Recorded in the wee hours of Monday morning, Andrew, Will and myself hold your hand as we walk you through the abundance of Raptors news while extolling and trolling through the following subject matter, which is capped off by naming of the Raptors All-Time Frustrating team.

Part 1:

  • Schedule Analysis – Advantage Raptors?
  • Jonas Valanciunas is devouring people in International ball
  • NBA being all whiny and inconsistent about fining people

Part 2

  • Jordan Hamilton makes it even in training camp
  • DeMar DeRozan registers a DNPCD with Team USA
  • Amir Johnson doesn’t have a contract

Part 3

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  • afrocarter

    Damn, Will. Random golf metaphor LOL

  • Charanvir

    I would put VC or Tracy as my 2’s on the All Time Frustrating team, Just want could have been with those two. Together, we could have gone to at least a final, but then we sucked and the franchise isn’t still completely recovered from VC leaving.

    • weird

      Yeah to VC. No to Tracy. His leaving to become what he did is irksome, but his basketball play wasn’t frustrating.

      Vince, on the other hand, is one of the most frustrating basketball players of all time, imo. When I saw the topic, I was positive that at least 1 guy would mention how VC had sooooooo much potential to be one of the all time greats, but never came close to fulfilling what he could have become, and it was all about effort and attitude.

      Instead, the boys kinda gave us a “who can come up with the silliest” conversation. Bargs was an obvious pick, but most of the chatter was about his bonehead shit in NY last year. Huh? Dixon too small? That’s deep.

      Sorry guys. I appreciate all the effort put into most posts here, but maybe the late night would have been better served with another beer and bedtime.

    • Thatsarap

      Jamario Moon. You talk about irrational confidence added to annoying smirk and John Salmons-esque snarl at the refs. He has to be in the discussion.

  • Vimsanity

    As much as I agree with those lineups, Rudy Gay has to be in the top 3 most frustrating Raptors ever. He had a great first few games (which is starting to seem like a pattern here), then went on to spend the rest of his Raptor career taking long contested 2s off of isos. Almost every game in that span was painful to watch, I’ve never yelled at the TV so much in my time as a Raptor fan. Even John Salmons’ chucking tendencies didn’t frustrate me as much because I simply attributed that to his general lack of talent.

  • Thatsarap

    Joey Graham was drafted by Rob Babcock in the same draft as Charlie V (also should be in the discussion). Anything Robbie B touches turns into a disaster. Obviously.

    • hotshot

      Except Jose Calderon.

      • Thatsarap

        I would argue that Jose was never going to bring to Raps past mediocrity and therefore ended up being a waste. Also he and Andrea combined for probably THE WORST defensive starting combo at the pg center positions in NBA history!!
        Let’s not give credit where it’s not due, especially in the case of Rob Freaking Babcock.

        • weird

          And you would be arguing, at best, a strawman argument.

          Not giving credit to Jose is clueless, at best.

          • Thatsarap

            Jose was “good”. Not great, many PGs of substance have come and gone as a key piece while Jose was showcased. Thats what frustrates me about Colangelo so much. He would stick with “core” pieces that dont deserve that status, while constantly shuffling the roster without any plan for team chemistry (ie holding onto Bargnani as long as he did) and getting fleeced on the Jermaine ONeal, Hedo, Rudy Gay debacles).

            • weird

              Frustration with either Collangelo or Babcock should not translate to Jose was a “disaster”/frustration as a player that doesn’t deserve credit.

            • hotshot

              Jose was one of the best pure point guard’s that played for the Raptors, that is a fact that cannot be disputed. The fact that he was just plucked out of Europe for nothing was the sheer lonely brilliant move that was overshadowed by a terrible GM who was handpicked by the evil Richard Peddie who was looking for a bitch to control as a figurehead.

          • FLUXLAND

            Credit for what, exactly?

    • why

      theoretically joey should have been a good player – he was a great athlete, had a nice mid-range shot, and went to an elite college program with a coach who stressed funadamenatls.


      Joey Graham is the poster child for Choking When The Lights Come On. Great practice player, couldn’t get it done when it counted.

  • rapierraptor

    Fun podcast. Many strange tangents and blasts from the past. Re: the schedule – Raps travel 2nd least amount of miles in the NBA next season. 10-20,000 less than some teams:

    p.s. damn you, Will and your skinny person bias!

  • why

    The 209-2010 roster was full of players who frustrated – Bargnani, Hedo, Marco Bellinelli (off balance shots), Antoine Wright (terrible shots, then would complain about everyone else in post game interviews), Sonny Weems (poor man’s Joey Graham), Reggie Evans (not to be confused with the 2010-11 version, the 2009-2010 version was heavier and ineffective, 10 point leads would go to 10 point deficits with him on the floor).

    Jason Kapono – a great three point shooter who never took any three point shots when he was with The Raptors.

    • hotshot

      shit I forgot about Kapono, but you know something even though he was frustrating, I kinda expected him to be because we knew Colangelo over-payed to get this one-dimensional unathletic bum to jack up threes but we just didn’t know how bad it would be.

  • hotshot

    You missed a few frustrating Raptors:

    1) Michael Stewart: First Raptor to ever sign a big bad contract based on “Potential” alone, I still have no idea What Isiah saw in him but it figures since he was responsible for almost bankrupting the Knicks a few years later. Lets say that we saw Stewart rotting on the bench for most of his time here (if he played he barley did anything worthy out there) and laughing all the way to the bank since he didn’t even belong in this league.

    2) Hakeem “the nightmare” Olajuwon: I think Hakeem thought about retiring but then came Grundwald and gave him a ridiculous contract ($6 millions more then Portland offered) and he decided what the heck lets play for the Raptors. Hakeem barley played half a season for the Raptors because his knees couldn’t take it anymore, dude looked really old like Greg Oden’s rookie season (heh). I remember that instead of retiring he decided to stay home and collect his paychecks from the Raptors for the next two years (we signed him to the same contract we gave Stewart 3 year deal worth $18 millions), a move that tied the Raptor’s hand for a while since they still owed him and he refused to retire until the contract was over. Fuk that guy!! I still hold grudge over that! I hope he is giving the Raptors a discount this summer if he is teaching Jonas a move or two.

    3) Marcus “Cotton/Glass” Camby: Was picked 2nd overall by the Raptors in their second only season in the NBA and he was supposed to be “The Man” who with Mighty Mouse would bring the Raptors to respectable levels. Never happened, he was a bum as a Raptor and later on as a Knick, couldn’t stay healthy enough, Only when he signed with Denver at the ripe age of 30 did he actually become a pretty good Centre.

    4) Carlos Delfino and Marco Belineli: Lump these two together because they were both SG outside North America who were supposed to have been an elite shooters but unfortunately were terrible inconsistent cringe worthy shooters. The only redeeming thing about Delfino was that he was the Raptor with the best hair, looked like he was hitting the night clubs then a basketball court.

    5) Sonny Weems: Dude had the skill and athleticism to have been an elite player in this league but he was lazy on defense, settled for jumpshots, and at time lacked focus, intensity and basketball IQ, Terrible waste.

    • OakTree

      Chris Childs, Chris Jeffries, John Salmons could be on the list.

      The list is long for this franchise.

  • Stef

    Gotta say, love these podcasts. I’ll put on the Fan .. nope, hockey talk or something else I don’t wanna hear .. try TSN radio .. nope, same thing .. and then “oh yeah! I’m only halfway through the RR podcast ..” and .. there it is: Raps-talk! Really appreciate you guys doing these. Cheers.