September is upon us so we got about a month’s worth of these podcasts before we can start talking some Raptors ball. Until then, though, the duty is to analyze and over-analyze whatever’s happening in Spain and what’s going through idle minds.

Part 1:

  • DeRozan and Team USA
  • Valanciunas and Team Lithuania

Part 2:

  • Is Hakeem Broke?
  • Raptors All-Clutch Team
  • Raptors All-Choke Team
  • NBA League Pass
  • Balls and Streams

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (30:14, 29 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • tk

    OMG-WOW… mention of Turkoglu????

  • Raps Fan4Life

    Mike James and Voshon Lenard were clutch. Chris Child’s was choke.

  • DDayLewis

    A few things from the pod:

    1. Here’s the link to BallStreams, the NBA LP alternative:
    2. I quickly said writing on the subject of “clutch” was Henry Abbott’s whole career. That’s unfair. He is a great writer and helped advance the blogging game as much as anyone. What I meant is that Abbott is very well known for his work on clutch, especially with respect to Kobe.

  • RPT23

    No, it was Popeye Jones during the Wizards vs Raptors games that “threw” the ball away to Mo’Pete. Lol.

  • Brandon Wilcox

    just wanna say i had ballstreams last year. it was the best basketball experience of my life. Watch what i want when i want multiple platforms no issues at all

    • Brandon Wilcox

      Plus their backend is 500% better this year, have more home and away feed options. and hockeystreams is a thing to (i watch them through my rokus great quality)

  • NextMusicFromTokyo

    “choke” for me is personified by Salmons’ inbounding and free-throw shooting vs Thunder. (“clutch” would be Durant in that same game… unfortunately, he wasn’t playing for the Raptors…. yet.)

  • Imperial

    Dudes…”some guy named “Kalnietis””…like he was invited to Nets summer camp and he’s currently one of the best pointgards in Europe. I understand this is NBA-oriented and it’s fine, but try to be profesional.
    Secondly, coach of LTU (yes he’s old-school in a lot of ways) doesn’t like having a lot of veterans, he actually prefers young teams. And anyways how you look at it, JV is far from rookie or sophomore (despite his age), he’s got a lot inernational experience.

    • DDayLewis

      Whoa chill out. I meant no disrespect to Kalnietis. I was really impressed with his performance in EuroBasket last summer and wrote about that many times. I’m surprised he’s not yet in the NBA.

      • Imperial

        Sry sry. Bad mood. I think he decided to go to National Team Camp rather then NBA team camp. Dunno reasons.

    • That other guy

      Take it easy, man. I actually was impressed that William knows so much about LT NT. From the Raptors perspective Jonas is the only important dude in that team. That’s fair.
      And yes, Kalnietis was working out in USA in June and I believe there were three or four teams that wanted him to play in the summer league (Spurs and Nets fo sho). However he has a one year contract remaining in Europe and he chose to get back to Lithuania so he could start training with his NT.

  • truuth

    whenever zarar says klay thompson, I can smell the stench of curry through my laptop, lol.

    • mike, prague

      Do you eat a lot of Indian food, listening to these podcasts? Curry is some bad-ass spice for sure

  • May try this Ballstreams. We did League Pass a couple of years ago without realizing the extent of the blackouts. We enjoyed watching many other teams play, but we clearly weren’t going to pay for it again without being able to watch Raptors or Playoffs. Considered masking the IP so we could buy the Global package that doesn’t have the blackouts, but that’s even more expensive. Ballstreams doesn’t have an Xbox One app – which I believe League Pass is supposed to for this season – but other than that it looks like a definite win.

    • Brandon Wilcox

      if you do just a heads up price goes up 10 bucks sept 30th

    • Brandon Wilcox

      and also if you want to plex on xbox one it can be done just by setting up a plex server locally first. Very easy to do i use one for all my media (take that cable) and its free (idk if the add is on xbox one though)

      • We do have a Plex server network drive, so there could be some options there. There is an Xbox One Plex app coming, at least a third-party one if not an official one. The only problem is that our server isn’t powerful enough to transcode on the fly, so the Xbox would have to natively support whatever format it is streaming in.

  • RNsteve

    Ballstreams. So much better. This coming from a guy who tried league pass for a year with a VPN to avoid blackout.I had a much better experience on all fronts beyond a better UI with leaguepass..

