Shopping at the thrift shop with a $100 bill.

Over the last eight days, our beloved general manager reeled off an impressive, if not extensive series of moves. We here at RR would like to think that we covered every transaction from every angle (we even wrote 2.5 articles on Nando de Colo), but in case you missed it, here’s a list of everything that’s happened over the last week:

The flurry of moves leaves the roster at 12, or 13 if Greivis Vasquez re-signs with the Raptors. That figure assumes that both Brazilian rookies will be signed, and that Dwight Buycks and Dionte Garrett are waived. For more on the state of the roster, and the status of their financial situation, check out Blake’s little run-down.

With the 12/13 players in place, the roster has two holes left to fill — Joe Johnson insurance big wing defender and backup center. Let’s address each position separately.

Backup Center

In my opinion, neither need is particularly pressing, especially the back-up center spot. Not only should Jonas play slightly over 30 minutes a game, there are a number of worthy back-ups in Chuck Hayes (everyone’s new favorite whipping man) and Bebe Nogueria. There should only be around 16 minutes per game to mop up for those two, and don’t forget, Amir Johnson can begrudgingly fill in at center if need be.

Also, the need isn’t exactly pressing. Defense wasn’t really an issue for the Raptors, especially not at the rim. The Raptors boasted the 9th best defense overall, 10th best rebounding rate, and the 11th lowest opponent field goal percentage at the rim. There’s room for improvement, but for the most part, that will fall on the shoulder of Jonas to continue developing. Any upgrades made for the 16 minutes per game he’s out will be marginal.

Nevertheless, here are a few worthwhile candidates (in the Raptors’ price range) to consider:

  • Chris “Birdman” Andersen
  • Emeka Okafor
  • Ekpe Udoh
  • Nazr Mohammed
  • Jason Smith
  • Cole Aldrich

Wing Defender

Many of us are over-reacting to the events that transpired in the playoffs — Joe Johnson posting up, then drawing double-teams single-handedly eliminated the Raptors — but there aren’t that many gigantic wings left in the league. And the few that do exist — the LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony’s of the world — no one can reasonably guard anyway. At least, not to any appreciable extent without some serious cap room to make a run at the Luol Deng’s or Andre Igoudala’s of the world.

Rather, we forget that for the most part, the two-headed small forward tandem of Terrence Ross and John Salmons managed just fine last season, at least on defense.

Consider Celtics forward Jeff Green, who is listed at 6-foot-9, 235 lbs. In the three games after the Rudy Gay trade (he would count as a large wing defender), Green averaged 11.7 points per game against the Raptors, shooting 36 percent from the field (he averaged 16.9 points on 41.2 percent shooting on the season). Or, the case of Pacers forward Paul George, who averaged 16.3 points per game on 37 percent shooting against the Raptors after Gay left. The problem isn’t as bad as it seems. We’re making too much of boogeymen.

And don’t forget the team is still trying to develop it’s players, and it just so happens that their last two first-round draft picks, those being Terrence Ross and Bruno Caboclo, both play on the wing. Bringing in a stop-gap guy directly takes floor-time away from the youngsters. Development is like an iceberg, where most of the work is unseen, skills honed from hours in the gym. But we fans can only track their improvements with their in-game performance. They need time too.

But of course, the argument can be made that a big wing defender is needed in the playoffs, especially if LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Joe Johnson are still in the East when the dust settles on the offseason. If so, here are some names in the Raptors’ price range (affordable using the full mid-level exception)

  • Marvin Williams
  • Vince Carter
  • Wes Johnson
  • Xavier Henry
  • Ivan Johnson
  • P.J. Tucker
  • Al-Farouq Aminu
  • Richard Jefferson
  • Hedo Turkoglu (LOLOLOLOL)

Using the Mid-Level to our advantage

Given that the Raptors should be freely able to use the full mid-level exception ($5.3 million), either need can be adequately filled in the meantime. A number of free-agents have already been inked to the mid-level this offseason, including Spencer Hawes and Josh McRoberts.

Ordinarily, players signed to the mid-level are inked to four-year deals starting at the full base amount, with incremental 4.5 percent raises every year. However, given that the Raptors’ don’t have a pressing need at either position, I think the the team would be best off maintaining as much flexibility as possible.

My solution is this: find a worthwhile player, and sign them to a two-year deal worth $11 million. The first year should be the maximum allowable using the mid-level, and the second year should be partially guaranteed, worth 104.5% of the first year’s salary. Basically, the idea is to recreate the what Orlando did with Ben Gordon, only with a better player.

