Nando De Colo has rejected the Toronto Raptors’ $1.8M qualifying offer and elected to sign a reported two-year, $4.1M deal with CSKA Moscow, according to the Don mega:

This was largely expected in some form, if not CSKA than somewhere else, and it was possible the Raptors would have rescinded the offer shortly anyway to clear him off the books. The cap implications of the move are explained in the post linked above, as it was already assumed he was gone.

De Colo joined the Raptors at the trade deadline after being acquired from the San Antonio Spurs for Austin Daye (who now has an NBA Championship ring, which is all kinda of unfair). He appeared in 21 games, averaging 3.1 points, 1.3 rebounds and 1.6 assists in 9.2 minutes. He wasn’t exactly ineffective, but between his inability to know down mid-range jumpers and defend any position, he really didn’t move the needle all that much.

He probably would have caught on somewhere as a third string combo-guard, but it’s unlikely he could have received $4 million guaranteed.

The Frenchman, now 27 years old, will return overseas to play for the Russian powerhouse CSKA Moscow. Before coming over to San Antonio, De Colo spent several seasons with Valencia in Spain and played in the French league prior to that. If you’re really itching to see him again, he’ll be a reserve guard for the French national team at the FIBA World Cup in late August.

Should this be the end of De Colo’s NBA career, he’ll leave having played 119 games, averaging 3.8 points, 1.8 rebounds and 1.7 assists with an 11.8 player efficiency rating. He also appeared in six playoff games, totaling four points, five rebounds and two assists in 18 minutes. Because this franchise is the best, De Colo will leave ranked 140th in minutes as a Raptor with 193. I’m stretching here…this is very, very inconsequential.

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28 Responses to “Woj: De Colo off to Russia to play for CSKA Moscow”

    • BlakeMurphy

      Not really. As linked above, the assumption was he’d be gone anyway, and he only impacted the tax line, not any effective cap space.

  1. johnn_19_2000

    deColo is a RFA, have raptors passed on their option to match CSKA offer?

    • WhiteVegas

      Pretty sure the matching only applies to an offer from another NBA team. If another NBA team had offered him the same deal, I’m pretty positive we’d let him walk.

  2. Homph Gomph

    I really like how briskly paced the Raptors offseason has been so far. In comparison to the whole Lebron/Melo drama, we’re pretty much almost set.

  3. TheSpiceTyrant

    Ok fine, but he waves goodbye his Nando’s Chicken sponsorship deal.

    • Nilanka15

      Yeah, I don’t remember the last time our 15th man warranted this much discussion.

    • Will

      Seriously, I’m getting kind of worried here. Surely the Raptors have offered something slightly more than his qualifying offer by now. Maybe his agent is asking him to hold out for some more interest after the top tier free agents figure out what they’re doing.

    • webfeat

      The kind of offers GV can get likely hinges on where the big names (LBJ/Bosh/Anthony/Gasol/etc) end up. Bledsoe and Isaiah are still out there, too. And Lin is being offered around.

  4. The Red Fury

    We will always have the epic Nando De Colo vs. Austin Daye piece that was brilliantly written/exchanged on this site. De Colo legacy will survive.

  5. Chewwy No Matthew

    I don’t blame him at all. He has to look at for what’s best for him and there was nothing for him here. I’m hoping that Buycks get’s a roster spot because many players spoke of how close the team was from player 1 to 15 and that includes Buycks. He is a good team mate and deserves to stay with a strong summer league.

  6. RaptorsFan

    I am sorta happy. This opens up a slot to sign Kabongo. I REALLY hope Kabongo shows why he was a 5 star recuite in summer league and gets signed.

    • hummingbirdattentionspan

      hummingbird not pleased – Nando should/could have been woven into the raptor rotation in Salmons minutes and done a better job.
      Strike 1 MU

  7. Alex Vostrikov

    it would be crazy for him not to take it…..
    4 mil, low tax to pay….. he would need 5 years to make it here…. plus, he will enjoy playing in Europe. less games, not crazy schedule like in NBA.

  8. Lyall

    If he stayed, it would be aweosme to hear Jack Armstrong yelling DE COLO to Caboclo!



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