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Is Toronto worst 3rd seed EVER?



*quote* No disrespect to the Raptors, but they may be the worst No. 3 seed I’ve seen since I started covering the NBA. What they are accomplishing is commendable, but Toronto being so high in the standings is very much a reflection of the sorry state of the Eastern Conference. *end quote* True or false?

Kyle Lowry is Not a “Shoot-first” “Scoring” Point Guard



In years past the shoot-first, scoring opinions of Kyle Lowry would likely stand true. This year, though, he’s proven to be a lot more.

What Will Happen If The Raptors Trade For An Elite Talent?



Lots of talk about trading for elite talent. Names like Kevin Love, Rajon Rondo, and trading up to get Wiggins have come up in discussions. But what would it take to do that?

What Would It Take For The Raptors To Get To The Eastern Conference Finals?



Most have already commented that the only way the Raptors make the ECF would be if Indy or Miami suffer significant injuries to their star players, but lots of other interesting responses being discussed as well. Check it out.

Leiweke the “Headhunter”



I wish I was as smooth when it comes to recruiting like the “Big Cheese” Tim Leiweke is. Let’s hope he pulls out similar tricks to his trade like he did when he went after Jermain Defoe for the TFC recently. Extremely impressive!

DeRozan Has Entered NBA MVP Rankings



Race to the MVP Ladder. DeMar cracks the Top 10. Lowry misses the cut and drops down.

ESPN’s Mid-Season Award Predictions



ESPN did their mid-season award predictions and Lowry, DeMar & Casey have not gone unnoticed.

Is Your Confidence Still Shaken?



A couple bad losses last week to teams we should of beaten. To some fans its just a couple off nights, but to many others it continues to make them skeptical of this team at the moment. So, what are your thoughts of our current state?

Should Casey Get Extended?



Raptors fans wanted him gone immediately once Masai took over, but he kept him around for the final year of his contract. Then all of a sudden Gay gets traded, team improves tenfold and Casey doesn’t appear as awful. That being said, has it changed your mind as a fan or is the general consensus   …Continue Reading

Kyle Lowry On Jim Rome Show



Incase you missed it, Kyle interviewed with the Rome yesterday. Rome discusses various topics with him. From all the trade rumours earlier this season, to reaction of the Gay trade to life being pretty good at the moment. Have a listen.

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