Obviously there are hurdles to this. First, any player agent should be able to see through the facade and understand that it’s effectively a one-year deal. Many middling free-agents crave security, Second, it would put the Raptors close to the luxury tax, which would handcuff their ability to facilitate trades during the season.

But if executed correctly, there are benefits to consider on both sides.

From the player’s perspective, a big one-year payout could be tempting to a player looking to rehab their value around the league (Al-Farouq Aminu) or for veterans on their last stop before calling it quits (Vince Carter).

For the team, it would allow the team to plug a hole with a short-term stop-gap, while maintaining flexibility going forward. It also gives the team a trade asset next offseason, a la John Salmons. Remember, the price for a one-year cash-dump this season was a first-round pick.

And before you start, this would not work with Trevor Ariza, Chandler Parsons or Luol Deng. All three players will get in excess of $9 million next season.

So what do you think? My pick would be Marvin Williams.

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  • the one

    vince… the time has come…

    • Edgar

      … to join a top 5 contender and stay away from my beloved Raptors…..

      Why do people want the drama and pressure of his presence here??

      Like the author leads on in the article – any free agent of rotation quality will very likely steal minutes from one of our younger developing players! Best case is they produce 1 or 2 wins for Toronto. Worst case – they become an all too tantalizing option for Casey to bench Ross, Cabaclo, etc in favor of on every mistake. Assuming the Brazillian duo is signed, I’d rather they fill the empty roster spots with Dwight Buycks type upside talent who don’t disrupt chemistry and can be called upon in limited minutes in a pinch – especially if they have non-guaranteed contracts next season that can be used creatively….

  • Joe

    Bring back PJ Tucker, he’s a Masai kind of guy

    • DDayLewis

      I’m on board with him too, although I think Phoenix will pay him more to retain him. Them losing Frye frees up more money for them to chase Tucker.

      • 2damkule

        do they have enough to offer tucker more than the MLE and keep bledsoe, or do you think (with the ennis pick) they’ll look to S&T him?

    • Mark

      Bingo! A great defender who can play PF in small line ups, spread the floor (if his 3pt % wasn`t a fluke) and guard the JJ`s of the world. Until Terrence Ross adds 20 lbs. this move is more than necessary. Marvin Williams would be number 2 and Vince (though it won`t happen) is 3rd choice. I can`t wait to see which pathetic GM over pays Ariza by double what he`s worth. Veterans who have career years in contract years need to be avoided like the plague. Lowry actually scares me in this regard but I think he`s hungry. Ariza is looking to be paid. Also, I hope they avoid Richard Jefferson. He has nothing left. All athleticism and not enough skill to be effective without his legs.

  • jvubb

    Masai could also use some trade exceptions (Bargs expires on the 10th and Gay’s and Novak’s are worth more) to acquire a player another team want to “dump”. Hopefully the play is useful like a moute or perhaps brewer.

  • Jdawg

    So if we could do a sign and trade with a team for a legit SF and give some expiring contracts away could we not become legit contenders? Give away Fields and Hayes, our first round pick for say Josh Smith? Any other serviceable SF. Josh Smith also is a PF so we could play some small ball and continue to play Ross at the three at times. Get Emeka Okafor and I think we could legitimately compete for a title. Any other ideas of what we could get with a first and two expiring contracts? Are we waiting for next year to try and take a shot at Durant?

    • DDayLewis

      You want to give away not only cap flexibility, but also a first round pick for Josh Smith to play small forward?

      • Jdawg

        Your right. Cap flexibility fills seats, sells jersey’s and wins games. Same with first over all picks. Josh Smith could start at PF but could play SF minutes, could guard (as good as anyone) LBJ and would add bulk. Just an idea. Do you think any team who wants to win worries about cap space and draft picks? They might if it leads them towards winning in the future if they can’t win at the present time, but every GM’s goal should be to win and I think we can win now, especially if we can get a guy who is 6-8 to 6-9 that can play defense.
        Joe Johnson ate us alive, imagine what LBJ would have done. Or what if Melo joins the bulls?
        Don’t go ballistic on me for not being concerned with cap space. I get that you have to build and be smart etc, etc. But lets not wait for 3-4 years when some of these guys might leave. I think we got most of these guys for a solid three years, lets sit in the luxury tax and try to do something with guys while we have them.
        I bet Miami, Celtics, Spurs, Mavericks and Lakers all hated having no cap flexibility while hosting the trophy over there heads. (and no draft picks)

        • dunkmycat7

          Nice ONE !!! So many people on this site aiming way too low.
          Don’t happen to agree with JS(Deng is my pick) but YEAH give away our first round pick, esp the 2014 P.O.S. from Brazil. We don’t need more BENCH -We need 2 STARTERS at the 3 and 4, sorry but the Raps just cannot win with Amir and TRoss.
          And if the Heat break up, Indy ends up on the psychiatrist’s couch, Melo goes West and the Nets suck then the East is more wide open than ever. Opportunity knocks. This organization has more $$$ than god, Spend it !!

