The price for three-point shooting in this market is too damn high.

If the report by Jeff Goodman is true, of which it might not because no other major NBA reporter has yet confirmed the deal, then it looks like the Raptors have retained power forward Patrick Patterson for the near future. Our Raptors Republic’s #sauces confirmed the signing, and noted that the deal is fully guaranteed.

In Patterson, the Raptors net themselves a high-quality stretch-four. Although he’s best suited to a bench role — which is where he will most likely play as Amir Johnson’s platoon partner — Patterson brings more than just shooting. He’s also a decent defender with smart passing instincts. The three-year deal will carry through until Patterson is 28 years of age. He averaged 8.5 points and 5.3 rebounds in 23.5 minutes per game in 63 games played last season between the Kings and Raptors.

The size of the Patterson deal holds ramifications for the Raptors’ fiscal sheet. By my calculation, the situation reads as below. The Raptors, if they’re looking to duck the luxury tax, have approximately $7 million left to re-sign Greivis Vasquez and find a potential upgrade on the wing. They could, of course, pull Nando de Colo’s qualifying offer, but that carries penalties as well. For more on the Raptors’ financial outlook, check out Blake Murphy’s post.


For what it’s worth, Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun speculates that Greivis Vasquez’ deal isn’t far behind.

Earlier in the year, I took an in-depth look at Patterson’s game, and predicted 3-years, $12 million as his next contract. However, given the escalating price of shooting in this season’s market (Jodie Meeks signed 3-years, $19 million, Ben Gordon signed 2-years, $9 million), the price isn’t all too egregious. The deal also spans three seasons of Patterson’s prime, and he was a restricted free-agent, so those details surely factored into the price as well.

As for the depth chart, Patterson figures to slot in at his usual position behind Amir Johnson, providing much-needed injury insurance and a floor-spacing influence. Depending on what happens next offseason when Amir Johnson’s contract runs out, Patterson could even slot in as his future replacement. If Bruno and Bebe are signed, the Raptors’ roster numbers 13.

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  • Louvens Remy

    Perfect term. perfect money. Love it. Go Rapz!

  • Louvens Remy

    Who needs Woj?? I was so close again.

    Louvens Remy • 16 hours ago

    2pat for 5.5 and gravy for 4.5

    • ahoang

      You think he’d only take a 2 year contract?

      I hope you’re right about the 4.5 mil though.

      And that would leave us with one spot and the full MLE?

      • Louvens Remy

        I think we still have full MLE, yes. 2 years plus a team option? so maybe 3 years. I think the raps want to have a bit of control over that second guard spot. I’ve been saying we should trade Lou Williams and his contract + a pick to Utah for Alec Burks. Somethng like that.

      • Ghotte

        Think he gets 3 years since we missed on the Ennis pick-up. 3 years at 14 mil. Then they have 2 years to build a well-oiled machine, develop their young-ins and try for a great FA acquisition in ’16

        • noname

          nah 3 years 12 is better

  • Louvens Remy

    Gravy will get a 2 year deal in my opinion 2/9million

    • Mexiballer

      Im thinking 2 years at 8 million. Maybe a little less.

  • jjdynomite

    On the surface $6 million a year seems like a lot for a bench player with one good half-season, but then one realizes that a retarded GM (or two) paid Salmons and Hayes to take home $6 million+. And then I think of Amir’s ankles. And then I am happy like a Pharrell Williams song.

    • Louvens Remy

      He’s more of a super sub. A bench player is someone like Steve Novak.

    • Heyjoe

      Patterson could probably start @ PF for like a dozen NBA teams without thinking twice about it.

      Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s his role for the Raptors in 15/16 season.

      Getting him at 6 mil/year is a steal imo.

  • mike, prague

    What’s the maximum they can offer GV now?

  • mike, prague

    What’s the maximum they can offer GV now?

    • Xtremenator1

      They can offer him whatever they want, they own his rights. But when it comes to next year you don’t want to have a bad contract on your hands. Although we do have Masai, and he could probably get good return for Vasquez if things go bad next year.

    • Louvens Remy

      I’m saying 2 years at 4.5 a year would be fair.

