• RaptorsInThisBitch

    All Hail King Lowry!!

  • Minks77

    Pssst, I can see your path on the image.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Glad to see that has been taken care of instead of having it drag on for weeks and have the possiblity of losing him. Now Toronto needs to lock down Greivis Vasquezx and the Raptors will have a four man core that will rival any in the NBA w/ Demar, JV, Greivis and Kyle and surround them with the appropriate role players that will bring the team over the top. Guys like Patterson, Amir Johnson and Terrence Ross I consider expendable and they should be traded while theifr value is at their highest. I say send Amir along with Landry’s expiring contract to the Lakers in a sign and trade deal for Pau Gasol. The Lakers will get about 13$ million off their cap if their choose to buy out Landry and Amnesty Amir, while the Raptors get a veteran All Stra with two championship rings and the perfect mentor for an up and coming Jonas Valanciunas.

    • Heyjoe

      Patterson, the guy that didn’t miss a single shot in game 7 when the Raps got knocked out of the playoffs, is expendable?

      Not sure if serious…

      • Benjamin

        I also value Amir and TRoss in our core. Everything that guy just said just makes my blood boil. Gasol is on a decline and has health concerns that makes Amir’s ankle titanium in comparison.

  • Louvens Remy

    Let’s hope he doesn’t eat like Biggie.

  • IceManLikeGervin

    See, kings lose crowns but teachers stay intelligent
    Talkin’ BIG words on the mic but still irrelevant…

    Btw- Portland is actually located further North on the map than Toronto…