          • keith

            I have issue with the way the draft went and where Masai picked him, but you are being straight fucking moronic by calling Bruno a P.O.S. Have some respect for the players because you obviously don’t respect yourself!

            say he isn’t the next KD! Say he wasn’t worth #20! fine. But calling him a P.O.S. just shows us how much of a P.O.S. you are!

            • dunkmycat7

              Gee I must leading the league in pissing people off today.
              POS pick, and for all the reasons you state and more -not a refection of the player himself.
              That was not my intention – my mistake in how I wrote it.
              But glad to see you doing everything you can to elevate the level of conversation…
              kettle – meet black.

          • noname

            ross can develop into a very good 3, and amir should be first big off the bench while patterson is groomed into the starting 4 spot (for now).

        • DDayLewis

          I’m fine with the team going into the tax if they have a contender. I don’t think adding Smith at the 3 makes them one.

        • Tbird

          Good points and I agree with you, except Josh Smith is awful!

        • 2damkule

          it’s not even about cap space, it’s about josh smith. actually, check that…it is about cap space, because winning in this L is about properly managing your assets. fail to do so even a bit, and your chances drop. smith is a very skilled player, but he needs to be held in check…and he actually needs to play the 4, closer to the paint, and to never shoot another 3. shit, we crap on landry cause he can’t shoot, but at least he knows he can’t shoot, and thus doesn’t. jsmoove is a much better athlete, but not worth what he’s making – nor what it would take to acquire him.

        • Guest

          Spurs actually have had very good cap management. Also, that’s a straw man argument. Nobody would disapprove of having no cap flexibility/draft picks while hoisting the trophy over their heads, but having no cap flexibility/draft picks does not make you a champion (causation vs correlation). In fact, having no cap flexibility/draft picks prevents you from becoming a champion if you do not actually have a championship caliber team in place.

    • LuckyMystery

      Can’t do a sign a trade for a player that is under contract

      • 2damkule

        haha, holy shit, the premise was so absurd because of josh smith, i didn’t even notice that aspect.

    • Tbird

      Josh smith is awful.

  • Joey Drummond

    Great article, thanks. I like your idea of a short 2-year deal for one of those FAs, but I just don’t see it as probable in the current market. Players like Marvin Williams and Aminu are going to get multi-year deals (that their teams will likely soon regret). I also think you’re overestimating the market for Trevor Ariza – most teams will see that he benefited greatly from playing alongside John Wall last season, I’d be shocked if he gets north of $9 million.

    • DDayLewis

      I think Ariza is going to be overpaid too, especially if he’s starting the bidding at 9-11 million. (source:

      Few players on the open market are actually paid what they’re “worth” because worth is determined in part by demand. Lots of teams are out there with cap room, and holes on the wing. Plus, Washington needs him back. I’d predict he gets 3-years, 30 mill. It’s crazy for a guy like Ariza, but it’s how the market is shaping up.

      • dunkmycat7

        Everyone is paid EXACTLY what they are worth – because someone IS paying them those $$.
        There is always SOMEONE willing to pay what it costs.
        We may all disagree with some of these contracts but the market is the market. You pay what it costs or you get left behind.

        • Mark

          David Kahn, is that you?

          • dunkmycat7

            nope 🙂 but nice one
            I just think that everyone on this site should stop acting like the Raps are going to spend YOUR mortgage money.
            In order to win in then NBA you gotta pay what it costs.
            and I’m all about
            JUST WIN BABY !!!

            • jjdynomite

              You do realize, setyourcatonfire, that there are such things as the luxury tax and the tax apron, that punish overspending teams with lack of flexibility from making additional moves. And that the Raptors are relatively close to the tax with Lowry, 2Pat and (hopefully) Greivis back in the fold. And that teams that exceed the tax and apron aren’t 100% guaranteed Finals appearances (See: Knicks, New York and Nets, Brooklyn).

              /explanatory nice guy off

              Listen, you 15-year-old multi-exclamation point moron, throwing money around hardly guarantees success. Especially when throwing money around results in your favourite team handcuffing itself from scouting and signing undervalued players to complete its roster. See: the above NY teams, plus Pistons (J-Smooth is woefully inefficient and past-his-prime Joey Drummond), plus Kings, plus um, well, THE (C)RAPTORS UNDER COLANGELO.