  • Xtremenator1

    For the market, this is a good deal for Patterson. Guy is truly underrated. You could say he was the third most important member of the team last year behind Lowry and Derozan, and if something happens with Amir (dem legs), you’ve got a suitable backup. There really is nobody else on the market either who they could afford as a replacement, and Pats chemistry with the team is something you can’t buy.

    Now it all comes down to Vasquez. He is a good player, but at times he’s made some questionable decisions. Although he’s been pivotal in a lot of games at the same time. Lou Williams needs to be a SG, so he can stick to being a scorer. If you put him at PG predominately you’re taking him away from what makes his game good which is scoring. Having Vasquez back would be nice, but I feel like him going wouldn’t be the end of the world. They can always go out and sign Jameer Nelson who can pretty much do the same thing, but he’s much better defensively. Preferably though, to maintain the chemistry and bond the team had last year it would be best to resign him and see if you can improve at SF afterwards. Thabo would have been great, but now that he is off th market there isn’t much to choose from. Unless they somehow get Ariza to take less money or maybe even go after James Johnson. Deng is out of the question, and to be honest I really don’t even want him.

    • Louvens Remy

      I like everything you said there except the Jameer Nelson and James Johnson part. I like Gravy. I think he was a bit injured and what he brings is a nice change of pace. He isn’t the best on defence but he can carry your second unit sometimes and plays well in 2 guard lineups. Way better passer and bigger body then Jameer. What I want from my wing player is someone that can handle the ball a bit, play D and shoot a few 3s. James Johnson seems crazy to me. He is super inconsistent and I hate his neck tattoo. Ariza would be nice if they can make some room by getting rid of Novak and DeColo.

      • Xtremenator1

        Jameer is like the only guard they could go after on the open market though, which is why I brought his name up. Apparently he’s a leader and good in the locker room as well. As for Johnson, I just hear some analysts saying how they could bring him back in for defensive purposes, because really that’s what we need. Someone who can defend the James’, Johnsons’, Pierce’s, George’s, etc. With their cap problems, there isn’t much they can do.

        • Louvens Remy

          You’re right. But Jameer is old. Gravy is bigger, great court vision,, excellent teammate. As for Johnson, I get it. We need a big body right there. I am hoping Landry can come back and be that guy while adding someone that isn’t as crazy as Johnson and is a bit more versatile. But good post. Nice insight. I am just a Gravy fan and his defensive deficiencies aren’t that bad for me as he is able to do a lot more things. He puts more on the table then he takes off. Having a second guard that can do what he does is huuuuuuuuge for the playoffs. Check out most of the teams second guards that made the playoffs and the huge dropoff from their starter. I feel that Jameer is a huuuuuuuuge dropoff from Kyle. Whereas, Gravy isn’t too far off and is a stable force when he’s out there. He led the league in assists (I think) a couple years ago. That’s big time.

      • That other guy

        If you would have to make a guess, how much do you think Ariza is worth? He would definitely be an upgrade at SF, but I’m guessing Raptors are nowhere near his salary demands.

        • Louvens Remy

          He’s probably looking for 9-10 million per. Too rich for my blood. He’s probably worth 6-7 in the real basketball sense of economics. Lots of inflation right there.

    • webfeat

      “He is a good player, but at times he’s made some questionable decisions.”

      I feel like GV could be a better in a non-contract year. He’ll be less likely to try and pump up his numbers.

    • Mexiballer

      Im thinking they only sign Vasquez if hes cheap. Where as Patterson is part of the long term future for building a contender I dont believe that management and Casey view Vasquez that way. If they can sign him cheap its a very easy contract to trade when they can upgrade for something more permanent.

    • bizzy

      I think a back up for Jonas is needed more than retaining Vasquez. De Colo showed quite a lot of promise last year so if we can keep him as Lowrys backup and get a decent backup center we should be set. The problem is there’s slim pickings and we don’t have the kind of dough to grab a marcin gortat caliber center. When in doubt though believe in Masai which seems to be the mantra this past year.

      • noname

        already got one in bebe, who is reportedly signing for 1.4 mil per year.

      • Xtremenator1

        Well the Raptors need numerous needs. But the ones that stood out the most last year were 1) Someone who could defend the wing, 2) Someone who could grab rebounds and defend in the post consistently, and everything else is just icing on the cake. Jonas definitely needs a suitable backup, but if he becomes the guy we all think he will then it isn’t that big an issue for the time being.

