Report: Steve Novak Traded to the Jazz

Masai hard at work

Woj is on it:

More as this develops

Update 1

He’s being flipped, along with a 2nd rouder, for the unguaranteed contract known as Diante Garrett (~$900k) who is about to lose his job.

According to my back of the envelope calculations, this gives Masai more money to work with this offseason. With only Gravy left to sign, looks like he’s going shopping for a small forward; hopefully 🙂

Update 2

The important numbers to understand as per the chart below:

~$7.6m away from the luxury tax (see sheet 1)

So, for example, they can sign Gravy to a $4.5m deal, and still have the entire mid-level exception to play with #noddingheadinagreeance

Then, he can pull Nando’s QO (~$1.8m), cut Buycks (~$800k) and Stone (~$950k), then win the internet with another ~$3.5m shaved off the books (see sheet 2)


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