Deadline Day Perspectives


As one scrolls through the Republic’s Morning Coffee, it will quickly sink in that today officially holds the potential for a substantial change in the Raps’ roster. The NBA trade deadline has finally arrived, and it undoubtedly holds more significance to this city than in years past. This just got real. But Will That Reality… Read more »


Trade Deadline Fun


With the trade deadline coming up, who are possible trade targets for the Raptors and who should be avoided?


Jonas Valanciunas and the Hope for Rim Protection


Jonas Valanciunas is written about constantly, and still remains a mystery to be figured out.  At 22 years of age, Jonas is already in his third year in the NBA and is central to the Raptors goals, both immediate and future.


Jonas Valanciunas and the Fourth Quarter


What to do with a problem like Jonas Valanciunas? The word ‘problem’ doesn’t often get thrown into a sentence in regards to Jonas.  By all accounts he is a hard working young man, who at 22 is willing to accept the role given to him while still working toward the eventual goal of being a… Read more »


Greivis Vasquez and Expectations


Greivis Vasquez had a brilliant game against Sacramento on Wednesday just one day after blending in against Indiana. So what Vasquez should the fans expect?