  • NameMatters

    Too expensive… 5mil/yr should have been the limit.

    • Raymond

      Its expensive only if you could get someone else to replace him inside and outside the locker room. Otherwise, the money he got is pretty fair.

    • johng_3

      For a quality big like that, its fair. Amir is paid about 7 mil. 2Pat is just behind Amir in talent so 6 million a year seems fair for a still young guy

  • Louvens Remy

    Buycks and Stone must go.

    • DDayLewis

      Yeah they’ll go. Raptors need their money off the books

  • StabbyRaccoon

    This team’s going to be so good! Especially when Fields and Hayes are gone and their salaries are diverted to a quality player! 😀

  • robertparish00

    Whooo hooo. I was really hoping he would resign.

  • WhiteVegas

    Anything under $8M a season was great value for Patterson. I’m ecstatic about this deal! The days of getting a 6th man for $4M per year are long gone.

  • Mexiballer

    It would be nice to hear this get confirmed. 6 million might sound on the high end. But if you think back to the way he was playing before the injury, and knowing he is young and will only get better, it could turn out to be a very good deal.

  • robertparish00

    Would have loved to see this announcement followed with an instagram of 2Pat in retro purple. Then same with GV if he resigns.

  • Rap fan 2

    I love Greivis’s game. He’s got spunk and he’s a great passer. Having him have more playing time with the same roster and moving further along from recovering from his injury will only help with the chemistry and cohesiveness of the plays. I would like to see him run more highlight plays at the rim with all the high flyers on our team. When a player is so enthusiastic about wanting and loving to be here you need to lock him up. He’s a keeper.

    • Roarque

      Don’t forget his size, especially subbing for Kyle at 6 1 with shoes on and Lou at 6 2 with high heels on.

      • ZQ

        Lou is a true 6’2. The guy was doing through the legs and 360’s with ease in high school. And had some nice dunks in his Philly days too.

  • BraLLer

    Think about what the raptors could do with 6 milli. Fucking hate Landry fields.

    • DDayLewis

      Can’t hate a man for taking the money given to him. If anything, hate Colangelo.

  • Feather Ruffler

    How about bringing in Shane Battier, Caron Butler or my pick Aminu?

    • DDayLewis

      Battier is retired. Butler is only going to a championship contender.

      • Ghotte

        And #&%$ Caron Butler! Worthless elderly fellow.

      • Feather Ruffler

        Well then bring on Vince!

  • Feather Ruffler

    I think this is a great signing. Channing Frye received 8 million I heard, and Patterson is a better player in my opinion.

  • Andrew

    I really don’t mind this signing. He came mid season and proved himself to be a valuable rotation player. Just imagine what would happen when he grows more and develops more chemistry. I say this is a fair deal.

  • johnnie

    Novak traded to the Jazz

  • noname
  • Truth Teller

    He was ok. Hit some clutch shots.

    But still need a starting PF. I rather see Amir become the bench C/PF

  • Alex Vostrikov

    I wonder, where the minutes will come from, for GV and Williams???? both require in the neighborhood of 20+ a game.
    Williams still got some game left… unless injured down the road. and gravis wont be happy sharing

    • johng_3

      Lowry played a lot of minutes last season. Hopefully these guys can help decrease some of the workload on Lowry and Derozan toward playoff time

      • Alex Vostrikov

        that’s great… but lowry contributed, and raps actually won some game because of that. can you actually decrease minutes, and keep team performance?
        most of the STARS, in their late 20’s, play tons of minutes… close to 40 in some cases. and their teams consistent. playing lowry 30 a game at 28yrs old, doesn’t make sense.
        to me, Williams and GV are jam at 1-2 spots

  • cdub

    I was never expecting to be able to resign PP at 4 mil a year, incredibly wishful thinking. 6 mil sounds about right he can start if required, hes not just a bench player.

  • Nathan

    Greivis has also signed this afternoon according to a close friend of mine involved with MLSE. So ‘Asifyouknow’, let me ask you this:

    How dat dick taste?

