The writing was on the wall. Kyle Lowry re-signing, the acquisition of Lou Williams, the allocation of Dwight Buycks to summer league, and the rumours the Greivis Vasquez would return. There simply isn’t enough room on the roster for a fourth string point-gurad, and so that was that when it came to Julyan Stone.

Stone was owed $948,163 in unguaranteed money, but now that he’s waived he comes off the cap entirely. He was part of the Denver roster where he caught Ujiri’s eye on account of his 6’6″ frame for a PG. The Raptors picked up Stone last training camp and this is likely the longest profile ever done on him.

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  • mike, prague

    Good luck in the future Mr. Julyan Stone! You have a rock-solid name, so it should be easy for you to find a job elsewhere 🙂

  • hotshot

    The picture of surprised Stone is fitting to the announcement.

  • Milesboyer

    Met him after a game once, him and Dwight walking home, cool guy, high pitched voice, red pants, that will be my lasting memory of Julyan.