so perfect

  • Rupert

    I Love this Man and I love masai Cant wait for 14-15 season

  • Charanvir

    Someone pinch me I’m dreaming.

  • Buschfire

    ….and BOOM goes the dynamite!

  • Diesel

    YES!! Time to sign VC and win the championship wearing those old school pimp jerseys !

  • Rey F

    Our MIghty Mouse has finally returned!

  • Adam N

    Kyle Lowry Over Everything

  • eli

    I think I just came

  • hotshot

    This is how a player stays loyal to his fans!! take a lesson Chris Bosh have fun being a third banana, playing for fickle fans of Miami and have Spurs annihilate you again next season!

    • Will

      I was with you up to your third banana point and on. I’m sure Bosh has had fun making four consecutive finals and winning two championships. I would love for the Raptors to have a chance to be smoked by the Spurs.

  • Minks77

    If toronto is his new home city then why is he rockin an away jersey with the arch nemesis of Canadian hoops on it?

    J/k. So glad to have him back. Letsdothis!

    • energystraw

      It’s 15 for 2015 season. Not Carter.

      • Minks77

        To me that will always be a vc jersey

      • truth be told

        Jersey is looking tighter than it did during the season, already.

  • Jerry Garcia

    Thanks Kyle ! We will be there every strp of the way with you Brother !

  • Rap fan 2

    Vince is coming back. Says who? Says Kyle Lowry.

  • Dev

    Not Amir’s jersey? Foreshadowing a carter return? Was that in MUs pitch? I just want the roster to be completed asap now

  • Bryan Colangelo

    Gawd, I hate that dinosaur. But you can’t erase the past. You might as well embrace it.

    • DL1119

      that’s because you’re BC, makes sense.

  • consmap


  • HogyG
  • Guest

    Judging by the boxes, I think he waited until the jersey and shorts came in to make a decision!

  • Guest

    Judging by the boxes, I think Lowry waited until the jersey and shorts arrived before making a decision