  • Bendit

    Did anyone mention his intangibles. 2Pat is an “A” personality without the cheap swagger. A quiet leader, team first player and from all accounts articulate and smart as well (graduated in 3 yrs. @UK …. where he was captain/leader of a team which had 5 (?) draftees in the 1st round). And we have a good feel of his skills. He is exactly the type of player MU seeks for the Raptors..

  • IceManLikeGervin

    Solid re-signing…..The Pat Man!

  • asifyouknow

    Unfortunately Vaz would be going backwards to stay there, they are simply replacing DeColo with him. He will go back to Casey’s 12 minute rotation……Plus if Toronto can’t get a real Small F lets say about 6’8′ plus, 225 lb plus they will struggle to make the playoffs. The East will be better and they are getting big inside…

    Ross lasted half of season because he had no legs after taking a half years pounding, he is really a SG, Raptors need someone like Deng at that position.

    Williams is an excellent back-up for both guard spots, Toronto could play Ross as a back-up at SG that would also be an improvement over DeMar’s defense.

    Reading some of the posts lately I find it amazing fans are insulting the job Vaz did in Toronto, they quickly forget that before Salmons, Vazquez and Patterson came in they were on their way to a forgettable season. You know the record but I’m sure the posse on this board will dispute…

    That attitude is what is call in the Northeast “a new rich attitude” lol

    • Raptogram

      I definitely see Ross as a future 6th man of the year. Come off the bench, shoot the three, penetrate, defend against all-stars….

    • keith

      You act like Vasquez is the ONLY reason this team turned around. It was also the other players.
      Not to mention the addition by subtraction. Dumping Gay was just as much the cause for the turn around as getting Vasquez. With Rudy gone, Lowry flourished. Lowry is more so a big reason for the turn around as VA’s.

      And here is another time u are wrong. I’m eager for a third strike so you can get the hell out!

      • Mexiballer

        I agree. I dont think the Sacramento players were the largest part of the equation that turned this team around. The absence of Rudy Gay was huge in letting this team be itself. As the team “star” his style of play was demoralizing. After he left the ball started to flow, guys started to gain confidence, they didnt need to defer anymore and they started to feel an energy on both ends of the floor.

        For sure the players that arrived gave a contribution, but a lot of players coming in could have made a contribution to what was a pretty good team with the absence of Gay.

        I actually credit Casey and his staff a lot more then others would. With Gay gone the coaching staff’s teachings and principles were finally able to shine through.

        • asifyouknow

          According to my superior assessment of situations Just thought I inform you first so you can be happy over he will be gone…….. :0)

          • Mexiballer

            asifyouknow….you just wrote the post below and then removed it ?

            “According to my superior assessment of situations Just thought I inform you first
            so you can be happy over he will be gone…….. :0)”

            I dont think its over. Vasquez may still sign. And I would be happy if he did. It would give them excellent depth at both guard positions and give Kyle and DeMar the rest they need.

            But Vasquez will probably get less minutes and less money. If hes willing to play that role and forget about being a star in this league for now thats a good thing. He deserves to be on this team.

            • asifyouknow

              Good take… but I got new info to add.. will do by morning…

      • asifyouknow

        You are absolutely right as always

    • Alex Vostrikov

      vas is great at what he does… but at the moment, raps have jam at 1-2 spots. is he really gonna be happy playing 10 min a night? and occasional 20? I know, Williams came on a cheap via the trade, but he will require some playing time as well.
      raps fans, tend to overprice their own players…. almost like every parent sais his kids are the smartest and cutest.

      • asifyouknow

        I dont think he will be happy to play 10 minutes he is better than a 10 minute player….He went back to Venezuela yesterday and all he said to fan who asked him about a deal was-Pacencia- That means patience, so he announced nothing and he left the city so I think something up, why would he leave town in the middle of a contract talk and if is a why not announce it now, is not like he is a superstaar who needs a press conf.
        We will know soon ..but for sure. he not comming. back to play DeColo minutes..

  • Yiga Phuntsok

    the only thing is if Pat signed for $6 mil a year won’t GV expect something similar and not $4.5? They were equally important to the team last season

  • JP

    Is it silly to let Vasquez go, relying on Williams and DiColo? Using that money on a Deng/Ariza SF?

  • Ds

    I like Spencer Hawes’ deal better: 4-yr/$23M deal