Everyone may be gone for the long weekend, not me, though. I’m binge watching Netflix and recording pods that are “so low” in news that Will Cherry makes the headline.

Part 1:

Part 2:

  • Looking at the depth – strongest and weakest positions
  • Jonas added weight?
  • Bench scoring
  • Paul Jones and the play-by-play

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11 Responses to “Raptors Weekly Podcast, August 4 – Solo Effort”

  1. Qasim311

    Thank you for doing this, I know you’re busy with your wife and kids but it’s awesome you find time to keep us (mildly) entertained during the offseason.

  2. afrocarter

    Your thoughts on Bebe are legit, for sure, but imo it’s a little unrealistic to assume that all big men develop at the same speed. I do agree that he probably won’t produce too much in his first year, but MU & Co. are okay with that, I think.

    Secondly, as was the case with Ross & JV, player development isn’t entirely predicated on plenty of playing time — at least more time on the court that the player in question actually deserves. If you make a mistake (or a series of mistakes), Casey’s taking you out — but I think the philosophy is that player development includes instilling a strong sense of accountability in the players, as well. If the players want to stay on the court, they need to start doing all the right things in games, practices, etc.

    Great podcast as usual. Kudos for keeping the ball rolling throughout the offseason!

    • arsenalist

      Good points, man. For all we know, Bebe’s simply a late starter and all he needed was a list of accountabilities and a spot on a roster. He’s going to get that next season, so I suppose we’ll see if he’s the type to snatch up the chance or let it slip. Totally agree with Casey’s approach, it’s one that I welcome and was bemoaning the BC years with Bargnani. If you can’t produce, sit on the bench. Simple as that.

      • Roarque

        We’re doing the Netflix visits Seattle in the winter too.
        Imagine having a crack detective team like Bebe and Chuck chasing down crooks like Hibbert next season. Much like The Killing team, it’s too bad that it’s not possible to blend the two into one super star.
        My take on Bebe is that he was a throw in when Masai got Lou for some week old fish. Kind of like when Chuck was a throw in when Masai got PP and Greivis for Rudy.
        Stuff happens, Z..

        • Will

          Regarding Chuck, he wasn’t a throw in, at least not one that we asked for. Sacramento wanted to lose his contract and it was probably needed to help offset Gay’s massive salary.

  3. Holder

    Interesting, I was watching the killing on Netflix and then seeing this post…

  4. BramptonCanadianProspects

    i might be over concerned over nothing, but i had a look at kyle lowrys Adidas photoshoot on instagram and he looked a tad bit over weight again. Mind you i could be crazy and be mistaken his muscles for fat! what do you guys think?


    • Will

      Damn, I see it too. Hopefully, he’s just letting himself go for a month or so. I’m sure for guys who are naturally pudgy, it’s hard to stay in shape during the offseason.

    • OakTree

      Nah, he looks fine.

      He looks maybe a little bigger, but his face is lean – when he was out of shape that wasn’t the case.

      Probably he’s just hitting the weight room in the off season.

  5. Stef

    Rick Brunson .. “he’s capable of committing a turnover, that’s for sure, we saw that ..” Laughed.

    Will Cherry: Haven’t seen a moment of him that I’ve noticed but reading the bits out there about him and what his fans mention — defensive play, overall b-ball smarts — combined with Masai’s scouting-eye thinking enough of what he (it) saw, I’ll admit to being interested if he might be a guy who can develop beyond what most of us imagine right now. Never know.

    Paul Jones: what you say makes sense (doing colour instead of play-by-play). It’d be nice to see him get Leo’s spot. Personally, I’d love to not have to mute so much of those particular games.

    Nice job. Easy listening.


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