• rapierraptor

    I’m surprised Bruno didn’t stop to take a selfie while signing this.



    • tonious35

      Imagine if you miss two free-throws that coulf of wona close game, and at least 10 million people and your home sees it, then they want to out of the city you like/love/call-home….. that risk is worth the extra $750,000 of salary in that contract. Araujo stole 8th rounder salary too and he does not look too sad.

    • Will

      It’s all about supply and demand. As long as fans are willing to pay for tickets and cable subscriptions, the money has to go somewhere. Also, basketball teams have smaller rosters than hockey or baseball or football, so each player gets a bigger piece of the pie.

      • keith

        if anything, why not complain about the billionaire owners who signed the basketball players to these contracts. God Dammit life sucks for……non-owners!

    • keith

      yeah because non athletes have no way of making millions of dollars.

      signed Bill Gates!

      non athletes also have no luck at all

      signed every lottery winner!

      • keith

        and BTW, its not like Bruno hasn’t worked hard for this, or any other basketball player. They just sit on their asses and wait to be drafted in the NBA. probably complain on a blog here and there till the multi million dollar contract is signed! They don’t get up and train at 5-6am. They don’t workout and practice all day. They don’t run themselves dead 82 games a year plus all the practices in between, the flights from city to city fighting off jet lag.

        BTW, I’m 6’4” with 6’7” reach, I don’t see the NBA calling me. I wonder if it is because I am unlucky or if its because I don’t put in the work.

        • jjdynomite

          Unless you can drop dimes and bomb 3s like Lowry or blow by defenders like D-Wade, you are neither unlucky or lazy, you are simply not good enough to make the league at 6’4 (and under). (BTW I’m an inch shorter than you with same reach, and the closest I’ve come to the NBA is chatting with Pelicans GM Del Demps in the stands last season).

          Anyway this argument — not to you, but to the original poster — is moronic; obviously Bruno Mars has the physical tools to be a stud player. The real travesty are the Mountain Men like Aaron Gray, or Hasheem Thabeet — or a certain Italian whose name rhymes with Bustnani — that keep getting contract after contract without visibly improving their games, simply because they won the genetic lottery of being born 7-feet tall. Bruno, regardless of his insane wingspan, is not 7-feet tall, and will have to work his ass off to earn a second contract.

          For more info:

          • keith

            agreed although I will also point out that just being 7 feet tall doesn’t guarantee the NBA will come calling either. I’ve met a few 7 footers that aren’t millionaires. true they have a better shot and an easier path than others but even they still need to be able to run around a bit and know the game. Even Bargs had to have some semblance of how to play basketball, despite what we all witness each time he does play.

            I will say that if you are 7 feet tall, you better be successful in something because to try and live a normal life is difficult in the small stuff. I have a tough enough time finding size 14 shoes, shirts that fit and just walking around places at 6’4”. Living as a 7 foot giant is not easy living. For the OP to insinuate that athletes just have the life handed to them on a silver platter shows they don’t know what it takes to be an athlete.

            • jjdynomite

              You are correct keith that even 7-footers have to work hard to earn 1 of the 450 jobs in the world available for aspiring NBA athletes. However, you have to admit that being 7 feet makes it far more likely you’d make that cut (17 out of every 100 North Americans in the Forbes article I posted; if I got those odds in Lotto 6/49 I’d play it every week).

              I’m also saying that their likelihood of being seen and recruited is far higher; in the Forbes article a scout replied that he looks into every 7-footer with a pulse. So kudos to Gray, Thabeet and Bustnani for making that 450 and earning enough scrilla that they can afford tailored suits and not have to hunt around in vain for size 39″ sleeves like I do. Sigh.

    • Season

      Offer and demand my friend.
      One caveat. When professional athletes’ careers end they are lost. Their whole lives have been dedicated to one thing. Getting better, stronger, faster etc…They’ve been in system their whole life by staff, trainers, coaching, conditioning, chefs etc…When that ends. Yes they have cash, but no sense of purpose at 35 if I am generous…Some NBA players have a college education or part of it. Some don’t. I would not be exaggerating by saying that Professional athletes have no sense of reality when their careers end and everything comes crashing down on them. They’re bored, so they spend their cash, and spent and spent. Go broke. Then what? Not as rosy as you imagined.

      • Guest

        If you haven’t watched it, check out the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary “Broke”. It’s eye-opening. It makes you realize that the real winners are the owners, agents, posses, baby mamas and shoe companies. The athletes themselves often end up with less than nothing.

    • afrocarter

      Or, you know, just be happy for the kid while you continue to enjoy living in the first-world nation of Canada.

    • #TankNation

      Life sucks for you because you are a mediocre piece of shit who blames others for your own lack of success. Take a hard look in the mirror and figure out where you’ve gone wrong, and stop blaming others for your pathetic station in life.