  • Wes mantooth

    I couldn’t disagree more about demar.
    In his limited minutes he’s been very productive. Steals assists. You’re over analizing. They know his game and he’s doing what he’s asked to do. So what if he took a step in. That’s his game. Who’s to say that doesn’t fit. He’s gotten clay Thompson alotta open looks and like Sam said almost all are struggling.
    As for Rudy , from what I’ve seen he’s still kinda ball hogging. If demars game doesn’t fit then you can say the exact same for Drose.
    Over opinionated unqualified hate is what this sounds like.

    • Wes mantooth

      Zarar said it.

    • DDayLewis
      • Wes mantooth

        Lol I appreciate this. Thank you. I guess I’ll take that as wave of the white flag as you’re surrendering to my brilliance.
        Big of you!!

        • DDayLewis
          • Wes mantooth

            Yes I established that you’re a salty dog , but flirting with me is taking it a bit far. I’m aware that my mind is stimulating but relax man I just don’t feel the same way.

            • DDayLewis
              • Wes mantooth

                That’s great dude. You’re really doing wonders for what I thought was a really intelligent site about basketball. Making bold statements then backing them up with moronic photos of animals is I’m sure exactly what everybody’s interested in. The site loses integrity after every one of your posts. By refusing to engage you’re turning me and I’m sure others off the site. You’re embarrassing all the other guys that are working hard to maintain a level of professionalism and intelligence, not to mention yourself.
                Why don’t you man up and engage in a discussion about actual basketball and justify what you so boldly said behind the mic
                Cue dumb animal pic

                • DDayLewis
                • Wes mantooth

                  Well that’s a shame. I’ll go waste my time on another site. Cause you’re driving this one off a cliff.
                  And I’ll stop directing traffic here from my many friends that love the raps , don’t live in Toronto and need a fix. Sucks that you’re buddies don’t see you as the non contributing zero that you are. I use to love this site. Some great reporters here.

                • DDayLewis

                  I’ll miss you and your many friends.

                • Wes mantooth

                  You don’t have to. You can just grow up and act like someone that wants to be some sort of basketball reporter.

                • DDayLewis

                  I don’t want to be some sort of basketball reporter. I contribute to this site because I love this domain and this community. It’s a great honor to share these pages with the other writers on the site, and I try not to bring down the average all too much with my work.

                • Wes mantooth

                  Fair enough. appreciate a lot of your contributions.
                  But by default you guys are some sort of basketball reporters/writers.

                • DDayLewis

                  Ehh, we’re bloggers. The real writers and reporters are the Eric Koreen’s, Ryan Wolstat’s and Josh Lewenbergs’s of the world. We’re more of a peanut gallery.

                • Wes mantooth

                  Reporters! You should take it. Some sort
                  Last word 🙂

                • DDayLewis

                  I’ll take a break from posting the pictures. To recap, you accused me and the rest of the podcast crew:

                  1. Haters of DeMar
                  2. Underqualified

                  To just me:

                  1. Salty dog x2
                  2. Repeated insinuated that I’ve “backed down”
                  3. Know it all

                  If you want to discuss basketball, I’m more than happy to, especially if you disagreed with my writing or whatever content I’ve put on this site. But if you want to throw little personal insults, I’ll respond with animal pictures.

                  I’m around the site all the time. We’ve had basketball discussions before, just as I have with countless people here. If you want to talk basketball, I’m here. If it’s a pissing contest, enjoy the pictures.

                • Wes mantooth

                  Well if posting photos of animals isn’t a sign of backing down I dunno what is.
                  And saying you don’t care about how hard demar is working isn’t hate I dunno what is
                  And you’re position on FIBA and demars contributions sounds like over analyzing unqualified. Another way of me saying I think you’re wrong.
                  And since your position on almost everything raptors is as of the cynic then that’s mostly directed at you.
                  I’ve been waiting to discuss basketball. And for you to justify what you said about demar. I gave my opinion. I think he’s doing just fine.

                • DDayLewis

                  As I explained above, I have no interest in getting into a pissing contest. That’s not backing down from your challenge. Your challenge is silly onto itself.

                  If you think I’m wrong, say that I’m wrong. As for qualifications, who are any of us to state anything definitive about these guys? I’m happy to admit that I am under-qualified to give definitive statements on basketball. I can only hope to learn as much as I can, watch as much as I can, research my inquiries as best as I can, then write or state it here as best as I can.

