The Raptors have beaten out the Heat, Lakers, Houston and probably a bunch of other teams to retain Kyle Lorwry – the marquee free-agent PG this off-season. The Raptors had met with Lowry on Tuesday, which was after that greasy Rockets GM and Kevin McHale had tried to turn Lowry’s head. Made no matter. The Raptors $12M/yr offer, which includes an ETO for Lowry after three years, was enough to get the deal done.

It took a little longer than it needed to, which made fans nervous, but Lowry has chosen the Raptors despite being offered similar money from Houston. This goes to show you his faith in a) the organization, b) his teammates, and c) the city. Losing Lowry would have been devastating, no matter what the Raptors received in a S&T, and his return means that the Raptors can pick up where they left off from last season, rather than start anew at the point. The Raptors have now set themselves up a window of contention for at least three years in the East, with DeRozan and Lowry leading the charge. The key guys are there, the role players are there as well, and if further small but right moves are made (e.g., Lou Williams), the Raptors just might find themselves competing for the East.

The early signing of Lowry also bodes well in retaining other free-agents, namely Greivis Vasquez and Patrick Patterson, who have to see this re-signing as a signal of intent from the Raptors. Most of all, though, from a fans perspective it feels awesome to beat out top-level competition without overpaying Lowry. In the past this franchise has always had to compensate for their basketball situation by overpaying for talent, and this signing hopefully marks a fork in the road where the Raptors basketball situation was more attractive than other teams, and ultimately made Lowry’s decision for him.

Congratulations to Masai Ujiri for pulling this one though. Unlike Bryan Colangelo who gambled with Chris Bosh and lost, Ujiri’s decision to stay put during the season has paid off as he retains his prized free-agent in the face of fierce competition.

Lowry averaged 17.9 points, 7.4 assists, 4.7 rebounds, 1.5 steals last season – all career highs.  Now the question is whether this was a contract year bump, or Lowry turning the page and finding himself as a player.  Time will tell, and a huge factor will be Lowry’s offseason and what his shape is in training camp.  Watching Lowry last season, it certainly doesn’t seem like he’s the type of player that will give anything less than 100% (never has in his career), and we hope that this big-money contract motivates him to excel further and prove why he’s deserving of the money.

After starting his career in Memphis in 2006, and then being shipped to Houston in February 2009, Lowry was acquired by Bryan Colangelo in July 2012 for a first-round draft pick (which turned out to be Steven Adams).  Safe to say that that was a very good deal.

Very happy time to be a Raptors fan.

Big ups to @WojYahooNBA – what a reporter?!

UPDATE 1: Salary Cap Impact

Sam taking over for Zarar (who is currently sucking his thumb in bed with a big smile on his face)

Below is the Raptors cap situation:

Player 2014/2015
DeMar Derozan $9,500,000
Lou Williams $5,450,000
Amir Johnson $7,000,000
Landry Fields $6,250,000
Kyle Lowry $12,000,000
Chuck Hayes $5,958,750
Steve Novak $3,445,947
Jonas Valanciunas $3,678,360
Tyler Hansbrough $3,326,235
Patrick Patterson $4,319,474
Marcus Camby * $646,609
Terrence Ross $2,793,960
Greivis Vasquez $3,203,780
Nando De Colo $1,828,750
Julyan Stone $948,163
Dwight Buycks $816,482
Bruno Caboclo $1,134,500
Lucas Nogueria $1,371,200
TOTAL $71,166,510
Cap room -$7,966,510
Luxury Tax room $5,833,490

What’s key to note is that with Lowry’s deal on the books, the Raptors have an additional ~$5.8mill to offer both Vasquez and Patterson on top of their qualifying offers. Factor in that both Buycks and Stone have unguaranteed contracts (a total of $1,764,645), and the Raptors can top off both Vasquez and Patterson, potentially, while avoiding the tax.

Update 2: Framing This Achievement

by: Sam Holako

This is a big deal. It’s a really big deal. Not only did Masai get Lowry’s blood signature on a contract, he did so convincingly, sending a signal around the league that:

  1. This team means business
  2. Toronto is a premier destination
  3. The Raptors look out for their own

Lowry wanted to stay here, but he was heading into his prime; coming off an all-star calibre season; a blocked shot from the 2nd round; and a rehabilitated image that had the rest of the league tripping over themselves to sign him. It says a lot that he chose a young up and coming team over championship caliber squads that he literally would have been the final piece on.

What shouldn’t be lost here is that Lowry’s been locked up just two days into free agency, giving Masai & Co. plenty of time to shift gears in dealing with both Vasquez and Patterson. With the cap impact bright as day, Ujiri can sit back and let the market dictate the price for both players, knowing that there is probably enough money in the bank to pay a market rate for both. Ben Gordon’s ridiculous contract (2yr/$9m) has me a bit concerned at what Vasquez could demand, but Zarar pegged his market at ~$3.7m, and with Ujiri’s ability to get up over $5m, we should be good. Patterson too, but I’m less concerned with him for some reason.

