Tim Leiweke to leave MLSE by 2015

This time it’s been confirmed by the organization.

So much for “100 percent untrue.”

As relayed by the Toronto Star, MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke will be leaving his role with the organization by Jun. 30, 2015, or when a new successor is named.

If the earlier reports are to be believed, a myriad of factors might be at play with his decision. There’s hints about the brutal weather being a factor, as well as the possibility to latch on with a potential NFL group looking to relocate to Los Angeles.

The news is certainly a disappointment, as Leiweke’s work with the Raptors has been mostly positive. While it’s unclear as to how much hands on impact he really had on the day-to-day operations, he did bring on Masai Ujiri and Drake, won the 2016 NBA All-Star game bid, and launched a highly successful media campaign.

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