Toronto Raptors rookie Bruno Caboclo still has much to learn despite showing signs of promise | National Post

“I love that people said he’s two years away from being two years away,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said after the team’s second game, on Saturday. “Those people don’t know anything about basketball if that’s what they think.” In the two games, Caboclo averaged 11.5 points on 8-for-17 shooting, averaging a team-high 28 minutes per game. At summer league, however, the numbers are kind of meaningless; the overall feeling, particularly with a kid who has not sniffed this level of competition at this workload, is more important.

Raptors’ Bruno Caboclo doesn’t lack confidence | Toronto Sun

“He’s not a soft kid. He’s a tough kid,” said Raptors head coach Dwane Casey. “He’s a young man that’s hungry … He’s not going to step in next year and be in the rotation — I hope he is, but I don’t think so. His growth pattern is going to require patience. (But), he has so much to work with from the offensive side and defensive side.” But against fellow rookies — even older ones — Caboclo is already showing he belongs. “This is no surprise for me. We were confident that he could play at this level,” said Resende, who found Caboclo a little over two years ago while representing another player in the same area. “He had a talent. All we had to do was guide him in the right direction to be here. He followed every step of the (two-year) plan.”

Greivis Vasquez excited to make his mark in Toronto | Eh Game – Yahoo Sports Canada

Vasquez, makes no bones about his competency as a go-to guy and while it seems he will continue in the same role as a backup, he looks forward to playing on the first unit alongside Lowry as he did at times last season. “Me and coach Casey got a good relationship, open communication,” Vasquez said. “He can talk to me, he knows what I can do. I am not afraid of minutes. I am a starting point guard. I know at times I am going to play with Kyle. You have to be ready when your name is called.” As for any potential issues regarding an ankle injury that he played through last season, Vasquez is hoping his off-season conditioning will prevent any further problems. “I hired my own trainer, (he is available) to work with me 24/7, our team has probably has the best training staff in the NBA so I am not really afraid of my ankle,” he said. “Even if my ankle has hurt (in the past), I never missed games. I have two years to prove to anyone that I have no health problems.”

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8 Responses to “Morning Coffee – Mon, Jul 14”

  1. Eunys

    Wowww Paul pierce at 5.5 m Pau Gasol at 7 m a year…..and we pay vasque and Pat Pat 6.5 and 6 each….love the guys and this whole chemistry Stuff but Masai we need veterans…!

    • c_bcm

      Build for the future. Build continuity. These are not the guys I want to spend that kind of money on. Masai is getting this right.

    • WhiteVegas

      Paul Pierce is old as dirt. I’d much rather have James Johnson at less than half the price.

      Gasol took a big discount to go ring hunting in Chicago. He wasn’t going to take that discount to come here.

      Channing Frye got $8M per year. Avery Bradley did too. Isiah Thomas is making $7.2M next season. All these are 4 year deals too. Masai did a fantastic job this offseason.


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