                  I’m not sure why you would think I’m a cynic on all things Raptors related. Perhaps you just haven’t sampled enough of my work. Listed below is a link to everything I’ve published. I’d be happy for you to point out where I’ve been overtly negative about the team without reason.


                  I’m not the most eloquent on podcasts (or print) so here’s my take on DeRozan’s performance thus far:

                  1. To me, he looks nervous, and the extra thought given to decision making is slowing him down a step. If that is true, it’s understandable because it’s a wholly new team and a new role for him.

                  2. He’s missed both his threes and passed up a few open looks. Given the way the rest of the wings play on this team — either taking the open three or passing it off, or driving — DeMar taking steps in and launching a more comfortable shot for him is probably not what Coach K wants. Again, that could be attributable to jitters, and it’s a tiny sample of games to judge.

                  3. He’s been good in the pick-and-roll, attacking the paint before making smart kickouts. Klay Thompson and Derrick Rose are examples of players who I recall DeRozan setting up for good looks from three.

                  4. DeRozan’s been sound defensively, which is really nice to see. He hasn’t been a particularly effective defender at the NBA level, but he also shoulders a heavy minute load, as well as an expansive role in the offense. It’s encouraging to see him work hard on defense at the international level with less offensive responsibility and playing time. This is what I meant by wanting him to play like Rudy Gay; that being a defensive stopper (which Rudy Gay has done at this tournament, though isn’t always on the whole).

                  Of course, no. 1-4 isn’t at all definitive because it’s only been three games. That’s why I think his performance will normalize and he’ll be fine.

                • Wes mantooth

                  I never said you were a bad writer. By posts I meant your animal pics. I actually think your good and read all posts. Many times I even agree with you. Which is why I felt the animal were Beneath you and the site.
                  I feel what was said about demar was so wrong, I meant unqualified to discuss fiba.
                  No challenge no pissing contest just wanna talk ball.
                  Read your points about demar still don’t agree. Actually had an amazing assist today. I don’t think he’s nervous , I think it’s hard to come in for 5 min and be a world beater. Although he has been productive by showing a new wrinkle in his game Passing. I also don’t think they need or even want him to take the 3. So what if he missed his open threes. He’s barely getting a chance to shoot. Clay went 2 for 7.
                  “Who’s to say” is exactly my point.

                • DDayLewis

                  Good point about the short stints. DeMar isn’t really an Eddie House microwave player. The passing has been good, which was probably the biggest improvement in his game last season.

                  I disagree about the three-pointers though. The design for the offense is to create those looks. Klay might have went 2-for-7, but those shot attempts were mostly within the design of the offense. DeMar taking a step or two can’t be by design.

                  Fair enough about the pictures. I do that so as to avoid getting into shouting matches with trolls, which evidently you aren’t.

                • Wes mantooth

                  By design they know 2 steps in is his sweet spot. They out him in the game and position him. So that’s debatable. Also the commentators seem to love demar and his contributions. Saying he’s like and igoudala type

    • ckh26

      Demar is going to get a run shortly.Have to be patient..Coach’s K + B + T are seeing what they have in terms of options and who plays with who and for how long with the prelim’s. Demar’s going to be duking it out with Klay Thompson for minutes and Thompson’s stat line wasn’t a world beater vs Turkey. He put up a 2 for 7 with 1 reb and 2 assists and 1 turnover in 25 minutes…

      Thinking Demar to get his chance in one of the next two games vs NZ or PR..If he plays well he will move up the ladder.

    • Alex Vostrikov

      derozan is productive in garbage time… which is fine, he should take what ever is available at the moment.
      he is still not the main option. and to be honest, I don’t even know if he has any offence made for him.
      go derozan, make Toronto proud

      • Wes mantooth

        I agree with you. That’s why I can’t understand this talk of jitters and the over analyzing.
        Handles look good. Passing. D is pretty good. Will Lou is just a salty dog know it all I guess.
        Go demar.

  • afrocarter

    You try to be objective and impartial in your analysis, you get roasted for being too critical and negative. You try to be supportive of the players and organizations, you get roasted for being homers. You can’t win sometimes, fellas!

    In any case, great podcast as usual. Stay angry, Will hahaha

  • afrocarter

    I don’t think we need to be concerned/surprised at the amount of minutes (or lack thereof) that DeRozan is receiving. He’s, what, the 10th or 11th man? He’s certainly the last wing on the depth chart. Can we really expect him to get more than 5-10 minutes a game?