Update 3: Next Steps

by Sam Holako

It makes too much sense to bring Vasquez (and Patterson) back for it not to happen. While Patterson’s stretch abilities are crucial, I’m much more comfortable with the Raptors going into the season with Hansbrough, Hayes, and Novak being over extended than De Colo and a potentially crippled Williams pantomiming at the point. Fortunately the money should be there for both, and assuming they both come back, the Raptors can field a rotation of:

Point Guard: Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez, Nando De Colo
Shooting Guard: Terrence Ross, Lou Williams, Nando De Colo
Small Forward: DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, Steve Novak, Tbd Wing (you really don’t think Fields and Novak are an answer to any serious question, do you?)
Power Forward: Amir Johnson, Patrick Patterson, Tyler Hansbrough
Center: Jonas Valancuinas, Chuck Hayes, Lucas Nogueira*

Still not ECF caiber, but you get a starting calibre wing in there, move Ross to the bench, and we’re really cooking…Deng would look NICE here!

Also worth considering is the importance of the Lou Williams trade, and it’s impact on both Buycks and Stone. I would be VERY surprised to see those two in the lineup (we might get another glimpse of them in summer league, because, why not?) come training camp considering their deals can be cut at a whim at no cost and all savings; that’s just a win.

If Ujiri decides not to use the ~$5.8m, then the full mid-level becomes available. I wont pretend to know what that means, but it’s worth keeping in your back pocket. William will shed some light on that later.

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        Do you remember DeRozan’s exit interview from last season? He was asked about his thoughts on the Kyle Lowry situation. He said something like, “I’m not worried about that”. He had no doubt.

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    Great!!!! That’s outta the way Now what? Point Guard is taking care of… I don’t think our need for a “Big” wing is THAT vital… What is? A legit low post threat….Greg Monroe! Get er done Masai…..

    • Paul

      Would require dealing Fields or Hayes to a team with cap space (= giving up picks), S & T (losing valuable contributors) or opting out on Amir. Don’t like these scenarios. Also Monroe is not as much of an upgrade over Amir as you might think once defence is factored in..

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    After seeing the price of other FA signings this year, 4/48 is pretty solid for a top 10 PG. I mean Bradley at 8 million, Meeks at just over 6, Livingston at over 5. The prices for mediocre talent was getting ridiculous.

    • robertparish00

      Ben Gordon 4.5 million. yikes

    • KickPuncher

      My thought as well. And excluding a few bad contracts, we have made pretty sound financial decisions all around. We’re looking pretty good right money-wise and even better next summer.

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    I was worried but Kyle and Masai came through in the clutch. Go Raps!

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    I know a lot of people were panicking, but this time around, I didn’t feel that horrible sense of panic. I felt like a drunk who had just been sober for two years, you know, feeling a sense of calm, feeling like everything was gonna be alright. I’d read headline after headline “Lowry and Heat express mutual interest”, “Lowry and Rockets management go out for dinner”, “Lowry and the Lakers brass have a wild orgy with the Kardashians”, but nothing really seemed real. It just seemed like he was always coming back, but now that it’s confirmed, I’m all of a sudden relieved of this hidden stress I was feeling as I suppressed every possibility of him leaving. So glad to have him back!

    • jakdripr

      I don’t know man, if I read an article talking bout Lowry and the Lakers having an orgy with the Kardashians I’d have concluded our boy was gone.

  • jakdripr

    Feels so good to beat out all those high profile teams. So for the people that have some knowledge of finances, what’s next for the team? Other than resigning Vasquez and 2pat, can we still get a FA this offseason?

    • noname

      we have around 5 mil to spend on an FA other than vaz and 2pat (MLE).

      • jakdripr

        Thanks, so I guess that puts Pau and Deng out of the equation(if they weren’t already). Let’s see if Masai can work anymore magic this offseason.

        • Xtremenator1

          Deng’s probably looking for well over 10 mill, same for Pau. Pau isn’t who we need anyways. We need someone like Ariza who can guard guys like LBJ, Johnson, George, etc. or a PF who can rebound and defend in the post consistently, although there is nobody on the market who can make an impact and who we would be able to afford anyways. Perhaps Masai can go after Faried when they free up cap room for 2015.

          • jakdripr

            True say, although considering Masai drafted a potential wing guard in Bruno, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t even bother with any quick fixes. Just save money and make a big splash in the 2015/2016 FA chase. Lowry was all I wanted him to sign this off season(anyone else was just extra), so I’d best not start getting greedy.

            • Xtremenator1

              Well the Raptors do still need more pieces to the team. I think everyone was just hoping that they brought everyone back because the chemistry and the potential was there. Bruno won’t be ready for a few years, so if we bring in Ariza for three or four years then we’ll at least have someone who can bring more leadership right away, as well as a bigger defensive presence. Both Ross and Ariza will be able to learn off him. Ariza should honestly be affordable depending on if Vasquez and Patterson just stick with their qualifying offers, and the Raps decide to dip their toes in the salary cap. Just comes down to if he wants to come here. I’ am not worried about a bad deal either. Masai’s traded away two of the toughest contracts in the league this past year, so nothings out of the question. If Ariza plays bad he’ll trade him away and actually win on the return.

              • LuckyMystery

                Ariza isn’t coming cheaply. jakdripir to answer your question if the raps want to sign someone like Deng or Ariza they will need to work a sign a trade. Or let both Patterson and Vazquez walk for nothing, which doesn’t free up the cap space necessary anyway. A sign and trade is not totally impossible, but can’t really see teams being interested in Novak, Fields or Hayes. Maybe if Amir or Ross were added I could see it. Right now along with Lou Williams those are biggest trade chips. Assuming that Lowry, Derozan, Val, Vazquez and Patterson don’t go anywhere.

