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The Raptors Don’t Appear Ready For What Awaits Them In The Playoffs



A winning season doesn’t mean anything on it’s own – it just represents the first steps.

Lowry’s Injury Has Given Valanciunas A Chance To Shine


Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas,

All season long, Kyle Lowry has acted as a vocal mentor for Raptors’ second-year centre Jonas Valanciuas.

Can DeRozan Buck Raptors Playoff History?



Carter and Bosh both floundered in their first playoff appearances. That doesn’t have to spell doom for DeRozan and the Raptors.

Looking Ahead to the Raptors in the Postseason



With an unexpected postsesaon berth on the horizon, it’s time to look ahead at what awaits an inexperienced Playoff club after April 16th.

Ujiri’s Quiet Deadline All About The Future



The Raptors need a transcendent talent in order to jumpstart their future, and they sat out the trade deadline when they couldn’t find one.

Will Toronto’s Success Force Ujiri’s Hand At The Deadline?



Despite the patience Masai Ujiri’s five-year deal affords, will the Toronto Raptors’ recent success make them buyers at the trade deadline?

Raptors Should Be The Frontrunner for Kyle Lowry in Free Agency



Re-signing with the Toronto Raptors should be Kyle Lowry’s first priority in free agency this summer.

The Weak East May Be Forcing Masai Ujiri’s Hand


You can only control what you can control, and in the NBA… well, that ain’t much. It’s the lesson that Masai Ujiri seems to keep learning again and again.

“Tanking” Raptors May Have Improved After Trading Rudy Gay


Los Angeles Clippers v Sacramento Kings

It’s not often that a tank-triggering move makes a team better, but I think last night’s trade of Rudy Gay may have achieved just such a paradoxical outcome.

Raptors Should Pursue Winning Trades


Amir Dunk

There are two areas of dysfunction that I believe are severely holding the Raptors back right now, and that is pick-and-roll play and Rudy Gay’s shot selection.

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