Podcast: Ryan Wolstat of Courtside

I talked some Raptors ball with Ryan Wolstat of the Sun’s Courtside blog, he gave us his thoughts on the free agent summer, our options at the wing and plenty of other Raptors topics. We also discussed whether irregardless is a word. Have a listen by clicking on the play button below or directly in iTunes. If you’re on a mobile device, you may download the file (10.4 MB).


A summary of the interview after the jump.

  • Agrees that irregardless is a word.
  • Jack is an excellent signing and fully worth the $5M/yr. The contract doesn’t hamper us in signing a big because a Rasho signing is very possible. Doesn’t think we necessarily need to invest in a wing at this point.
  • Believes the Raptors were at their best when their PG play was good for 48 minute under T.J Ford and Jose Calderon and that signing Jack is a step towards restoring that.
  • Thinks Marcus Bank will be in a suit this season.
  • The Bargnani signing had to happen since Colangelo had shown faith in him and not offering him a contract this summer would’ve been a sign of confidence not being shown in his game. Still prefers Bosh as a player over Bargnani.
  • Quincy Douby has earned a spot on the Raptors ahead of Roko Ukic, points to his high draft selection as indication that he’s got the talent, it’s a question of it coming out. Douby credits Triano for his improved game. He might be playing bad competition in Las Vegas but he’s still been the best of the Raptors’ lot.
  • Very disappointed in Patrick O’Bryant; expected him to play for a contract this summer league but now questions his effort level and desire to stay in the league.
  • Carlos Delfino is asking for way too much money, especially given the economic climate. Better players like Matt Barnes can be had for lesser, the Raptors just happen to be stuck in a cap crunch. Much like me, despises the fact that Banks is clogging $5M of the cap.
  • DeMar DeRozan was surprisingly good in summer league and although he expected him to showcase his athleticism, the scoring touch and composure were a surprise.
  • Didn’t like the Turkoglu signing at first because of the lack of athleticism and length of deal but figures since his isn’t a quickness-oriented game, it could work out. Likes the fact that we finally have a player who can create, something we didn’t have at all last year. Doesn’t believe Bosh should be given that responsibility because of his position.
  • Thinks it’s better to retain Bosh even though he’s not a top-tier player and that there’s no shame in having 13-14 guys in the league better than you. Believes that he hasn’t hit his ceiling and that it’s a question of him adding muscle to his body which will help him develop a post-up game.

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