                Trade would be the only real way to improve, but again it would come at the expense of Amir and Ross. I would love to see both of those guys coming off the bench, and think bringing a guy back like Ed Davis to start would be a good fit. Davis would be steady at starting PF and Amir’s game is better suited for the bench, high energy guy that can do a bit of everything. Not sure how you move Ross to the bench, but a second unit of Amir, patterson, Ross, Williams and Vazquez, with Hansbrough, Fields, Novak and Hayes and possibly bebe fillig out the bench.

                • Xtremenator1

                  What about someone like Thabo Sefolosha, what’s he looking for? It doesn’t matter if they don’t resign Patterson and Vas anyways because they would only have 5 mill from the MLE to work with either way since they’re above the cap. Since they have bird rights however, they can sign them to whatever but you don’t want to go to crazy with it.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  Sefolosha would be an unbelievable signing. I would give him the MLE in a heartbeat.

                • Xtremenator1

                  Yeah I was thinking they could have him start at the three and bring Ross off the bench. Just not sure how much Thabo looking for.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  I was thinking the same. And yeah he most likely will be out of our price range, it’s a shame, I’ve always been a fan of his. Good teammate and his defense is stellar!

                • Xtremenator1

                  I seen an analyst on a sports show I watch when asked who they could be in the market for (even after they resign Pat and Vas), the only name he mentioned as a possibility was Sefolosha lol. Its not a rumor or anything, but if a reporter who follows a team and knows scouts mentions a player by name, it usually means that the guy is under consideration, or at least in the teams price range. So they could get him after all, even with the MLE and whatever extra money they have left unless they spend it all on Vas and Pat.

                • LuckyMystery

                  Sefolosha just signed with Atlanta for 12mil over 3. The Raps would have no problem signing him with mid level,

                • Xtremenator1

                  Damn, but he was affordable. Its quite possible the Raps just resign Vas and Pat and be on their way, but I’d still like a defensive three. Another guy that analyst mentioned was Al Farouq Aminu as well. From everything Ive seen, he’s good defensively and he can rebound the ball. Which is another area of the game the Raptors struggle at. Although with Aminu he’s not good enough to be a starter because of his scoring ability (like none), but him off the bench with Vasquez, Williams, Patterson, and Hansbrough could be pretty good as well. At least they won’t be completely outmatched if they’re going against a Guard/ Wing who is a star.

                  Even if Ross does become a great defensive player (he has the potential), they’re still going to need another player at that position either way. Maybe Bruno could become that guy, but that’s way down the line. In four years for example Amir and Lowry may not be near as good.

                • LuckyMystery

                  Sefolasha would be nice. I wonder who they would start him or Ross. They could probably get Thabo and someone else.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  Ed Davis starting on a playoff team?? Lol come on.

                • LuckyMystery

                  Yes Ed Davis on a playoff team. You would have said that same thing about every single Raptor last year until they MADE the playoffs. Let me guess you think they should get kevin Love. Maybe Pau would come to Toronto for less money.

                  The Guy was playing behind Gasol and Randolph, go look at his per 36 stats and his stats when he was starting last year, even though he was still only playing 25 minutes in those games.

                  As stated above, the reason to get someone like Ed Davis is to move Amir to the bench where his energy would be better suited. Davis would also be a less risky and flexible signing. Allowing Ujiri to use him later on in a trade.

                  Mock all you want but until you give some actual insight into who else they could realistically sign.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  First…relax. Secondly, Ed Davis is a fine player, always liked him but how does he fit into the existing starting five? You’re going to start him (a below average offensive player) next to JV who has almost exactly the same “inside” skill set (only at a MUCH, MUCH higher level) and DD who still hasn’t established a consistent perimeter game? The offense will stagnate.

                  And no I never mentioned Love or any other unattainable asset. If we re-sign Patterson, he would be a much better fit starting at the PF spot (if Amir were to be moved to the bench). He is a complimentary piece considering who we have at the other starting spots and is a much more mobile defender compared to Davis. And frankly he is a better player than Davis overall.

                  And already having Amir and Hansbrough on the roster makes Davis a redundancy. And redundancies cripple cap flexibility and serve no purpose to a team that should be trying to make their offensive/defensive game as diverse as possible.

                • LuckyMystery

                  No need to tell me to relax I am pretty calm. I just can’t stand when people make arbitrary comments and don’t make any statement to make their point.

                  You call Ed Davis a below average offensive player when his numbers right in line with both Patterson and Amir. It’s not Davis’s fault he is playing behind to great players. Just because you don’t see value in per 36 stats doesn’t mean they have none. Amir Johnson per 36 is 13 points and 8.2 rebounds, yet the less effective Ed davis is 13.4 points and 9.8 rebounds.

                  Don’t like per 36 how about per game

                  Ed Davis in 15.2 minutes, gets 5.7 points and 4.1 rebounds
                  Patterson between toronto and sac in 23.6 min 8.5 points and 5.3 rebounds
                  Just Toronto 23.3 minutes 9.1 points 5.1 rebounds
                  Amir 28.8 minutes 10.4 points and 6.4 rebounds

                  In 8 extra minutes per game Patterson put up about 1 rebound more and Amir put up 2 extra boards in 13 extra minutes of floor time.

