23 Responses to “Photo: Kyle Lowry Wearing Purple Raptors Uniform”

  1. Diesel

    YES!! Time to sign VC and win the championship wearing those old school pimp jerseys !

  2. hotshot

    This is how a player stays loyal to his fans!! take a lesson Chris Bosh have fun being a third banana, playing for fickle fans of Miami and have Spurs annihilate you again next season!

    • Will

      I was with you up to your third banana point and on. I’m sure Bosh has had fun making four consecutive finals and winning two championships. I would love for the Raptors to have a chance to be smoked by the Spurs.

  3. Minks77

    If toronto is his new home city then why is he rockin an away jersey with the arch nemesis of Canadian hoops on it?

    J/k. So glad to have him back. Letsdothis!

  4. Jerry Garcia

    Thanks Kyle ! We will be there every strp of the way with you Brother !

  5. Dev

    Not Amir’s jersey? Foreshadowing a carter return? Was that in MUs pitch? I just want the roster to be completed asap now

  6. Bryan Colangelo

    Gawd, I hate that dinosaur. But you can’t erase the past. You might as well embrace it.

  7. Guest

    Judging by the boxes, I think he waited until the jersey and shorts came in to make a decision!

  8. Guest

    Judging by the boxes, I think Lowry waited until the jersey and shorts arrived before making a decision


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