• Bryan Colangelo

    [shedding tear] How did this man not win a slam dunk contest?

    • A_Magic_Head

      No props, my friend.

  • TheSpiceTyrant

    Yeah… But if KL was in a Kia….

  • jjdynomite

    If only DD could hit the 3-ball with some consistency we could truly have another Wince (with a thousand times better attitude and pain tolerance).

    • Trini

      He has at least improved his 3 pt shot consistently over the last 4 seasons. If he can improve it slightly and pick his spots (corners) better, there’s no reason he can’t be at least an average 3pt shooter. I definitely think he has it in him.

  • Lets Play

    If Demar can jump over Sonny, he can definitely jump over Kyle. I want to see Demar jump over Jonas!

    • TheSpiceTyrant

      I want to see him dunk over Blake Griffin…

      In a game….

      When he’s in his Kia.

  • Will

    That was sweet. I wish he would dunk in game more often. Just make people think twice about getting in the way.

    • The Courthawk

      There was that one dunk on Kyle Singler

      • Trini

        I don’t think people realize how hard it is to ‘just dunk’ on an NBA player, especially when you’ve done it before. Guys start to move outta the way when you get a reputation. But here’s a list of DD posters for you:

        Tyrus Thomas

        Feel free to add some more I may have missed..

        • Truth Teller

          2 on Brad Miller in his rookie yr

  • Alex Vostrikov

    great dunk…. I just happen to remember tracy and vince……. but in game situations.
    derozan can definitely do more of this in games…. but he is sooo in love with his jumper