              Seriously, go read some Zach Lowe and STFU until you can come on here with less retarded points.

              • dunkmycat7

                ok you just be satisfied with losing then.
                Not my money, don’t care.Stop being so naive
                And i’m pretty sure i’m much older than you are.
                I love you internet trolls who think your opinion is the only one that counts,

                • 2damkule

                  the more i read of what you write, the more i think you don’t know how the CBA works.

                • dunkmycat7

                  I know you do and there are some of the intricacies I don’t get and will never get, but salary cap, luxury tax etc. I get – i promise you. All I am trying to point out is that this team has $$ coming out of their bum and they should spend it if that what it takes to win. Why do you personally care if they go over the cap ? Are you trying to save the Raps from themselves and make sure everyone is fiscally responsible? I understand your position, it’s very logical, but the reality is there is always someone who WILL spend the $$ and we should be ready to do so if it means they make the team better.
                  Is it logical that the Rockettes want to pay CB4 96 mil (or even 88 mil) ?
                  Are there lunatic contracts all over the NBA ? yup.
                  Are there GM’s all over the league willing to pay up ? yup. And, unlike you and I, these guys are WELL PAID to do what you think is nutso.
                  If we don’t there is always someone who will.
                  I just don’t want to get left behind.

                • 2damkule

                  there’s a difference between wanting to spend, and being allowed to spend. there are rules (i.e. the CBA) that govern what a team is allowed to do, so even if ownership wanted (and were able) to spend without conscience, they simply can’t (simple point: you can only go over the tax to re-sign your own player(s), not another team’s FA).

                  it’s not even about there being ‘lunatic’ contracts in the L – the simple fact is, the raps just don’t have the space to go after the upper-echelon FAs (not that they’d sign here anyway, but that’s another story).

                  the HOU example is a good one – they can make that offer to bosh for two reasons: they’ve created cap room, and because they’re willing (AND ABLE) to make moves that will allow him to fit.

                  the reason i care what they do with their money is that every $ spent on a player who doesn’t return on-court value is a wasted $…and every wasted $ counts just as much against the cap as a value $ does. so when the time comes to go after a marquee FA, you’re in a better position to actually sign him if you’ve not only got the money to do so, but a roster that is enticing enough for him to want to play on that team. what good is having all the cap room necessary to sign durant* in a couple years if the team sucks? the ONLY way to have the room money-wise AND a team he’d want to sign is if you use your money wisely and build a roster that he’d want to join.

                  *durant’s not signing with TO. but the same principle applies to pretty much any FA.

                • jjdynomite

                  Okay, my apologies, you only write like a 15-year-old. Just an educated guess from someone who still has his ticket from the SkyDome when the Raptors beat Jordan’s Bulls in 1996. And I didn’t have my Daddy pay for me.

                  Actually, a troll is someone who sounds like you. Surprise, this isn’t major league baseball with no salary cap. “It’s not my money” results in strapped teams like the Knicks and the Pistons, who may well lose their stud players due to inadequate decision-making about the roster surrounding them. See Andrea Bargnani and Amare Stoudamire. See Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. All of them on 8-figure contracts.

                  Whatever, thankfully Masai is in charge and not you.

                • dunkmycat7

                  You really are quite nasty, I think you will find that in adult life people disagree all the time and don’t end up going ratcrap crazy like you do to anyone who has an opinion that differs from yours as with Will above.
                  There are lots of people who agree with me that we should be trying to win at ALMOST any cost and many who don’t and that is what makes a market And that becomes the basis for a discussion.I have said this before but in my world every time I buy or sell a stock there is ALWAYS someone on the other side willing to take that trade. That person thinks he is just as right as I think I am.
                  There is an old expression that says you can either be right or be happy. You must be very unhappy.
                  Actually I took my “Daddy ” to that Chicago game and sadly he’s not with us any more – so fuck you for that.

        • 2damkule

          wow. the CBA was constructed precisely to prevent teams from paying the upper-echelon players what they’re worth. the effect of keeping down the salaries of the true superstars creates the yearly situation we see with teams hoarding cap space in desperate attempts to lure marquee FA’s, and when they fail, they use that money to overpay the leftovers. a more accurate case could be made that MOST players in the NBA are not paid what they are worth.

          • dunkmycat7

            I think you are making my point for me. This isn’t about valuation, or your personal philosophy, it’s about reality in the NBA.
            Let me say it again :
            You pay what it costs or you get left behind. And that’s EXACTLY what it costs.

            • 2damkule

              hmm…i must have – somehow – misinterpreted what ‘Everyone is paid EXACTLY what they are worth,’ though i’m not sure how, since it seems pretty cut & dried. it seems you’re conflating two different points.

