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Podcast: The Dr Is In Mailbag + No More Vince or Trade Lowry Talk



The podcast opens up the Doctor’s Mailbag, covers the 51, shuts up the Kyle Lowry trade talk, and look ahead to THE roadtrip.

Rapcast #188: They are who we thought they were (The Doctor Is In)



There is no need to overreact to a horrible week – especially when you have Amirsborough to talk about.

Rapcast: Dr Is In – Taking out the Trash, Franchise QBs, Draft Big Board, Raps Rollin’



Rapcast: Dr Is In – Taking out the Trash, Franchise QBs, Draft Big Board, Raps Rollin’

Rapcast #184 – Doc Is In: Legit Contenders? Fickle Fans, Overrated Draft? #Tank4Bosh, Deng-Bynum Trade



This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, we talk whether the Raptors are serious contenders, what to do with Kyle Lowry, should Bryan Colangelo be thanked, and lots more.

Rapcast #179: The Doc – CHA Loss, 2PG Rotation, Jonas Still on the Team?



I take a look back at the last 7 days where the Raptors went 2-1, explore the 2 PG rotation, try to find out where Jonas Valanciunas is, look at life after Rudy Gay, and examine the playoff picture.

Rapcast #176: SAC Fans, Trade Winners, Ujiri Strategy, Week Pre/Review


NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Sacramento Kings

The trade is analyzed from a SAC and TOR perspective, Ujiri’s strategy is evaluated and the week that was and is ahead is examined.

Rapcast #173 (The Doc): GSW Meltdown, Blame Game, Fast Break Points, NCAA AP Top 10



Well, it’s hard not to talk about GSW! We look past it to larger issues and opportunities, identify a statistic that the Raptors are surprisingly poor at and need to get better, glaze over the AP Top 10, frame Ujiri and Casey’s situations in the current context, and talk about the Dalai Lama.

Rapcast #171 (Doc): The Week Ahead for the DeRozan-led Division Champs



The week is reviewed and another is previewed, as we ask the question of whether the Raptors can win the Atlantic and how high our hopes should be. There’s John Wall talk, some statistic tidbits, and a pinch of Grantland as the worldwide roundtable returns for another week.

Rapcast #171: Doc Is In – DeRozan’s growth, Casey Improving, Novak Role, Lowry Rising, and RONDO!



Week in review, DeRozan’s growth, Casey improvements, Novak role, and RONDO!

Rapcast #170: Doc Is In – West Analysis, Debuts for Wiggins/Parker/Randle, Casey’s Coaching



Go West young man, and find Wiggins, tell him Casey’s waiting for you with playbook in hand.

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