new development, as a report came out two months ago about this very union. Given the other names involved, the Raptors would probably have to overbid to hook Vince. But if that’s the case, we’d be going over the tax, and that makes no sense when we already have depth on the wing. And it’s not like he can start at small forward either.

So, it’s probably not happening. Back to Lowry watch. Read this link for a deeper breakdown of how Vince would fit in Toronto.

Actually, in thinking about this once more, a sign-and-trade of Vasquez for Carter might make some sense. Lou Williams (not me) will slot in at backup PG, then Vince fills minutes on the wing. Dallas gets someone who is competent at point guard. I’m not a fan of that deal really, but it could happen. Just an idea from my end.

TL;DR: Raptors one of five contenders chasing Vince. We don’t need him, and he’s too expensive. Move on.

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  • Jack Hodgins

    Is it really necesarry to have a TL;DR for a short post like this?

    • arsenalist

      I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a TL;DR for the TL;DR.

      • Jack Hodgins

        Same here

        TL;DR Agreed

  • ac1011990

    Don’t want him at all, we have enough depth at the SG position, especially with Lou added. I’m not liking management trying to take us down memory lane and forcing us to see Drake. Just let Masai do what he needs to and save the other BS.

  • NameMatters

    Despite his age, he is still serviceable as a quality bench. I would welcome him back with open arms (at the right price).

  • Ian

    People forget how physically strong Vince is, even now he wouldn’t get bullied by SF’s (psst, we don’t have someone like that). He’d also, from the beginning, be the 3rd best passer on the team, someone who was always good at finding teammates efficiently. Going over the tax to get him doesn’t make any sense, but the raptors have a use for his still pretty good services and I hope he chooses to come back cheap for sentimental purposes.

  • ValanInuyashaSSS

    Everybody is going to hate me on this, I apologize for it, Vince is my basketball God, yes not MJ but Vince, I love Vince so much and I would love he returns Toronto to finish his career. However, I would like him to just sign one season with the Heat to get a ring for himself, before coming returning to Toronto, he will be 38 next year, which could still give us 2 more years.

    • Mexiballer

      Maybe you sould call “asifyouknow” and the two of you could double date Grieves and Vince.

    • Kermit da Frog

      how old are you 16? Lol vince couldnt hold MJ jock strap

      • AirDeezeNuts

        Did he even compare vince to MJ? no he didn’t you idiot. Keep your opinions to yourself if you don’t want to look like you suck MJ’s bald dick. If not go ahead look silly, but no need to resort to insults when he clearly wasn’t insulting anyone and their status. You need to read correctly kermit you muppet cunt.

  • Mexiballer

    The only reason I can think of that the Raptors would want Vince Carter back is because of a Leiweke marketing strategy where he wants to create both a tradition and a big tent show. The 2016 All Star game…create a sense of history…jersey number retirement and all that. Maybe to heal some old wounds too. Fans forgive their biggest star and their biggest star forgives them. Everyones happy.

    Not that he still cant play. But he’s old. And we’re young and building for the future.

    • arsenalist

      Yup. Vince’s basketball value (which he still has some) is secondary for making this happen if it comes to that. As long as he has SOME value and it doesn’t look like a complete marketing ploy, Ujiri would likely consider it. The problem is with the numbers, I think Vince might come too expensive (as Will mentioned) given the competition.

    • ayy

      This would be the perfect timing to bring back Vince since theyre bringing back the purple jerseys a few times next season

  • Truth Teller

    Only if its really cheap. Like <3M

  • Bonus Jonas

    I’d like to meet this wing depth you speak of. Last time I checked, after DD and TRoss, our next wings are Landry Fields, Steve Novak and an 18 year old Bruno Caboclo. No way in hell Raps don’t get another wing before the start of the season.

  • tonious35

    He’ll be better than Salmons (I know, low bar), and he way shoots better. But imagine a game were he misses a clutch FT like Salmons, but he starts walking to the bench with the shit-eating grin on his face….that’s the only thing I fear about this whole ordeal…..

  • junjay32

    Lakers to lakers

  • junjay32

    carter to lakers

  • Valhalla

    Think of this line up guys

    Starters: Lowry, Derozan, Ross, Johnson, Valanciunas
    2nd unit: Vasquez, Williams, Carter, Patterson, [Unknown]
    3rd strings: De Colo, Novak, Caboclo, Hansbrough, Hayes

    Problem last year solved, we have more 3 point shooting and Veteran leadership in Carter and Williams
    We’ve got decent depth in every position except the centre position. I recommend Okafor, Glen Davis, or Kaman. These give us more veterans who can actually produce, and insurance policy in case JV goes down. Personally I would trade Hayes, Fields, and the other draft pick for a decent centre if getting any of the three fails.