Drake’s comments on his OVO event were:

“My brother Kevin Durant was kind enough to come to the show tonight and watch us,” Drake said to his audience. “I just want him to see what would happen if he were to come play in Toronto.”

Here’s video of the whole thing:

The NBA would have likely let this slide hadn’t Drake been officially part of the Raptors organization in his role as Global Ambassador where his primary duties include attending games whilst trying hard to look absorbed. As it stands, this is clear tampering. RR does find it funny that the NBA comes down hard on this but doesn’t have a problem with players blatantly colluding (ahem, Miami) to form partnerships. Something’s amiss.

Read William Lou’s analysis of KD in Toronto.

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  • Peter G

    Shouldn’t it read simply as “tampering”? Not anti-tampering

  • 604VanCity

    Seriously? LOL @ the decision makers on this NBA fine! This has got to be a joke… If it’s not a joke it just goes to show how influential Drizzy Drake could potentially be on NBA players moves. Some losers in the NBA’s organizations are not taking it lightly… VOTE UP if U standing behind the Raps & Drizzy all the way WIN OR LOSE!

  • Eunys

    After the Donald Sterling episode and fine, i really thought the NBA had really smart people but my bad !! They also have stupid decision makers!

  • Captain_Dog

    So… Are they going to fine LeBron for talking like K Love is already on the Cavs? It only seems fair.

  • knyznk

    Play is simply to have FUN. What’,s the problem ???

  • Truth Teller

    Money was better spent when Masai said “Fuck Brooklyn”

  • The Courthawk

    I say the good people of Toronto and Raptors Republic start crowd sourcing funds for fines like this. Too long the NBA ( refs, tv, and execs) has treated us like a second class team.

    People need to speak out. I for one would be willing to help fund well thought out and pointed statements that start a change in attitude– that help get the attention of stars like Durant.

    Come on RR. Let’s get this going.

  • DMart

    Raps should pay the $25k fine…and then donate $25k in-kind to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation…that’s not tampering is it? LOL