        • DC

          “Everyone is paid EXACTLY what they are worth”

          Not so. Cost is not the same as worth (value). Some things are overvalued (see Bargnani, A.)

          • DC

            And some are undervalued – as explained in another comment.

    • Rap fan 2

      It’s possible that Masai waits until the dust settles on the big wing feeding frenzy then come in afterwards to pick up some bargain of a wing who would more agreeable to signing a two year deal and at less money.

  • ddd

    i would say vince, but since he is gonna go to dallas we might as well get marvin or tucker. both are big solid wing defenders.

    • jjdynomite

      ddd. please explain why you think MARVIN WILLIAMS is a “solid big wing defender”. Because William Lou, the post-pubescent sage, told you so? Here are some facts, coming from someone who (unfortunately) watched a fair bit of Jazz games last season because Gordon Hayward was on my fantasy team:

      1. Marvin Williams has filled out to 6’9 and 230; he is hardly the same skinny dude who played on NC and was drafted 2nd overall 9 years ago.

      2. Due to Kanter’s relative ineffectiveness playing next to Favors, William replaced him in the Jazz starting line-up… as POWER FORWARD. Marvin hardly played ANY small forward.

      3. Marvin’s foot speed — at least in this stage of his career — hardly compares to swingman studs like Iguodala, Deng and Ariza, or even lesser guys like Tucker or Aminu. Asking him to cover big SFs like Joe Cool, Melo or LeBron would be a bad joke.

      4. Marvin’s key role was to enable spacing by drawing opponents out of the paint, because he has turned into a decent long-range shooter (1.8 of 5 3PT on the season for .359%). Guess what, we just signed a PF who is 6’9 and 235 who can also shoot the three efficiently…and is a quicker defender than Marvin. But for some reason, nobody is asking Patrick Patterson to guard SFs. Yet Marvin is our answer?

      5. William Lou is just pulling names out of a hat and doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Maybe it’s the Demerol.

      • 2damkule

        those are valid points, but there’s no need to be a dick to Will. williams is just a guy, just one of many mediocre (at best) options that might be available that might fill a need, but who wouldn’t move the needle a tremendous amount (because, y’know, they are bench/depth guys). he’s probably not an ideal fit, for the reasons you mentions, but that doesn’t mean he’s just discounted out of hand.

        so, mediocre-to-average D and the ability to space the floor for 10-15 minutes/game doesn’t sound terrible.

      • DDayLewis

        The team is bargain hunting. They’re not getting a perfect player. Williams has good size and can shoot spot up threes. He also has lots of limitations, and you did a great job pointing those out.

        And what’s your beef with me, personally?

        • jjdynomite

          Because sometimes you write as if you don’t watch the games.

          You have a pretty visible pulpit here on RR and you are using it to influence commenters (like ddd) with statements that are either misleading or simply not true. Again:

          1. Marvin’s offensive positional skillset is redundant with a better version of him already signed — 2Pat (both stretch PFs)
          2. Marvin cannot defend big SFs, at least, not any longer — he will become a punchline like Salmons was last season
          3. Marvin’s defensive win shares have been declining for years and Utah’s defensive rating as a team last season was 2nd worst in the league —

          Beyond that, I have nothing personal against you, just against ignorance.

          But William, if you want to believe it, I’m racist. Just like I’m racist against that Mesoamerican moron asifyouknow who sends Spanish-language tweets to Greivis that he should sign elsewhere. And I’m sexist against Tamberlyn, since I’ve called her out on some of her poorly-articulated articles in the past. Maybe I’m age-ist because that beer-swilling fat fuck Doug Smith has a dream job and does so frustratingly little with it.

          You can make of the above paragraph what you will. Or not. But anyway, it sucks that you busted your foot. Nobody deserves that, happened to me 5 years ago and still swells up in the summers. At least you’ll be able to still type.

          • Yo

            Lol I’m not for the aggressive tone, but this was a beastly response…

          • DDayLewis

            I don’t know what to tell you. I watch a lot of basketball. If I’ve come to different conclusions about the game, then there’s discussion to be had there.

            As for your point about “trying to influence”, that’s the role of a columnist. This is a platform, people choose to read the writing, of which I’m very thankful, but we’re all just observers giving (hopefully informed) opinions. And, for the record, I’m not pimping Marvin Williams as a silver bullet solution. What I said about him is hardly disputable. He has good size and can shoot spot-up threes.

            Look, we can go 16 rounds on the Jeremy Lin/Chinese Heritage night/Gangnam Style thing. As an Asian American, I felt offended by the Raptors’ cheap cash grab, and the shameful way they went about it. I don’t really see why your opinion on how I should feel is needed.