                  In the same amounts of time Patterson put up an extra 2.5 or 3 points and amir less than 5 extra points.

                  In your scenario you are switching players which may make the starting 5 a touch better and the bench most definitely worse. How are you gonna replace Patterson’s value off the bench. The guy is a perfect swing forward, he can either forward position and center at stretches. With Davis he would never need to play the 5. You are very much underestimating Ed Davis.

                  Also please detail the redundancies in my scenario. Right now The Raptors have 1 true center in JV, Amir and Patterson at PF, Amir can move to the 5 if needed, and Hansbrough is a serviceable 11 or 12 man. Also a PF. So Ujiri who has stated he wants to get more rebounding and toughness is wrong in his assessment.

                  The Raptors had enough scoring last year with the team they had and added one of the better scoring bench players in Lou. Scoring is not the issue.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  Um have you seen how Davis gets his points? Put-backs mostly. He can’t create his own shot so those per 36 stats you’re raving about is contingent on people missing shots and are not transferable. So yes he is below average offensively.

                  I’m unsure of what your argument is really, Mine was that Davis was not a STARTER on a playoff team. And given the fact that we have a big man in JV that operates in the interior, it would be beneficial to partner him with a “sstretch four” to avoid redundancies. And Davis’ “strengths” are positional defense, rebounding and slightly above average shot blocking which are already provided for by Patterson, Amir, Hansbrough (not shot blocking) and now Noguiera.

                  I think you’re overestimating Ed Davis, most likely due to nostalgia by some extent. He’s a solid bench big. That’s about it.

                • LuckyMystery

                  I have absolutely zero nostalgia towards a player that was here for almost a year.

                  Again, in your scenario of moving Patterson to the starting five, which I have no problem with at all, You have not replaced Patterson’s production off the bench. I Don’t move Patterson into the starting 5 unless I have someone that can replace his production on the Bench. You have still yet to name one single realistic option that brings rebounding and interior defence a need stated by the GM. My option does not weaken the starting rotation at all, if not makes it better. The bench would become one of the best in the league.

                  You don’t need a stretch four when you have Lowry, Derozan and Ross playing on the perimeter. Then bringing in Patterson or Amir changes the look of the offence.

                  Is Davis the ideal player maybe not, but again I am thinking realistically, with what is left out there and the financial situation of the team a guy like Davis is a pretty damn good option.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  That’s fair. Honestly if it were up to me I’d start Amir but manage his minutes (to keep him healthy) and just increase Patterson’s (off the bench) and JV’s as a starter. And I think giving Bebe minutes is going to be huge going forward.

                • LuckyMystery

                  I haven’t heard anything about this bebe kid coming over this year. I haven’t even heard if he is gonna play summer league. They said they expect Caboclo to most likely play the whole year in D.

                  I just think this team would be better if Amir was coming off the bench, and I don’t see any other logical player, that is both young yet still has experience, and would fit the structure monetarily. Outside of trading which I believe would cost either Amir or Ross, Free agency is the only way to improve. I honestly think Davis would fit nicely beside JV, and being able to have Davis an Patterson together would look good, especially if JV gets into foul trouble or god for bid gets hurt

                • Feather Ruffler

                  From what I understand, Bebe will be at Summer League, and there`s a buy out to his current contract which is “àffordable“. But the way I look at it, even if they stash him away for another year it won`t hurt them in the long run. Caboclo in the D-League is probably the best bet unless he does something special in Summer League and Preseason. I`m excited to see both though.

                  That`s what worries me too, injuries to the front court could be disastrous. I`ve been reading some Patterson to Orlando chatter too which troubles me.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  And Davis was here for 3 1/2 years…

                • LuckyMystery

                  The other reasonable options.

                  Brand, Humphries, Blatche, Mcroberts, Dejaun Blair, Jan vessely, Charlie V, Evan Turner, Hedo, Jordan Hill, Birdman, Beasley, Anthony Morrow, Kenyon Martin, Channing Frye (too expensive), Bonner, Drew Gooden, Al harrington.

                  Please tell me 1 guy better than Ed Davis on this list.

                • Feather Ruffler

                  McRoberts, Hill and Birdman (as backups because that’s what Ed would be on this team).

                • Feather Ruffler

                  And I most definitely would not have “said that same thing about every single Raptor last year until they MADE the playoffs”. And per 36 stats are great…when a player is playing 36 MPG, not 15. Otherwise it’s all speculative BS.

        • noname

          unless if he finds a way to offload some scrubs (fields, hayes, novak), we won’t be making any big signings other than our rfa’s and the MLE (could bring back VC).

          • Xtremenator1

            If he can trade away Bargnani, Rudy, and Salmons, he can trade away anybody.

            • why

              Given the buyout provision in his contract, Salmons wasn’t that big of a surpise …. there are always teams looking to dump salaries

      • OakTree

        I’m slowly warming up to the idea of bringing VC back for a season…

        PJ Tucker could be a great fit, but will probably be looking for a long term contract.

        Francisco Garcia is another guy that might sign for just a year or two.

    • Xtremenator1

      Like the no name guy said it doesn’t matter what they sign Vasquez/ Patterson to since they own their rights, but when it comes to available salary cap they have a little above 5 Million. Unless they decide to go into the Luxury Tax for more, or they trade away another bad contract.

