Jonas Valanciunas – 8-8 FG, 17 points, 5 rebounds in 22 minutes.  Final score: Lithuania 87, Mexico 74 – box. I caught a bit of this game online and he operated out of the post quite a bit, knowing Mexico didn’t have the personnel to handle him inside. The same comment from the warmup games holds: he’s showing very little hesitation in any move he makes.

Here’s a game highlight pack which shows Valanciunas scoring, picking up an offensive, foul, clenching fists on the bench, and celebrating. What makes the video special is the tune played in the background. DeMar plays later tonight.

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  • rocwell

    lol @ Sabonis 😀

  • A_Magic_Head

    While on the other hand, Derozan’s shot wasn’t falling as he was 1/5 but he did manage to get 4 assists and a nice 3 steals.

  • Martin Luffa

    JV did his patented drive to a hook move going left instead of his usual right. He drew the 2 post defenders and made a nice pass to his teammate for a wide open put in.

    That was good to see.

  • Mexiballer

    What about the blond blowing a kiss. Ouch!

    • Imperial

      it was Simas Jasaitis wife 😉

  • Jclaw

    I think Lithuanians need to like their basketball more

  • Imperial

    Well, we should keep in mind that JV opponent was Gustavo Ayón (which also plays in NBA).
    Also keep in mind that JV played only 22min.
    And also JV was not only scoring option.

    So all considered, very good performance.

  • afrocarter

    Sweet soundtrack

  • webfeatmm

    They should totally play that song at the Air Canada centre when JV’s on the floor.