Kyle Lowry; C.J. Watson

What is our style of play or identity?


Casey was interviewed prior to the Clipper game and mentioned that the team did not have an identity or at least one that he believed would win in the playoffs. (defensive) Are we winning on talent alone? Last year we had a easy schedule coming into the playoffs and lost our defensive toughness even though… Read more »


What should the Raptors do? (Stay the course or make a change)


Based on make up of current Raps team, the window is open for at least another 3-4 seasons (essentially basing this estimation on Lowry/Amir and typical career trajectories). Outside of Lowry/Amir, the window is open for much longer. Based on this vague assumption, this season what would you rather: a) Stay the course (i.e. lets see what… Read more »


Trade Targets


Although this team certainly has chemistry, sometimes there can be opportunities that are just too good to pass up. That doesn’t mean that the chemistry is suddenly lost, but it can certainly inhibit the team’s functionality. By wondering what targets should the Raptors consider, I’m wondering either underrated players or players who are good but… Read more »


We’re Not There Yet. What Do We Need?


The Chicago game clearly showed that we’re not a top tier team in the East yet (let alone the league as a whole) and are solidly second-tier. So what do we need to reach the next level? What’s your solution?


Casey’s Rotations


Alot of criticism of Casey’s substitutions and rotations so far this season. So much that we’re curious to know what the fans think of it? If ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Or is there still an area of improvement Casey can make at this point?


Raptors Republic 2014-15: 3 Stars


After every game, post the best three Raptors of that game. First place gets 3 points, second place gets 2, and third place gets 1. For each game one of our members will add up the points and then track the standings throughout the season to see who we as the fans vote as the most… Read more »


Resting Players?


So, the Raptors have so much depth, especially at the 1, 2 and 3 positions, so we’re wondering if the best way to ultimately use that depth is to use the Spurs model of only playing most of their major players about 72 games each. Thoughts?