AltRaps’ 3 Point Shot

Time to poll the Republic…

1)    Is Triano’s system finally clicking or are the past two victories merely representative of the opposition?

2)    No change in Raptors ticket prices for next year. Good business model? Is this in answer to their critics or do you think they feel they have hit a wall with respect to ticket prices?  If their numbers are to be believed, you would think raising the price tag on the 17-19,000 they bring in every night would be a good way to fill the coffers to absorb, say, any luxury tax.

3)    Andrea Bargnani. Qualifying offer is in there for 2010/11 at $8.4mil. Rub your crystal ball…do you earmark more for him beyond that or try to sell high? If you were the GM and you were trying to budget, what would your first proposal be to his agent if he called you in the offseason to try and gauge your interest? It would all be unofficial, of course…wouldn’t want to go against the CBA.

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