  • noname

    HOLY SHIT YESSSSS I STAYED UP TO FIND OUT EVEN THOUGH I GOT SUMMER SCHOOL TOMMOROW (Acceleration program, no I did not fail a course)…Mexiballer if you’re out there we were both wrong lol he resigned even sooner. WE THE FUCKING NORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mexiballer

      Im here. No surprises. He had no reason to wait another day. Im happy : )

  • Xtremenator1

    In my best Daniel Bryan impression,


  • Xtremenator1

    Now re-sign Pat and figure out what you’re going to do with Vasquez, and all will be right with the world.

  • SickNTired

    The true worth of Masai is showing right now. Not just about signing the deal today. It started with planting the seed into lowry from day one, supporting him during season and then backing it up with a strong offer. It shows well to prospects that when u come to deal with Masai and toronto, you will be respected and paid your worth.

    Great day for raps.

    • Anonapotamus

      I guess you’re ignoring, or just glossing over, the part where Masai tried to trade him mid-season when you talk about “supporting him during the season” eh, lol.

      • Rapchat

        Masai did mentor Kyle this year and the only reason he was going to trade him was bc they were thinking rebuild, in which case it woulda been mutually beneficial.

      • Suspicious Mind

        I’ve heard Kyle bring that up in multiple interviews and he maintains that he understood what Masai had to do, but was ultimately greatful that he was honest and upfront through out the entire process. There were no smoke and mirrors and that goes a long way my man.

      • asifyouknow

        that is a true statement but. don’t say that too loud around here you may get lynched lol

        • keith

          no, we only relish working you on here. We don’t treat everyone else like you!

      • Heyjoe

        Kyle Lowry’s response to the trade threats was basically, well f8ck you and you’re tanking, I’m gonna take this team to the playoffs.

      • keith

        There is a difference when Masai almost trades Lowry to what was at the time a contending team in the Knicks, and when this team was thought of as a crappy team, as opposed to when the Houston Rockets thought he was a plague on the franchise and couldn’t wait to get him out of the door.

        Lowry knows when its a business move and when its personal. Houston was personal! The Raptors were just looking at a shrewd move that would both help the Raptors and Lowry!

        and as said here too, just because Masai thought about trading Lowry DOES NOT mean he wasn’t supporting him throughout the season! You can support a player at the same time as making a choice that would benefit everyone!

    • RPT23

      Started with the hug after the Brooklyn game!!!

  • Paul

    Where does this put us cap-wise? I could crunch the numbers but am too lazy

    • Paul

      K. this is how it breaks down
      Committed salary 65.83M (not including qualifying offers to Vaz and PP, declining option on Dwight and picking up option on Amir)
      The 2014-15 salary cap is now projected to be $63.2 million and the tax level is projected to be $77.0 million.
      We’re roughly 11M under the luxury tax.

  • craptor

    Wooohooo… now on to KD in 2016!!!

  • Saskatoon Raps Fan


  • Xtremenator1

    I expect some celebration music and an “I Believe in Masai” clip on Tim and Sid tomorrow.

    • Steverino

      I Believe in Colangelo.

  • Rupert

    Thank g-d i will not believe fully until july 10 when a contract is signed but lowrys tweet was awesome

    • Steverino

      Thank what? Good? Guard? Gad? Why must you make me work to figure out your cryptic posts?!

    • JunkYardDog

      Why say g-d ? You think he doesn’t know ? And if you say g-d then you might as well capitlize the ‘g’. Show some respect ! or just say god and make things simple.

  • SaskatoonRaptors fan

    This is so exciting! Keep poundin’ the rock Masai and make this team even better!!! With the signing of Lowry, this team now has an identity. Heart and hustle and tough D going forward…. Gotta love it!

    • Steverino

      Another Colangelo success story!

      • robertparish00

        The knicks are going to be awesome!

      • De Colo

        Except Colangelo wouldn’t of been able to keep Lowry cause he wouldn’t of traded Rudy Gay or Bargnani and the Raptors would of been terrible.

  • Raptogram

    Wendel Clark always belonged on the Leafs; and Kyle Lowry will always belong on the Raptors……

  • eli

    @The Truth forgive me for plagiarizing your comment, but this is needed.

  • robertparish00

    Lowry could have waited, but by deciding now this unleashes MU into beast mode.



  • asifyouknow

    I was floored, all the indication were they would not do more then 10 mill a year ..12 mill is great , next few years you will have lots of space and there are lots big free agents available.

    This year the east will be better so Toronto got to get better somehow.

    To the experts a rhetorical question How much money do you have if PATT and VAZ want to sign for 3

    Year at 15 each…..

    You will basically have the same team you had in the beginning of last year. Lou will do a good job so you basically have the same team with no Patterson or Vasquez.

    By the way Vasquez will take a starting job offered to him. Just guessing of course…

    I was wrong , does not happen very often but so were the ESPN brass about the Spurs getting beat by Miami…lol

    • Steverino

      You can’t just lol it away. You were dead wrong. If you had simply said, “I doubt he’ll be back” or “I don’t think he’ll be back,” then it’s just a fun opinion. But you were saying he will NOT be coming back. Okay, I guess you gave yourself a .1% out.

    • JunkYardDog

      Now you are saying Vasquez is leaving ? You are trolling , you should refrain from making any predictions given how your last one turned out.

