Crosshair: Chris Bosh

20/10…you keep those kinds of players. It was a challenging year to say the least, and no one on this team had a harder time with it then Chris. After a summer where he won Olympic gold as a KEY member of the US National team (KEY as in he was crucial to their winning,… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Crosshair: Jason Kapono

K-Fraud The big black stain on Bryan Colangelo’s resume. A bad signing to start with, Kapono has done nothing but give Colangelo critics a great backdrop for launching their attacks and with good reason. In the two years he’s been here he’s had zero impact on the team, mainly because he doesn’t do what he… Read more »


Crosshair: Roko Ukic

If I had to buy a Raptors jersey, it’d be Roko’s. Not having watched many Lottomatica or Barcelona games, I was surprised at how raw Ukic really was. I didn’t expect a refined product but was hoping for him to be of reliable service, after all he’d been playing regularly on some of the better… Read more »


Crosshair: Andrea Bargnani

Hard to explain his turnaround. Things couldn’t have looked worse for him in December when all he could do was make a constant fool of himself. His play during that month made the Bargnani of 2007-08 look like an All-Star and he was biggest disappointment of the season at the time. He could do no… Read more »


Crosshair: Joey Graham

If you can’t beat Jamario Moon, you’re not good enough. Part of what made Joey Graham look decent in his fourth year is the fact that he was terrible in his previous three. Sam Mitchell did his best to suffocate him which led many of us to believe that his career might be over after… Read more »