  • MJscartoria

    Let’s hope this kid becomes the steal of the draft… It will take a lot of work but this kid seems to have great raw physical tools and ability and seems to have the motivation to become a better player…. only time will tell… just hopefully not 2 years from 2 years from now…

  • ac1011990

    Good for him, he seems like a nice guy and just going off of what I’ve read, will make life better for his family. Hope he stays humble and spends the money wisely, really looking forward to seeing him play.

  • Pat Davis


  • Tbird

    Ugh probably 120% of rookie scale but should be 80%. Also please send him over seas along with LG and sign competent players Masai.

    • jjdynomite

      Are you proud of posting pointless shit about something neither you — or any of us — know absolutely nothing about? Why don’t you run home from your job at Burger King on Friday evening and watch the first Vegas Summer League game at 6 PM, and *then* you can talk smack about Bruno Mars if he is not as “competent” as you would like him to be as the 20th overall pick.

      BTW, Marcus Smart (picked 6th overall) is currently shooting 22% from the field at the Orlando Summer League and if he came out in 2013 he might well have been drafted 1st overall. So why don’t you go on to the Celtics blogs and talk shit about Smart. At least he has a 2-game track record (in summer league), as opposed to Bruno, who has ZERO.

      • keith

        well I don’t think Marcus Smart is the best example. At least he was projected to be picked that high. Everyone knew he was going in the lottery, it was just a matter of where. Bruno wasn’t even on the radar for many, many people.

        but you are correct, Tbird is an idiot! “send him over seas” is the dumbest thing to say. First, does he(she) think that there are teams over there waiting to send players too that will develop talent for no reason what so every other than help develop a player for the raptors? Send him to the development league would actually make sense, although I would still disagree. Up until this last year, we would have taken anyone with a pulse that would be an upgrade over Fields, Salmons and half this team. So we have one good year and we are too good to develop talent? GTFO

        now I will say I had issue with the pick because I thought it was the wrong time to take a risk and this team needed some more depth if it is going to stay competitive in the division. But I will never put down the kid and say these horrible things. I have high hopes for him and now that he is on the team I can’t wait to see if he can contribute this year. No reason to be ugly towards the kid for getting an opportunity.

        • truth be told

          2 years away from being 2 years away. Even the GM has admitted it’s a gamble. No one is going to write this kid off immediately, but he obviously has a long way to go before he becomes a contributor to this team. The criticism or skepticism is definitely warranted.

          • Guest

            I don’t think that idiotic comments about his competency, which Tbird has no idea about, are.

            • Rapchat

              Well clearly dude is lost.. send those guys to Europe and sign competent players? With what? The 2 million they would save by sending those guys there..haha

          • Some real truth

            Good ol truth be told, spittin’ cliches and re-hashing someone else’s pointless drivel. You should change your name to ‘truth be repeated,’ or at least come up with your own material.

  • Ion66

    When I heard that he was 2 years away from being 2 years away, I thought that meant that he was walking to Toronto.

  • Guest

    On another note… Do we have to call kid “Bruno Mars”? That’s like stealing all the awesomeness from someone before they have a chance to be great. It’s like forcing your 1 year old son to wear neon-pink shoes. Or wearing a green suit to a job interview.

    I know “BC” is taken in Raptor lore, but can’t we do better?

  • Ghotte

    Was trying to find players who have a similar game to his (not KD) and came up with Nicolas Batum. Picked late in the first round, GM took a bit of a flyer on him, had good physical tools (wingspan, etc.) and played against subpar talent before coming over and cutting his teeth against the big boys. Think Batum took awhile to finally get it. Hopeful Bruno has a similar trajectory.

    • IceManLikeGervin

      Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

      Batum’s game was way ahead of Brunos…….Bruno will be lucky to be half of what Batum is….everyone has potential projections until reality sits in……hard working or not it is what it is…..drafting Bruno is just like drafting a HS kid full of potential projections…..

      • Ghotte

        I don’t know about *way* ahead with that 5pt average his first year as a 20 year old. As for high school kids with full of potential – ahem, Amir – there have been quite a few of those who panned out. And, if they have the physical tools like Bruno, chances are they have an even higher probability for some success.

        • IceManLikeGervin

          Let you tell it….wingspan, length, potential…..

  • Richie Rich

    And if you made $50,000 last year you are richer than 99.5% of everyone on the planet. Don’t forget.

  • IceManLikeGervin

    I’m glad that the young brother got paid- but his potential is just that nothing more nothing less…..and he will get schooled in Vegas big time on the court…..just wait….

    I still get the feeling that Masai meant to send in Capela not Caboclo on draft night which would have made more sense even though I don’t like his game either.