    • Anonapotamus

      Last time I checked we still have more than enough money to sign Patterson and Vasquez. Read the post, it’s spelled out pretty clearly. But I guess that doesn’t fit your “none of your free agents will ever sign with you” narrative very well, does it?

    • De Colo

      They got ya on this one man, you’re dead in the water right now, there’s no reason the Raptors can’t lock GV and Patterson up either. I don’t know what Patterson is thinking right now but it’s pretty obvious that GV wants pretty badly to return to the Raptors based on his end of season press conference, some times it’s better to sit back and wait to see what happens instead of continuously making predictions, cause if you’re dead wrong around this group of fans, they will rightly let you know about it haha.

      • asifyouknow

        Been wrong once and they want burry wrong once….im not wrong abou. Vaz will take a starting job or a back up on a contending team… take that to the bank…

        • De Colo

          If GV has to take a back up PG role, then theres a good chance it will be with the Raptors if cap space is fine, he’s not old, not like this is his last chance to sign a contract to get a championship, You could be right, could be wrong, but at this point, i refuse to take it to the bank haha

    • Mexiballer

      I still don’t think you realize that your perspective has almost no
      credibility on this forum. It is really challenging to have to listen to
      a poster continually share his thoughts and predictions with such weak
      logic and reasoning. Instead of voicing laughable opinions, what you
      could be doing instead is listening and learning from some of the
      writers here on RR. They may not always be right, and others posters may
      not always agree with them, but they almost always present intelligent
      and sound reasoning for their perspective. Listen and learn instead of
      being so annoying.

      • asifyouknow

        First. I been doing this a long time. An opinion is an opinion. ..point is. The people. Who got u out of the hole last year are not comming back so u need to replace them with better players..what part of that is ignorant..u need to go back to playing your fantacy games….

        • Mexiballer

          Ok. If your a troll…youre really good at it. And Im a sucker.

        • tsnblows


        • Johnson

          You say an opinion is an opinion but immediately follow it up with a statement offered as fact when you say “..point is. The people. Who got u out of the hole last year ARE NOT comming back so u need to replace them with better players.” What part of that IS NOT ignorant? No human being can be this stupid lmfao

          TROLL. TROLL. TROLL.

          You literally just lost all of your credibility with Lowry re-signing. Da fuck are you doing kid? We all get that you are a troll. No one who has seen you post more than once actually thinks you are anything but. Even if your trolling is unintentional, you are still a troll because you spam comment sections with idiotic opinions that are constantly proven incorrect. Having really, really, REALLY stupid “opinions” still makes you a troll. Get a life.

          However, at the very least, I am happy that you are convinced that Vasquez and Patterson are leaving. This essentially means that there is a 99.9% chance that they are staying! Fuck ya GO RAPS!!

        • keith

          What you seem to keep ignoring Asif is that Vasquez and Pat are both RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS! you keep saying they are not coming back but unless a team out there is willing to throw huge money at them (over $5 million each for more than 2 years) the raptors WILL match them and they will stay. You keep saying everyone is leaving us but you fail to realize that the raptors have their rights. SO STOP PREDICTING SHIT, YOU SUCK AT IT!


          and again, you have been wrong multiple times, so stop saying you were wrong once!

          • noname

            k chill people…maybe he’s really glad he’s wrong because he’s an uber-pessimist. We don’t know what’s behind the screen…

    • Johnson

      you are such a stupid asshole. what is even the point of your life?

    • tsnblows


  • Steverino

    @asifyouknow wrote, “MU dismantling and rebuild is in full force……so be prepared
    to be in the bottom for awhile.. They are not putting last year band together..”

    @asifyouknow wrote, “I’m 99.9% certain Kyle is not coming back”

    @asifyouknow wrote, “God bless you brother but Lowry and Vaz are NOT coming
    back…sorry about that buddy…”

    That is all.

    • asifyouknow

      many of you are on record. saying that he would not get ten milluon a year. I said and im on record on. this post. That he would get 12. Plus..nobody wants to talk about that……and i was spot On that comment.
      I was verry surprise that Toronto steped up with the money I thought 10 was their limit.

      • SR

        Everything I’ve read on this site pegged $12/yr as a reasonable target and $14/yr as overpay. Haven’t really seen any discussion of $10/yr, at least not in the last 6 months.

        As an aside, asifyouknow is clearly trolling the site. Feel free to have a discussion but I’m not sure why some of you guys are letting him set you off so easily…

        • Feather Ruffler

          I don’t think he’s trolling, he just has an opinion. For the record I think he’s wrong and has been called on it fairly, but he’s not a troll. It takes guts to stand up to the majority, though as I’ve said I disagree with most of his opinions to date.

          • keith

            he does more than share his opinion. Go look at all his “opinions”. They are all negative thoughts towards a team that he even admits is not his team. He keeps saying Masai is going to “blow up” this team. He keeps saying “lowry is good as gone”. He keeps saying RFA (RESTRICTED) “Vasquez and Pat are both gone”. Every word he types oozes negative results on our team. I would be stunned if he said one thing that would be a positive thought towards the team.

            He (or she for all I know) keeps acting like we are crucifying him for his opinion when we are crucifying him because he won’t SHUT UP with his predictions. How about my opinion, STOP PREDICTING BULLSHIT SCENARIOS THAT TURNS THE RAPTORS INTO LOSERS AGAIN!