            Ehh, it’s a foot. Turns out it’s just a mild sprain. I’ll be hobbled for a while but I’ll be alright. Sucks to hear about yours. They can’t do anything for it?

          • noname

            you’re not racist…I’ve seen you around a lot on RR and you’re not racist…you’re just one of those people that has a short fuse. It’s OCD at it’s finest, little inaccuracies and negligence make you wanna go on a rampage, I can relate sometimes.

          • DC

            That makes two people you’ve called morons in this thread, besides being offensive to others.

        • keith

          yeah I find that funny, people getting all messed up because they think the Raptors should pull in the next Kobe stopper for the MLE. LOL

          Raps could use Marvin for the cost, he is better than many others. And I like how jj said that the Jazz had to use Marvin out of position because of Kanter/Favors but he shouldn’t play a more natural SF position. Doesn’t it make sense that maybe Marvin gained weight to play at PF. Doesn’t it make sense that Marvin might be good enough to play some decent defense for 15 minutes as a backup, not a starting PF. I mean we are talking about the person who will replace Salmons as a backup SF. Comparably, I would prefer Marvin.

          Unless jj believes that Ujiri will pull out an All Star for $5 million or less!

    • Cornelius Cruickshank III

      Yah Marvin Williams is pretty firmly a PF now, not a wing. Word is Charlotte is offering him the same as McRoberts got, to replace him in their lineup at PF. Not realistic for Raptors, for both price and position. Also on the above list, Ivan Johnson isn’t a wing either. He’s a pure big. He’s actually on a summer league roster already. PJ Tucker is easily the most appealing of the above mentioned, but I can see him getting more to stay in Phoenix. An interesting name is Wes Johnson, he’s been out bonding with Demar in the Philippines doing some NBA/Sprite PR this summer. A bit younger than the “veteran defensive wing” I think is lacking from the lineup, but he seems more attainable than some of those other names.

  • Thomas

    I must be the only one who thinks we already have that big wing that can defend. Landry Fields

    • DDayLewis

      Problem is, Casey doesn’t trust him enough to ever play him.

      • Thomas

        That’s the unfortunate truth. I’m gonna assume that bringing back Vasquez will be the Raps final “impact” move of the offseason, forcing Casey to play Fields more while Bruno develops

      • webfeat

        So maybe Ujiri should just make sure Casey has no choice…? I imagine Fields would have gotten more PT in the playoffs if he didn’t have Salmons…

        • Benjamin

          And if he didn’t hurt his lower back early in the series.

    • dunkmycat7

      You are.
      CAN NOT have a 3 that CAN NOT shoot anymore. He’s damaged goods, everyone in the NBA knows it and I think we just have to wait for 2015 to dump him. BC’s last mistake.

      • 2damkule

        that’s not necessarily true, but it certainly is when you don’t have reliable outside (3-pt)shooting from your bigs or SG…need someone to space the floor.

        • afrocarter

          Great point; I can see Fields playing well with Ross and/or Patterson on the floor at the same time, or playing the 3 alongside a Lowry/Vasquez backcourt. The spacing could still be sufficient in those instances.

          • Ragnar

            Don’t forget Lou Trill, T-Ross and DD in the corner. We have many capable shooters and I think Fields can still have a solid role on this team, provided Casey gives him the minutes & confidence.

            • BraLLer

              I would love no more than the next guy to see Landry return to his NYC days. However, I feel his contract and health are factors of his underwhelming performance. He is owed 8.5 for the 2014 season, which is disgusting. .
              76ers are taking on bad contracts it might be worth exploring an option there.

              He didn’t play a pivotal roll last season and I believe he is replaceable by most of the sf’s listed above.

              Still routing for VC for nostalgia reasons. Hey! Why the hell not. Looks as if he is sticking around in Dallas though


