Ariza’s foul on Fernandez: Flagrant or Not?

I don’t think it is. He went for the ball, it’s unfortunate that Rudy fell awkwardly and got injured but doesn’t change the fact that Ariza went for the ball. I don’t know how Blazers Edge comes off making a big deal about it (pure homerism). This is exactly like saying Horford wanted to hurt TJ which is nonsense. In the heat of the game you’re going for the block, you don’t care about the score, the angle you’re coming at and any of that nonsense. The argument that it was a blowout game and Ariza shouldn’t have gone for that play is equally lame. You could counter that by saying Fernandez shouldn’t have gone for the dunk given the score and just pulled it back.

What’s your take? Has the NBA turned pussy on us? I think so, there have been way too many flops on the perimeter called for charges, players stepping in just outside the circle while moving to get the call, crab-dribbles, and other such nonsense like traveling not even being called. In my opinion, these practices by the referees combined with their inconsistency has devalued the game.

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