        • asifyouknow

          All this trolling thing is rallly anoying…… Im a bloger and opinion maker if you cant debate with a reasonable inteligence ignore it. Period just becouse you dont agree with an opinion does not make someone a troll or whatever the hell the word of the day is.
          If you cant handle good debate or are not clever enought to HIT back without cildish insults ..ignore the com,ent and move. My God how hard is that to understand

          • keith

            “Rummors Rudy Gay wants to come back to Toronto after next year….”

            that isn’t an opinion, that is straight trolling because you know we don’t want to have anything to do with him back here. Stop acting like you aren’t trying to get a rile out of everyone.

      • Feather Ruffler

        Don’t back-peddle man. You said what you said, own up to it and move on. You lose credibility when you can’t admit to being wrong and start making douche bag excuses.

      • keith


        a day ago

        Kyle needs 14 for you have it Toronto?

        Reply Share ›

        MY ANSWER: I thought he WANTS 12 for 5? the 5th year is the stickler!


  • Garrett Hinchey
  • De Colo

    And the run to the championship begins now, Fuck Houston, Fuck Miami, Fuck the Lakers, Lowry is ours and no one can take him from us. GO RAPTORS!!!

  • CashGameND

    as much talk as there’s been about this being a proving point for the raptors moving forward, to show they can keep or get big target free agents. I think this is more of a proving point of how tight of a family this Raptors team is. Last year, you can just tell on open gym, I’ve never seen a team jell like that before (I’m sure it has happened, but never to one of my teams lol). And I think thats the biggest reason we see lowry returning to the raps.

    Now lets get 2pat and gv done so we can go after a solid backup SF to complete this lineup (although, really we need a great rebounding/defensive big, I just don’t see any options out there)

    • KickPuncher

      It’s great isn’t it? Chemistry definitely played a big part in Lowry’s decision. I never had any real doubt that he would leave. For that reason alone.

    • Feather Ruffler

      I thought the Open Gym series was brilliant. It made me look at end of the bench guys like Novak, Hayes and Landry in an appreciative light. Productive glue guys are as important as superstars on successful teams. GREAT series.

      • CashGameND

        Couldn’t agree more. Novak was an unbelievable teammate dispute being resigned to such a short role. Class act. Having them all be positive in their roles has a positive impact on the team.

        • Feather Ruffler

          One of my favourite scenes was with Hayes, Salmons and Daye on the bus arguing about who the best QB of all time was. Just normal guys having the same kind of discussions my friends and I have. And yup, Novak seems like a dude you would love to go have a few beers with. Great character on that team.

  • hotshot

    This was Masai’s most impressive feat up to date, bar none. Not only was he able to fend off bigger more impressive suitors but he was able to sign Lowry without overpaying him! I am starting to believe that anything is now possible with Masai at the helm. So I will declare this:

    Durant 2016 – get er’ done!!

    • truth be told

      It was an overpay.At the start of free agency most including local media were calling for 9-10 million a year as being reasonable. Time passed and now $12 million a year for a player in a contract year, 28 years old, and never made an all-star game is a steal? lol

      He came back because no other team would offer him that kind of money on a 4 year deal. He didn’t choose a “young and upcoming’ team over a championship contender for any reason other than the Raps offered him most likely significantly more than any other team did.

      I respect Lowry’s efforts last season, but it was that one season that got him paid, not previous accomplishments or track record.

      • JunkYardDog

        He got Ty Lawson money .. he is on a similar level to Lawson so it;s not really an overpay

        • truth be told

          He got T.Parker money as well. Just because Lawson got that, doesn’t make it right.

          • JunkYardDog

            It is well known that T.Parker took a discount for the sake of the team.. he could have got much more if he wanted to from other teams so your point is irrelevant. Ty Lawson’s contract was market value , no one has ever said he is overpaid .Hence the reason Kyle Lowry got the same amount and why their negotiations were based on the Lawson contract.

  • Truth Teller

    A lot cheaper than I thought. Maybe 2-3M cheaper. Also no yearly raise which is fantastic. I would rather have seen the contract be backloaded, but can’t complain too much.

    O/T: Gordon Hayward getting the max wtf….

  • JunkYardDog

    WHo has the ETO ? The player or the team ?

    • OakTree

      The player.

  • Truth

    I think most of us knows Lowry will resign, but to do it with such grace and style in one of the craziest free agent summer in history is just icing on cake. Not to mention the fact he didn’t even give teams like Heat and Lakers a chance to pitch. It’s like having hot girls seducing him and he slaps them in the face and then goes home to his beloved wife. Respect! Go Raps Go!

  • asifyouknow

    Rummors Rudy Gay wants to come back to Toronto after next year….

    • vni

      ignore this clown….. soo annoying…dude just go away no one appreciates your trolling here…this is for raps fans

    • DC

      Posting shit like this is why you get shit back!

  • Rap fan 2

    Congrats Kyle!! Congrats to the Raptors! Is Kyle sending the fans a subliminal message? Hmmm…. What’s with the old school Vince Carter number 15 jersey? Nudge nudge wink wink!?

    • noname

      on the instagrm he sarcastically says “This isn’t amir’s jersey!” so no, but who cares… KDOG is back!!!

