Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast, May 12 – Offseason preview

There is just way too much to get into.

The Extra returns with the regular crew to, well, what do you think they talk about?

On this week’s episode, host Blake Murphy is joined by William Lou to discuss the following:

  • Masai Ujiri’s season-ending press conference
  • What does a “culture reset” entail?
    • Is this the end of Dwane Casey as head coach?
    • Is their even the personnel for a fundamental shift in style?
    • Can this all happen with two stars who have gone mostly unchecked?
  • Blow it up vs. Run it back
    • No half-measures
  • Kyle Lowry’s future
    • The dominoes that fall after Lowry
      • That’s Ibaka
      • Bye, Patterson
  • This is goddam exhausting – we’ll drill down more specifically on each topic in the weeks to come

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