Is DeMar DeRozan back?


After battling through the first major injury of his six-year career, DeMar DeRozan is starting to round into form in March.


Masai Ujiri and an Exit Strategy


If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It seems to be Masai Ujiri’s strategy to this point in Toronto, but it’s also clear he’s left himself an exit strategy.


Dwane Casey Is On The Hot Seat


Casey’s right that the final 20 or so games of the season are meaningless because Toronto essentially has the Atlantic Division locked up and with that home court in the first round. But when a coach admits in a roundabout kind of way that he’s unable to put a patch on the dam that’s about to burst it puts a huge target on a coaches back.


March Madness: Raptors Style


The city of Toronto is notorious for a number of reasons. Whether or not it is truly worthy of its “No.1″ status is up for debate, but there is a definite downside. To get specific, well, how about our horrendous public transit system, the outrageous maintenance-fees on condos with shoddy construction, or the judge of… Read more »


Greivis Vasquez and the understated luxury of security


It’s not spectacular, but when Vasquez has been called upon, he has been reliable. And most importantly, the Raptors have fared well in his starts. The Raptors are 12-7 with Vasquez in the starting unit, a win percentage more or less on par with their season pace.