The Arizona Central reports that the Suns and Patrick Patterson have been in contact:

The Suns also have made contact with or been contacted by at least 12 other free agents. That includes unrestricted free agents Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Luol Deng, Spencer Hawes, Danny Granger, Ed Davis, Marvin Williams and Josh McRoberts and restricted free agents Gordon Hayward, Chandler Parsons, Isaiah Thomas and Patrick Patterson. That does not necessarily mean the Suns are interested in all of them.

Patterson would be a pretty good fit in Phoenix’s system that values versatile players. He would very likely be introduced in a bench role if it comes to that.  Phoenix has plenty of cap space to offer Patterson a lucrative deal, even after completing a signing of one of the big name free-agents.


Starting role?

As for Greivis Vasquez, the Raptors are apparently worried that deals like Ben Gordon’s ($9M/2yr) might price them out of Vasquez and Patterson:

A price tag of $4.5M, which is what Gordon got, is about $1.3M over the qualifying offer of $3.2M tendered to Vasquez.  This would make you think the Raptors valuation of him, as I alluded to yesterday, is somewhere around $3.7M.

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  • cdub

    when we did the salmons trade and picked up TH option we pretty much determined there that both these guys would likely not go back together. I hope we keep PP at this point myself since we traded for williams already

  • Kashtin F

    The qualifying offer is a standardized amount based on draft position, so it’s not something that is really an indicator of future salary.

    • arsenalist

      Yes, I am aware. All I’m suggesting is that is if the Raptors are willing to pay his QO amount, and the $4.5M is considered excessive (as per the tweet), the soft spot may be somewhere halfway between.

      • Kashtin F

        I don’t think that tweet is meant to suggest $4.5M would be too much for Vasquez. Gordon making $4.5M means Vasquez, rightfully, should ask for at least $5M per year.

        • arsenalist

          Oooh. I don’t know, beg to disagree there. If Livingston’s getting $5.3M, I’d say Vasquez gets under 5.

          • NameMatters

            I think Vasquez’s contribution to the team last year was much greater than Gordon. I agree with Kashtin F, $5M per year for GV is about where we need to get him back next year.

          • ckh26

            14M over 3 years. Its just Bell and Rogers money. Get ready for another service charge on your wireless bill next year.

          • asifyouknow

            I agree 5 is the figure, the problem is three year, I believe Casey and MU is trying to fill a gap for a year until Casey gets his defensive PG.
            Vaz is not going to take that. He will get 15 to16 three year deal from someone…It won’t be Toronto and please understand is not because he doesn’t want to be there, but is because he is not Casey’s type of guy, he is just too slow for what coach wants to do..

            • Jensan

              I do not think for 350,000 in the first year more 3/14 for Vasquez and tax wise GV won’t move to a California based bball team, marginal tax rate is 10% higher than Canada.
              Casey buries guys on the bench – hansborough and Novak and does not like GV is there a common denominator.

              • asifyouknow

                He had no choice but to play GV. He tried to bench him with DeColo and it blew up on his face…..Vaz should not play for Casey ….he is too slow…im telling you guys this guy is back in college he thinks he cqn win. 59 to 49 …Casey coached you guys out a two game opportunity to go pass frstt round…that is a fact my friends…

            • matt

              $17M a year is a lot to pay for the PG spot.

              • asifyouknow

                Is not a year…is for 5 for 3 years that is. 15 mill in the math i lnow…:)

  • Danny Tam

    Ben Gordon’s deal is instantly as bad as Field’s.

    • mountio

      Not even close … (which is sad to say, I know …)

      • Danny Tam

        Yeah, on second thought.. Nothing’s as bad as Field’s contract.

        • Guest

          Nothing? Expand your knowledge of the league. How about Amare’s $23.4 mil remaining this year? How about Deron William’s $63 mil over the next three years? I’m sure there’s more.

          • Danny Tam

            Relax my friend. 🙂

            • Jensan

              Danny , the guest is correct, there are many bad deals out there, ask the Knicks, ask the Kings about Thompson, Detroit about Josh Smith. So FIELDS is mice nuts, small in comparison.
              Jeremy Lin and Osik are really 15 million dollar payments this year.

        • some random guy

          Good news is the Raps may be able to use it, as others (Hayes, Williams, Hansbrough) as trade bait for a great PF with a team that wants expiring contracts.



  • Jensan

    Ben Gordon has history and can shoot the rock and score. Vasquez is coming off his first contract. If he is 2/8 million is more than reasonable and the Raptors can afford this or 3/13 starting at $4 million.
    PP , you can 3/16 starting at $ 5 million . The rest of everyone saying the Raptors cannot afford the payments is a bunch of Hooey.