          • higdale

            There are two things about Fields. 1 He has shown that the longer he’s on the court the more effective he is. However it’s only been a few games the March 2nd Golden State and March 30th Orlando games where he saw 28 min and 17 min and only because of injuries. In those two games he had 12 points on 6-8 shooting while totaling 8 rebs, 1 assit, 3 stl, 2 blks. Though not fantastic stats you have to wonder if those numbers wouldn’t have been higher on average if he had gotten say Salmons minutes even with his shooting issues. We will never know because Casey only used him as a utility player to bail him out when Ross sprained his ankle and Vasquez got hurt in Orlando. Not to mention his defense the 2nd playoff game against the Nets on Joe Johnson where in 17 min he had 4 rebs, 1assit, 2 stl and 1 blk and although he didn’t take a shot his play still effected the game. 2 Fields is in a system that doesn’t use his skill set even without the shooting issues. The Raptors have become a jump shooting team that doesn’t look for cutters and will ride that until teams force them to adjust. Was Field’s contract the right move of course not as things have played out but it’s not Field’s fault no one could have foreseen the injury. This is a cut throat business with a short life span and organizations will do whatever they think will make them better. I’m sure if Fields didn’t have any shooting woes he would have been traded because of the system Casey runs.The Raptors will get rid of Fields’ contract it’s just a matter of time because he’s not in the teams future plans and maybe his injury will heal enough for a team to benefit from his skill set because the other parts of his game are very solid and you can tell when he’s on the court he’s a very smart player. So hopefully he’ll get a chance somewhere else because I think he’s the type of person organizations wouldn’t mind having.

            On a side note one thing I have noticed these last two years in listening to Casey’s post game interviews is don’t believe anything he says.

      • Thomas

        He may not be able to shoot, but he did have an elbow injury that’s known to take more than a year to be fully recovered. Plus he’s a great passer and can help the offense even without shooting

        • 2damkule

          shooting issue seems to go beyond that…appears he made some mechanical changes to compensate, and he needs to re-learn his mechanics, because his shot last year was broken.

          • CJT

            His shooting woes are completely mental. He has what golfers call the yips. Just like many guys have at the free throw line. I think he can still contribute and like what he brings, but there are lots of great shooters out there with bad mechanics but strong minds who make shots. There is no amount of re tooling or practice that helps this, it has to come from the mind and it is extremely difficult to get past. If you have ever watched Charles Barkley try to swing a golf club you know exactly what I am referring to.

        • dunkmycat7

          I would love to believe that Landry can play again and I HOPE I’m wrong. I agree with the passing and D stuff but will he ever recover ? IMO no , I think that’s what the rest of the NBA believes too.
          I always wondered why BC and Raptors didn’t do their medical due diligence on this guy BEFORE they paid him that outlandish contract.

          • Interested

            When you say “thats what the rest of the NBA…” what sources are you using? No disrespect, just want to know how seriously I should take your comments.

            • dunkmycat7

              I’m speaking to every GM in the league on a daily basis. 🙂
              Seriously-I am making what I think to be a logical assumption based on the fact no one seems to want, him at ANY price. Pretty telling IMO.

              • cdub

                ofcourse no one wants him, we wasn’t worth 6 million when he was healthy.

          • higdale

            No one on either side could have seen a problem there was no pain and everything looked normal. It wasn’t until training camp that problems started to show themselves. Also there is no test that exist to identify a problem like that.

            • dunkmycat7

              I’m not so sure the Knicks didn’t know something, remember the circumstances of that signing as BC was trying to play keep away and it came back to bite him in the bum. At this point i’m not willing to give BC the benefit of the doubt, seems like another thoughtless signing that defined his career here.You may be correct with your medical diagnosis but didn’t it it seemed that LF had shooting issues from the very beginning of his time with the Raps.

    • Tom

      How f*cking awesome would it be if Fields fixed his shot in the off-season? Let’s not forget that before the nerve issues, he was a pretty good offensive player too.

  • rapierraptor

    I’m pretty sure I saw that Vince is about to resign with the Mavs. PJ Tucker is my top choice but he may be too pricey. If Bebe doesn’t end up coming over I’d look to use part of the MLE on Cole Aldrich. He’d be great as a 10-15 min big body in my mind.

    • DDayLewis

      Good call on Aldrich. I’ll add him to the list.

  • LuckyMystery

    Don’t forget we have a trade exemption that could be used for a guy like Matt Barnes, if the Clips are inclined to get rid of his salary. Mike Dunleavy also would fit that criteria. There are more options than just UFA’s and RFA’s

    • DDayLewis

      I think the Clippers only want to give up Matt Barnes to match salaries in a sign-and-trade. Dumping Barnes alone doesn’t give them any cap room, and it robs the of their only good wing defender.

      • LuckyMystery

        They also have Crawford and Dudley to use in possible sign and trades, i was just pointing out that we have more options than the ones listed here.

        If Masai can trade Bargnani and actually get a useful package, we can only assume he may be able to do the same with either Hayes or Fields. just like he somehow did with salmons.

        • DDayLewis

          Salmons was a special case, with his weird buyout thing. I have faith in Masai too, but I’m not expecting him to always pull rabbits out of hats (though he does quite often).

          Dudley’s deal is hard to trade because he has two years left and is pretty horrible. As per Crawford, the team needs his scoring off the bench. Not sure if they’d readily part with him.

