Crushing Defeat

See that look on Deron’s face? It’s called focus and being a winner.
Notice Jose’s? lol
Raptors 101, Jazz 109

Crushing, absolutely crushing. The stage was set for the Raptors to steal one from the Jazz: DST meant the Jazz were playing at 930am Utah time and on the road; no Carlos Boozer; Pops Mensah-Bonsu was in the house.  Sadly it was the 4th worst selling game of the season for the Raptors, so the late-arriving, early leaving, sushi eating crowd on hand was as weak as Bosh’s post game, but not as weak as this Raptors team.

A very intense and entertaining game that saw lead changes, getting out on the break, rebounding, aggressive rebounding on both ends of the court. Sadly, the Raptors learned a tough lesson at Sunday school. It wasn’t a Priest giving the lesson, but the end result was the same. Anyone see Bosh’s face during the media-scrum in the change room? He didn’t care to define a loss, and neither do I.

Triano’s post game was short and not so sweet, his thoughts boiled down to the suspect calls the Jazz got early in the 4th quarter that put them into the bonus for the rest of the game. Well yea man, sure they got a couple suspect calls, but what were they doing that got them the calls? They were damn aggressive, that’s what!

Kirilenko and Williams were attacking on every single possession. Taking it to the rack, attacking the defense, being aggressive. Of course they will get the benefit of the doubt on calls. What did the Raptors do? Nothing. They conceded penetration, they conceded offensive boards, they turned the ball over, they couldn’t hit the important shots, they couldn’t make a stop.

What the hell happened to Marion? Is the guy still sick? Get him out of the game. 8pts 8rebs in 37 minutes? How much is he regretting wanting to be the man and getting jettisoned from Phoenix? Getting those nice lob passes from Nash looks good right about now, no?

What the hell is going on with Jose? Is the guy still injured? Get him the hell out of the game. 10pts and 11asts is pretty good, his best game in ages, but when Parker is doing a better job then you at the point, and he isn’t a pg and you are, there is a problem. He sucks.

Bargnani, he drops 20 on a very efficient 10 shots through the first 3 quarters, then only gets 3 shot attempts in the 4th? The Raptors were in desperate need of scoring in the 4th and VL gets 3 shots, for shame. Triano seems to be doing some sort of coaching, he carries a clip-board, calls fairly timely time-outs, seems like he draws up plays, but not one of them got Bargnani a decent shot in the 4th, balls.

@Nat twit a comment in the first quarter about Sloan not getting up off the bench, we know why during his pos-game interview:

This team (the Raptors) has won what, 23 games? If we are going to be a higher level team, we have to beat teams like them.

Pretty clear had no doubt in his mind that the Jazz would win.For those of you counting, this is the 5th loss in the row.

Anyways, the bright brighter-side:

  • Bosh had his best game of the last couple months 30pts 10rebs, aggressive in the block and on the boards
  • Raptors out-rebounded the Jazz 44-41
  • Pops had 7rebs in 11 minutes
  • I’m going to see Watchmen at 530

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