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Tim Leiweke drops some serious knowledge | Andre Blatche? Is there nobody else? | Lowry worth every single dollar he’s being paid

Raptors’ Tim Leiweke explains ‘We The North’ mentality | USA Today

We have a marketplace that is booming right in front of us and we have to become that team they all relate to. We have to be that team they want to play for, and we have to be that team they want to follow. That’s the challenge we have right now. We haven’t even scratched the surface. We’re the only team in an entire nation. Think about that for a second. We’re the only true international team in the NBA. For a league that has built itself and has become brilliant because of its international appeal, we are the only international team in the whole league and we’re proud of that. We as a country are beginning to produce meaningful great players within this league. The Vince Carter impact is now being felt based on the influence that man and that team were at getting kids to want to play basketball at the highest level. We have an awakening in a Canada. One of the two fastest growing sports Canada is now basketball. If you add all of that, you have to look at the NBA and the Raptors and says it’s one of the great growth stories in all of professional sports. … The uniqueness of the Raptors is we are our Canada’s team.

2014 NBA Free Agency Rumours: Raptors to Meet With Andray Blatche | Raptors HQ

I get it to a certain extent. Blatche, when properly motivated can be a match-up nightmare due to his size, length, and touch around the hoop. He’s not exactly the rim protector I think the club still needs, but he could probably be had for a very fair price, helping to back up Toronto’s big man spots all the while leaving some precious cash to address wing or guard depth. The Raptors have a slew of versatile players now and Blatche as a basketball player (and I stress this latter part) fits the bill. But man, aren’t there any other options out there?

Andray Blatche to meet with Toronto Raptors on Wednesday – ESPN New York

Report: Raptors to meet with free-agent C Blatche | TSN

Report: Andray Blatche to meet with Raptors in Las Vegas –

Raptors Waiting Patiently In Free Agency | Pro Bball Report

Both or neither of these players could fill a role on the Raptors next season. It’s really a question of fit at this point. Toronto could use a veteran like a slightly younger and healthier John Salmons to backup Terrence Ross and a taller shot blocking version of Chuck Hayes to fill in behind Jonas Valanciunas at center. However, Ujiri will have to be patient to find what he wants. He’ll only be offering a limited backup role and Ujiri needs to know if the player he brings in will accept it. Ross and Valanciunas are not about to lose their starting positions or minutes next season. It’s not just Toronto that is moving cautiously through the free agent waiting period. The entire process has become the ‘LeBron & Melo Show’ as so many potential transactions hang on where these two stars choose to play next season.

Kyle Lowry Is Worth Every Dollar of His New Deal with the Toronto Raptors | numberFire

He scored more than Deron Williams. He shot as accurately as Damian Lillard. He averaged more assists and fewer turnovers than Kyrie Irving. His 3.02 assist-to-turnover ratio was even better than the likes of noted assist gurus Rajon Rondo (2.97), Steve Nash (2.77), and Ty Lawson (2.72). He grabbed more boards than every NBA point guard not named Michael Carter-Williams. He stole the ball just as many times per game as Mike Conley, the previous year’s leader in total steals and All-Defensive honoree (second team). On the more advanced metric side, he was 8th in the entire league in offensive win shares (8.4), 8th in total win shares (11.7), and 10th in win shares per 48 minutes (.197). He was 10th on our NBA Player Rankings with a nERD score of 10.7.

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