Did DeRozan book a spot on Team USA with a 6-for-9 shooting performance?

Nothing is guaranteed, but DeMar DeRozan saw extended playing time on Wednesday in the USA’s 105-62 victory over the Dominican Republic. In 23 minutes of play (second to Damian Lillard in court time), DeRozan scored 13 points on 6-of-9 shooting from the field, and chipped in with five rebounds and game-high six assists. His efforts, in part, can be seen below.

Currently, Team USA has 16 players on the roster, and rumors are that final cuts for the upcoming FIBA World Cup (starting Aug. 30) will be made by week’s end. DeRozan faces staunch competition at the wing, but his scoring ability suddenly becomes more valuable in the absence of Paul George and Kevin Durant. While DeMar doesn’t have the defensive and three-point shooting tools to excel as a role player, DeMar has the ability to drive and score the ball, which is somewhat of a rare commodity apart from the point guards on USA’s roster.

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  • Chuck Johnson

    Gotta love the six assists. Sure, it easy to get assists when you can throw it up to Drummond, but if Demar has improved his play-making abilities that’s going to help the Raps big time next year.

    • bballi bballi paradise

      Imagine if Jennings actually passed…

  • Wes mantooth

    I’m so proud and happy for this kid!
    Works his ass off. Never seen him look so confident. I’ve watched all 2 of his games that he got some pt. and he led the team in scoring both times. You can tell something has changed in his demeanor. That pass was great! He had at least 3 great pnr passes to plumlee in the scrimmage that plumlee botched.
    He’s learning and I love it
    If nothing else this experience will add to his game next season. Super pumped for this season. A great example of a quite hard working leader. I hope tross is paying close attention.

    • Trini

      Agreed on all accounts. I also don’t think he gets nearly enough credit from A LOT of raptor fans, and often plays the scapegoat role when we don’t play well. There is something to be said for someone who works this hard and leads by example. Would we have gotten as far last year without other players seeing how hard he works? Kyle Lowry was on record as saying Derozan was one of the reasons he decided to come back. Do we retain him without DD and the way he reps Toronto? Let’s see the stat geeks try to figure out a way to value those things.

    • KJ-B

      Worldwide Wes, what it do??
      For real… Floor Game for Miles and miles. DeRozan looked like Pippen-Lite with his understanding of flow and space.
      Keep working on 3 n D and will be in All NBA convo sooner than later. That 90’s point forward/Big Guard new mad skillz were on display for all to see!
      Rudy Gay didn’t look like a shadow to DeRozan’s sunlight–was the straw that stirred the Drummond Drink!

      • Wes mantooth

        KJ!!! That’s was poetry!!

        • KJ-B

          Poet and I know it 😀

      • Dunkenstein

        Only DeRozan’s D is holding him back from elite NBA status. His poor defensive performance last season in the playoffs was one of the major reasons we didn’t advance. Joe Johnson did anything he wanted out there when covered by DD. But Demar is such a fine athlete and his head is screwed on right so I expect him to work on that aspect of his game and shine at the defensive end as he learned to shoot well and handle the ball, both of these aspects of his game were poor when he broke into the league.

        • KJ-B

          The more of the game you seek out to learn, the hungrier you get to know about it..
          and the more Basketball Wisdom seems to be downloading into young DeMar’s iQ all over the place.

          Small sample, but much like Chris Bosh learned how to play hard on D in Team USA, DeRozan seems to be picking up the right habits. I really noticed him tracking the play and anticipating a lot better.

          Correct me if I’m wrong but in his one game, he seemed to be baiting the passers to throw a cross court pass by deliberately sagging off his man then shooting the gap.

          His new lower posture seems to be spilling over to the D end as well. Fewer blow-bys but staying much longer with defender. Very excited to see what “carries over” into November.

  • afrocarter

    Just gonna put this here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ6nWcjPELw

    • MrJames


  • Pyron

    To think that Derozan and Drummond could have been team mates on the Raps 🙁

    • nunya

      I try not to lol.

    • Tyler Young

      What’s bugs me still, is Bargs over Lamarcus Aldridge….

      • Dunkenstein

        Joey and Valanciunas in the first round…Araujo…And hwat was the name of that Euro centre about 10 yrs ago we picked in the first round who never made the team?

  • ckh26

    Real blow out last night for the USA over the DR. Demar looked very unselfish during his time on the floor. Made two great passes to Drummond in the 2nd half for dunks that the broadcast crew either missed or ignored as they talked about something inane. He scooped up some defensive boards and moved the ball up the floor with relative ease after setting himself .

    On those passes to Drummond. Good thing he was so close to the basket as his range kind of max’s out at about 3 to 4 feet from the rim. He still can’t shoot foul shots. Drummond may get cut as Cousins is a litlte more dependable.

    Demars work ethic was on display again last night. Guy works hard and looks like a pro among the pros. Even though there is no Duke/Syracuse connection it looks like he will get the nod as one of the wing players going to Spain.. Couldn’t happen to a better candidate.

  • Max Powers

    Gotta say DeRozan is starting to turn out to be an elite player. I see averages of 25 or 26 ppg this season. Better make the US roster but I can see him not making it due to the fact he plays for the Raptors a Canadian team, how Americans look at it. Puts in too much work to be denied on the roster.

    • truth be told

      Elite? Don’t think so.

      • Demarrrrrr

        How not? Guy is an all star, and improving. Name 3 SGs better than him right now.

        • Dunkenstein

          He needs to improve his D!

      • nunya

        He is elite. Not even debatable.

        • afrocarter

          I’d agree with calling him an elite SG, but would hesitate to call him an elite player (i.e. top-15, top-20 player).

          • nunya

            That is fair.

            • nunya

              Something must be said however if you are arguably a top 5 SG in a league dominated by athletic wings.

              • afrocarter

                Absolutely. Other than Kobe & D-Wade, I can’t think of any SGs that are clearly better than him (and even those two will be up for debate come this season). Certainly that’s partially because the league is HURTING at that position right now (only reason why Klay may get max money), but for sure also because DeRozan is straight-up balling!

                • Dunkenstein

                  News bulletin….At this point in their careers would you rather have Kobe or Wade? I wouldn’t.

      • nunya
    • Dunkenstein

      He made it and he deserved it.

  • feylines

    lol at the reaction at 0:38. just play that fucked up weird chant over and over again

  • Remember when Vince sported that summer ‘fro, played like nothing could stop him, and absolutely embarrassed Weiss in the Olympics? DeMar has his ‘fro game on too… would be a shame if he didn’t make the cut.

  • Truth Teller

    I hope he gets cut.

    Why risk the injury? I want him fresh at the beginning of the season.

  • leonidas

    When he wears ten “Comp10”. When he wears forty five “Colt 45”. When he wears nine? “Deep Space 9”?

  • BramptonCanadianProspects

    and he got no credit for it.. watch the highlights on nba.com they dont have a single highlight of him making a basket just the alley oop to drummond

  • Louvens Remy

    Demar’s handle is vastly improved. Looks like things have slowed down for him some. Now, it’s Terry Ross’ turn to get to the rim and put even more pressure on the D when he has the rock.