Man, in that picture above he looks like this guy:

Just woke up from a lazy nap to see that the Raptors have signed Lucas Noguiera (fingers crossed spelling is right, typing this on a phone).  This takes the roster to 15 and sets the team up for the season.

Bebe had a mild summer league where he looked good in flashes, moved well defensively, and appeared to have some value. He was acquired as part of the Salmons deal, so basically everything he does is a bonus.

He will make $1.47M next season and 1.54M the year after as part of the rookie scale.

Here’s the depth chart:

PG: Lowry, Vasquez, Cherry
SG: DeRozan, Williams
SF: Ross, J. Johnson, Fields, Caboclo
PF: A. Johnson, Patterson, Hansbrough
C: Valanciunas, Nogueira, Hayes

Back to bed, more later. Hey, it’s the long weekend.

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  • tonious35

    B & B Brazil, the beginning of Ujiri’s Player Development program

  • Lenny

    Uh, I don’t see any resemblance. At all. 0%

    If Bebe looks like that guy then he also looks like Ghandi, Martin Sheen, and Barack Obama.

    • arsenalist

      They don’t look alike, but the expression’s kind of similar, no?

  • bcjay

    Not to be a downer. He, Lucas has been on the nba’s radar for a good while. Dwayne Casey and his staff have their work cut out for them, motivating him… Getting a consistent effort from him has thus far been difficult.

    The word gymrat has nevet been a comment made about Bebe.

    Anyay nice story. At least he wasn’t picked first overall because he’s tall. Uhm, not saying the raptors have ever selected more on height than skilll. Well lets just not talk about it, or think about it(as the shudders start,(too late), tongue swelling)).

  • Will

    He looks a lot like this black comedian that I can’t remember the name of. It’s not Dave Chappelle.

    • Eunys

      Lol i Know will smith or maybe Uncle Phil

  • Truth Teller

    lol is he signing the contract at a starbucks?

    C: Valanciunas, Nogueira, Hayes

    This is arguably the weakest position on the Raptors IF Valanciunas doesn’t improve this season.

  • leftovercrack

    I hope JV does not get injured. I love Bebe’s potential, but he probably isn’t ready for major minutes yet, and our other backup center is 6’5″

  • Pimas23

    Oh, and by the way, no you did not get the spelling right.