There’s already an unguaranteed wing and a point. Why not add a big into the mix?

The Toronto Raptors have signed free-agent center Greg Stiemsma to a reported 1-year deal at the minimum. It’s believed that the contract is unguaranteed (it almost certainly is), though the official press release put out by the team didn’t specify.

In Stiemsma the Raptors add another training camp body, although one that carries more NBA-experience than your average Julyan Stone or Dwight Buycks-type. Stiemsma profiles as a shot-blocker, averaging an impressive 2.8 blocks per 36 minutes over three seasons thus far. He’s spent stints in Boston, Minnesota and New Orleans to date.

With this signing, the Raptors are now slated to have 17 contracts going into training camp, but 14 are guaranteed, meaning the final spot will likely be handed to one of Will Cherry, Jordan Hamilton or Stiemsma (barring a trade or waivers). On the surface, it appears as if the team is covering all its bases — one wing, one point and one big — but there are other factors like potential and performance to consider as well.

The 28-year-old Stiemsma stands at 6-foot-11 and weighs 260 pounds. He also has a reputation for being a *ahem* enforcer.

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  • TruzzyD

    CAlling that Stiemsma makes the team over the other too…. Jordan Hamilton may make it

  • Thomas

    I think Stiemsma will probly make the team over Hamilton and Cherry. If someone goes down at the point Lou Williams can step in. If JV goes down all our size is gone

    • Rapterized Mike R.I.P John

      Agreed..I don’t want anyone giving me that Bebe crap either as the next man up..he and Hayes can form the number 10 at the end of the bench.

      • Will

        haha, that’s a great line about the number 10.

      • Thomas

        Yep and keeping Stiemsma will help them develop Nogueira, they won’t have to rush him in if there’s an injury

  • guest

    good for the depth on the bench. we need his size + rebouding

  • Edgar

    Will Cherry looks like he’s fighting an uphill battle considering PG depth…

  • Vin Domenico


  • YAHsaves777 .

    He manhandled JV in that clip! But JV has put on some weight so be interesting to see if he can do that to him in training camp

  • afrocarter

    Training camp is going to be INTENSE.

  • Minks77

    He’s here to show BeBe what it’s all about. Blocks n boards bebe.

  • ckh26

    Yet another clever signing by our GM. Nothing to lose. Should be a beauty to watch Hansbrough and Stiemsa introduce themselves with simultaneous elbows during camp …..and tick tick tick…only 24 days till camp opens

  • hotshot

    So if all 3 guys impress at training camp then it’s bye bye Fields, Hayes and Psycho T.

    • ckh26

      No.. They (Fields, Hayes and Psycho T) are on guaranteed deals and we can’t afford it on the business side.

      • leftovercrack

        Wasn’t the second year of Hansborough’s contract a team option?

        • ckh26

          It was and they (the team) picked it up in July. So TH is guaranteed this year.

          • 2damkule

            they could stretch fields, but that seems unlikely. psycho & hayes are tradeable (psycho more so).

            • ckh26

              They could absolutely trade TH or the Chuck Wagon. Another option is to keep them and cash in the salary cap savings next year. As always it will depend on whats offered in a trade scenario..

              MU has just hedged his bets going into training camp at very little cost or risk. He has brought in a big, a PG and a wing with Stiemsma / Cherry / Hamilton. One of those 3 will likely be the 15th player depending on how things shake out during camp and the pre-season games.

              My thought is that its the Steamer who sticks. We are just a touch lighter up front than in the backcourt or on the wing.

  • BramptonCanadianProspects

    finally jonas has some one at his size to go up against in practice!

  • RPT23

    It seems what the NBA teams need is a practice squad like how they have it in the NFL. That would be cool to have players readily available incase of an injury or something to that effect.

  • mike, prague

    CONSPIRACY: Ujiri loves big men who throw down JV to the ground? I mean it’s not the first signing of the sort…

    I hope Anthony Davis body slams JV in the near future too …

    • tonious35

      USA vs Lithuania…. Wait for it and pray it happens without injury…

  • Will

    I love this signing. Bye bye Cherry and Hamilton. Nice knowing you.

  • rocky

    Love the signing – if he practices like he plays, it’ll be great to have that intensity. What does not break you…

  • Alex Vostrikov

    masai cannot just cut his boy Hamilton. some one might get traded to make the room.
    but stiemsma is important for training. there is no one else who can break JV’s sweat. you need tall, strong, aggressive competitor to get better on offense. practising against hayes (guard like height) and bebe (broomstick) wont duplicate game like situations

  • tonious35

    The Steamer arrives to Toronto!!! I will arm myself with a steam whistle everytime he checks in during exhibition games next month!

    • Jerry Garcia

      OK …I am buying a ticket on the whistle train !!

  • follow_me

    Looks like Toronto is trying to build a tough team full of fighters. I like it, should build up the intensity in practice which will show up in the games!

  • Roarque

    Great addition. If you can’t beat them in the alley then you can’t beat them on the hardwood. This adds 6 fouls in the paint every night with Jonas still playing in 4th quarter.

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