  • De Colo

    My teams in every sport have always disappointed me for years, until this past year when a scrappy team from Toronto went on a run that almost every fan probably figured to be impossible. I am so proud to call myself a fan of this team and I’m super excited for next season to begin, there’s still a lot of work to do, but there is no reason to stop believing in MU now, Go Raptors, love all you Raptor fans, you’re the best, good night all, and have a happy Kyle Lowry day everyone.

  • asifyouknow

    One for sure with all that cussing in bad language I guess your real self come out ..I’m surprised and dessapointed. Most of you fooled me i though you were all nice

    • Dev

      Aren’t you a spurs fan? Go on a spurs site and annoy them with your garbage. Start by telling them patty mills didn’t really resign because Buford would never pay a guy with a broken rotator cuff. Ass

      • De Colo

        Enough man, no ones perfect, let’s all get along and sing songs together haha

        • Dev

          Fine, agreed lol

        • Dev

          Gather round and lets all Celebrate raptor brotherhood haha

          • De Colo

            Exactly, maybe a little prayer and a chant, it’ll be beautiful

            • Dev

              I got my throwback tmac jersey on for bed, candles lit. shits real af right now

              • De Colo

                Shit, I’ll have to buy a throwback Damon Stoudamire jersey or something.

  • Dev


  • Rapchat

    Look at his instagram pic.That’s a new uni and the box is right beside him. He only waited cuz UPS could only deliver next day and this is how he wanted to do it…

  • AgainstFreeMoneyToHasBeens

    So silly how we’re paying Camby to sit on his ass. Such a flaw in the CBA.
    My mom saves lives at Princess Margaret, and has 12 years of university education and will never make that yearly lol, ridiculous.

    • jjdynomite

      Do they televize your Mom’s surgeries or does she perform them live in front of 19,000 viewers?

  • ZZZ

    I feel like we need to at least attempt bouncing Novak out of here for a future pick. So many shooters/scorers in the free agent market. Can easily sign someone to a year offer to prove themselves for a bigger contract. Also makes sure that Lou gets his run and doesn’t have to ever split time with Steve. Although I respect Steve as a shooter, he rarely made the big shots we needed him to make. He turned around about 3 games in the reg season, but that doesn’t justify his 3.5m

  • Bryan Colangelo

    $12M seems like a lot, but honestly, Lowry earned it with his game, but leadership on the court. Point guards that can play well both ways are also becoming increasingly rare these days. And there wasn’t another point guard available that would have replaced what he brought to the team.

    I was trying to come up with a list of point guards in the league I would rather have. Westbrook. Wall. Parker? (got to factor in age). Bledsoe? The list is short.

    $12 M is fair, considering the season Lowry had. He’s not a superstar but he would improve a lot of teams as their starting point guard.

    • KickPuncher

      As if you know, Bryan Colangelo.

      Edit: just kidding, thanks for trading for Lowry.

  • Truth Teller

    Glad Lowry resigned. I had a feeling he wanted out, but I guess was wrong.

  • Jensan

    Sam, read your article, there are 17 players on the roster sheet, even though you state that Stone and Buycks will be removed and that means in reality there are 15 players totaling 69.4 million, this also including De Colo for 1.8 million or Caboclo at 1.1.
    Your presentation is disingenuous due to the fact that there is room for one more player only if you drop one player including the RFA scenario.
    That is the following, GV can sign for 4.3 million to start with a 4.63 second year and 5 million third year (partially guaranteed) 3/14. The PP can sign 5.1million /5.55/6.1- 3/18 million contract. This is equivalent to Stone and Buycks.
    Now you have 15 man roster totaling $71 million with 5.8 million dollars. So in effect you have 7 million dollars to work with before hitting the luxury tax, because if you add one person to the roster, you have to subtract one salary.
    So as far as I am concerned this issue has not been addressed at all.

  • NameMatters

    Need our mayor… I mean deputy mayor, to declare a 2nd Raptors day!

  • Stef 511

    Nice! I love how Kyle got everyone looking his way, waiting to see if … Houston? … Miami? … somewhere else?


    “Toronto is just the right place for me”. With the Raps! That little wait with extra eyes on him and us has only made it that much sweeter.

    Nicely done, Kyle Lowry! Very nicely done.

  • Skeptical

    Lowry coming back is a huge win for so many reasons: Keeping an all-star caliber player without the classic Toronto overpay. Maintaining team chemistry and momentum. Letting the league that Toronto is a destination worth playing for.

    For me, that last point is the most exciting one. There was an article written at the end of last year that talked about how good the Raptors chemistry was – how players and their families were supporting each other and making teammates feel like more than just co-workers. That was good to read, but this signing feels like proof. Building a team culture like that around a group of still young players in Toronto isn’t something fans should take for granted… especially when it convinces great talent like Lowry to stay in town despite the best attempts of other organizations.

    Love this team!

  • Ballaholic

    So is Bruno not gonna play in the NBA next year, or how is it gonna wok for him?

    • noname

      he might keep alternating between nba and d-league.

  • Anonapotamus

    Has anyone seen anything about how the contract is structured yet, front loaded or back loaded or anything? I know its 4/48 and there an ETO, but haven’t seen how its expected to be structured yet. *Sorry if its already in the comments and I’ve just missed it*

  • Feather Ruffler

    Why isn’t Caboclo on the depth chart?

  • Justin Hamilton

    Sign and trade Novak, Hayes and Fields for Deng (or a legit 3 that can play defense) The SF is our only legit weakness…but its a huge weakness.

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