Best we’ve looked all season

Roko loves the rim so I love Roko. Finishing this off for a distraught Arsenalist who is down and out after KU’s defeat. The Raptors are like a medieval army that’s returning home after losing a war. On their way back they stop by little towns and villages plundering, pillaging and collecting booty. These same… Read more »


The Bucks are Back

Who do we have on the schedule tonight? Ah, we’ve got the good ol’ Milwaukee Bucks back in town ready to throw down in another showdown. Does anyone remember the last time the Bucks came to town? I do. It was a Friday night back in January. I was at Philthy’s with a group of… Read more »


Realizar’s Indiana pre-game post

It’s another early 12:30 start at home tomorrow. Anyone here think the Pacers are going to party late into the night tonight? Since I don’t go out clubbing anymore tell me where we should expect Ford & Co. to be seen tonight? (Hold on… AltRaps just told me he already saw them at the Rail… Read more »


Top Ten Prophecies For Next Season

The men and women at the home-office in Athabasca, Alberta are working overtime. The category is Top Ten Prophecies For Next Season. The Raptors will have 4-7 new players and 4-7 new fans. Paper bags will replace jerseys as the best selling merchandise item. MLSE will officially change the meaning of ACC to “Armored Cash… Read more »


Raps run over TWolves

Timberwolves 110, Raptors 118 Taking my first crack at post-game analysis, I’m happy I’m getting to do so after a Raptors win. The Raps definitely needed this game to keep their 4% playoff hopes alive – as calculated by ESPN’s John Hollinger. Considering how they finished the fourth quarter against the Knicks on Friday, it… Read more »


For Prides Sakes!

The Raps have just two more games before the annual NBA weekend reprieve for the disappointing and the mediocre. Coming into this game, the TWolves aren’t even done grieving about losing Big Al “The Ladies Pal” Jefferson for the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his right knee. Tonight, it is seriously… Read more »


Matching our long-term dream with our short term reality

LOL! It is unjust to consider Chris Bosh one of today’s NBA superstars because he isn’t one. For the record, even though he desires to be an MVP quality player, Chris Bosh clearly is not in the category of present-day ‘superstar clutch players’ like Kobe, LBJ, Wade, Duncan, Parker, Nash, Kidd, Paul, Iverson and Pierce…. Read more »