Give the man a point for contesting; and give him three for standing up to Eric Griffin for getting up in his business after the fact. Him contesting out on the break like that speaks volumes about the type of player he is trying to be. The more I see of him, the more I like him, and the more it’s obvious that he wouldn’t have lasted till 37.

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One Response to “ICYMI: Caboclo Welcomed to Summer League”

  1. GoingBig

    Great comment from yesterday’s morning coffee

    Rough game for Raptors rookie Caboclo | Toronto Sun

    It is hard not to appreciate how much all of this means to Caboclo, the youngest player in the draft, who Toronto selected 20th overall. He is a competitor.

    But he’ll need to get used to being jammed on, something Nogueira said he would make clear at the team’s hotel.

    Nogueira said, “I have played six years in Spain, signed my first contract when I was 15 years old, so I have a little experience, so I try to explain and show to Bruno because he was in Brazil and he is 18 years old,” Nogueira said. “He is so sad and mad because he is young. In Brazil you don’t have athletic players like C.J. Fair and other guys. In Brazil nobody dunk on him there, because he is big and he’s athletic. So he can’t believe that dunk … I will try to talk to him and say, ‘Bruno, never give up, come on man, NBA is worse than summer league.’ He’s out of luck because he plays on same team as Terrence Ross and DeMar DeRozan. ‘You out of luck, be careful in practice, everyone will dunk on you. It’s normal, it’s the NBA.’”


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