    Cut nano de Colofahd his 1.8 million for the 2014 year this covers the increases for PP and GV Qualifying Offer.

    The 18 players including the Camby attribution total of 68 million dollars. Add 2. 7 million for Lowry To his 9.3 million slot, this allows for 4/54 million with 7.5 % increases. By letting Bucyks and Stone go , that removes 1.7 million from lowry’s increase in 2014.

    This leaves 14 players on the roster at 69.5 million , so 5.3 million MLE can be achieved 3/16 million for a Vince Carter or a Wesley Johnson. This is below the luxury tax for this year.

    The next year there is a reduction of salary by 29.7 million dollars from the 75 million dollars of 2014 by the elimination of salaries of Fields, Landry, Hansborough,

  • IceManLikeGervin

    I can potetially see Vasquez ‘Going Back To Cali’ (LL Cool J voice) as a Kings player since Isaiah Thomas just got a 3/24 million dollar offer from Detroit that Sacramento likely won’t match. If Lowry leaves as a free agent Vasquez might get money $$ to stay from Toronto but if Lowry stays Vasquez $$$ available will be limited even more.

    With Patterson it’ll most likely come down to $$ but I wouldn’t be surprise if he stayed or signed somewhere else. I want Patterson back…

    • asifyouknow

      Now we all know why Detroit is where they are …24 mill for guy who is a mini Rudy Gay, that is all I need to say, you all know what that is all about. The only reason the guy avg 7 ass was because he gave the ball to Cuzz and Rudy who made circus shots. The guy can’t run a team and they post him up for at least 10 points a game and is as bad as Vaz on defense…lol

  • Mexiballer

    Does anyone know what Patterson’s ballpark value in the market might be?

    • DDayLewis

      I looked at that in the last portion of this article.

      I’d bump that to $15 million over three years.

      • Mexiballer

        Thanks Will. I hope you’re right. Three years at twelve million is a good price for a solid player like Paterson. He’s been the player that Ive been most concerned about retaining.

        • DDayLewis

          The market is weird. Clearly three-point shooting is all the rage. Count me as worried. Patterson will be overpaid is my guess.

          • Mexiballer

            I agree. Thats what Ive been thinking. If Phoenix want him they probably get him. It sucks. I think he’s an important piece.

            • DDayLewis

              I’m not sure they would want him over Markieff Morris, who is arguably a better player who is cheaper, younger, and under their control. Channing Frye is also an option for them. We’ll see.

  • asifyouknow
  • ZQ

    Draft Napier…
    Could have told Vasquez and Nando, goodbye…
    And given Lowry the contract with ease
    I just won’t get over not drafting that guy, so much security was thrown out the window!

    • Skip2MyLou

      So much mediocrity out the window…

  • d_1212

    Lowry just signed with the raps

  • Mapko

    Perhaps we can look at it from another perspective. Jamal Crawford has been (over the last 4 years) one of the best (if not the best) 6 man in NBA. He made 5.45 mil last year with a team option for 5.675 mil this year. And we fear somebody will offer GV or 2Pat more than that. Why? Their combined QO are around 7.5 mil No reason we cant keep both for under 9 mil -plenty of space under cap for Nando (and maybe even VC or Okafor).

  • Xtremenator1

    Make sure you get Patterson at least, he was an integral part of the teams success last year. I’d like to bring back Vasquez for chemistry reasons, but if you can’t its not a end of the world situation. Yes they have Lou Williams in the backcourt off the bench, and that’s it. Dwight Buycks isn’t good enough, Daniels won’t be good enough, nando iant good enough, Fields is injured 75% of the time, and if you play any of them with Williams you’re going to make him a PG when he should be a scorer. I’ve said before, if they can’t resign Vasquez fine. Just make sure you get someone like Jameer Nelson so this won’t become an issue when the season rolls around.

  • some random guy

    Match any signing as long as its not completely ridiculous, and then use as trade chips is the contracts are to big.

  • GoingBig


    David Baumann @DavidBaumannCBS
    Magic not the only team interested in Raptors RFA Patrick Patterson. Suns are as well. PHX “is after him,” source said.

  • Wen Here

    well vasquez did say he was happy with 3.2 from the raptors. doubt he would leave. But don’t know about 2p unless he loves t.o like vasquesz. Or he be leaving us for money

  • Chris

    Darren Collison just signed a 3/16 contract with the Kings. That’s probably a pretty good comparator for Greivis.

  • Louvens Remy

    2pat for 5.5 and gravy for 4.5

  • Truth Teller

    I wouldn’t resign Pat. But I would like Vasquez for around 4. Raptors need 2 upgrades: Starting SF and Starting PF. Amir off the bench would be ideal. Ross could eventually become a better player, but his playoff campaign was a disapointment.