Amir Johnson, Jeff Teague, Al Horford, DeMarre Carroll

Morning Coffee – Fri, Jan 16


Wiggins and inventing narratives | Ross hitting wall? | JV following all-star voting | Butch Carter making a stand against Rogers | Raptors vs Hawks ….. Slow news morning alert

Raptors visit Sick Kids Hospital

Morning Coffee – Wed, Jan 14


DeRozan nearing return | Lowry tired, needs help | Ujiri has long term plan to bring Wiggins home; maybe | A visit to Sick Kids| Raptors vs Sixers

Pistons newest banner

Morning Coffee – Tue, Jan 13


Jonas with career night | Raptors lose rematch to Pistons | James Johnson uncut | Does JV deserve 4th quarter minutes? | How Bad is Ross really?

James Johnson

Morning Coffee – Mon, Jan 12


Jonas seeing the floor better; need more of him though | Need more Ross too | Nicknames James Johnson | Trade season | Raps can’t look past Pistons