Report: Raptors among 5 teams interested in Vince Carter

A break from your Kyle Lowry-induced nail biting.

According to a report from Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, the Toronto Raptors are among five teams in pursuit of Vince Carter. You might have heard of him. Best player in franchise history and all that. The other teams interested are the Trail Blazers, Thunder, Heat and Mavericks.

This isn’t really a new development, as a report came out two months ago about this very union. Given the other names involved, the Raptors would probably have to overbid to hook Vince. But if that’s the case, we’d be going over the tax, and that makes no sense when we already have depth on the wing. And it’s not like he can start at small forward either.

So, it’s probably not happening. Back to Lowry watch. Read this link for a deeper breakdown of how Vince would fit in Toronto.

Actually, in thinking about this once more, a sign-and-trade of Vasquez for Carter might make some sense. Lou Williams (not me) will slot in at backup PG, then Vince fills minutes on the wing. Dallas gets someone who is competent at point guard. I’m not a fan of that deal really, but it could happen. Just an idea from my end.

TL;DR: Raptors one of five contenders chasing Vince. We don’t need him, and he’s too expensive. Move on.

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