  • DanH

    Betcha Wes Johnson would take the full MLE for 3 years, 2nd partial (2M) and 3rd unguaranteed. Maximizes potential room next summer, and failing the need to use that flexibility, gives you an awesome trade piece in 2016 for the Durant chase.

    • DanH

      You know what? I’d bet he takes both 2nd and 3rd years fully unguaranteed, with no guarantee date. Let’s do that. He can shoot the three and is pretty neutral defensively.

      • 2damkule

        considering what guys are being offered to play in russia, if it came down to choosing a deal like that, or looking overseas, it might be hard to pass up going overseas.

        plus…i’m not sure he’s even worth what you’re considering. he’s almost at vet min status now, no?

        • DanH

          He is indeed at vet min status – the point is to acquire an extremely useful trade asset. The point is to drastically overpay so you can put those two unguaranteed years on. He’ll make his next 3 years’ salary next season, so wouldn’t mind being cut early or passed around via trade.

  • birdman

    If we are really stuck and need some Joe Johnson insurance on the wing, Ronnie Brewer could be an option for the min or even dig into a portion of the MLE.

  • Roarque

    Wil, Hope all is well with the Xray.

  • Tbird

    Bring back Linus!!!

  • Al

    I agree with Thomas. We have 3 Sf already. Also 3c, 3 Pf.. 2 Sg, 1 Pg. I don’t understand what type of roster you guys are trying to predict.

  • RaptorsInThisBitch

    Hansbourgh , Feilds and a first round draft pick to the Cavs, for a sign and trade with Luol Deng. Gets Luol his 10+ million….King James would need to sign somewhere else (not the Cavs) first preferably the west. Plus Masai and Luol are bois….Fingers crossed….Raps Run the East 2014/2015 if this happens

  • Jay3sem

    I just like how u plugged “that guy” in the mix. I know u’re not suggesting he can actually play D. He never did. Just because u WERE athletic 10 yrs ago doesn’t make u a stopping force all of a sudden. So I find it amusing! Thx

    I give this “inclusion” 5 raps! Lol

    • 2damkule

      if you’re talking about vince, he’s actually been a decent defender for dallas…one of the reasons they want him back.

  • Guest

    Is your foot broken from kicking ass on this website?

    • DDayLewis

      Very kind of you. Luckily, nothing broken, just sprain. Fun stuff.

  • Tom

    I thought I posted this earlier, but i seem to have closed the window before it posted:

    wing defender: James Johnson (should be cheap)
    rim protector: Khem Birch (should be really cheap)

    James Johnson would be a big defensive upgrade at the 3. He’s not a great shooter, but he’s a competent ball-handler, which is something we need on the wings.

    Birch is undersized as a C, but he showed in college that he can protect the rim.

    I also think Patterson can/should play the 3 for us. I know it didn’t work out so well when we had him defend Joe Johnson in the post-season, but we were asking him to do something he hadn’t really practiced. He has the physical tools, but needs to work on his perimeter technique and get more comfortable guarding smaller guys out there.

    • DDayLewis

      I don’t pull out the “character issues” card easily, but I’m really concerned about James Johnson.

      • DC

        Would guess there’s a character reason he doesn’t seem to fit in on whichever team he is on, despite his physicality, athleticism, and basketball skills. Dwane Casey would know about that.

      • JunkYardDog

        There’s two sides to every story , so we don’t even know if that’s true. Even if it was , who cares .. that’s his personal life, shit happens . Jason Kidd has done far worse. Plus JJ is a really nice guy and good teammate.

        • DDayLewis

          And you know this man personally? Those are serious charges.

    • Cornelius Cruickshank III

      There is a zero percent chance James Johnson will ever wear a Raptors jersey ever again. I don’t know the details, but I’ve heard from those that do, that he will never ever ever be a Raptor ever again.
      Khem Birch is trying to make a team already. I believe it’s the wizards.

  • Bricksquad

    We need a SF that can guard players at a higher level and play enough offense to close out games.

    We don’t have a consistent answer for the likes of Rudy Gay, Melo, Paul Pierce, Jabari Parker, Iguodala, Joe Johnson, Durant, etc.

    It got so bad that we put Amir Johnson to guard KD late game and put Patrick Patterson on Paul Pierce in crunch time. -.-

    My choice is PJ Tucker. Plays gritty defense, and can shoot the 3 ball at a good clip (.378 last season I think)

  • acfaubs

    He probably doesn’t fit but I would love Kent Bazemore on this team.

  • Louvens Remy

    someone should give a poison pill contract to Chandler Parsons and go over the cap. Fuck the cap. Fuck Daryl Morey.

  • NBAJunky

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