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Masai Speaks! Annnnnnd Nothing is Clear Yet.



Masai addressed the media today in Washington and really did a great job as one of our members said “leaving himself subtle for future ‘outs’.” But basically although the forbidden word “tank” wasn’t used it would appear as though the thought of it has been put to rest.

So, Is Casey a Good Coach or a Bad Coach?



Did Casey suddenly have an epiphany the day that Rudy left? Or was he coaching the same way he is now, but players are starting to listen? Or was he coaching based on the talent he had on the team before the trade? Thoughts?

Toronto Interested in Jordan Crawford?



Fox Sports’ Sam Amico is reporting that the Raptors are one of a couple teams that are rumoured to be interested in acquiring the services of one Jordan Crawford. Yay or Nay?

What’s Your Price on Amir Johnson?



Since the word on the street is that Amir is drawing interest from various NBA GM’s at the moment, what do you feel is the true value of our beloved fan favourite Amir Johnson right now?

Colangelo Shares His Two Cents on the Rudy Gay Trade


Wondering what Bryan Colangelo felt about the Rudy Gay trade to Sacramento? Click the pic the find out.

An Open Letter To Masai Ujiri



Read this plea to Masai from just a regular Raptor loving  fan. Come and sign the online petition while your at it:

Does DeMar Deserve To Be In The All-Star Game?



Well, as the title reads, do you guys think DeRozan has done enough to warrant a spot on the Eastern Conference roster for the all-star game this year?

Where the Raptors Sit Based on Expectations



Now that we’ve reached December, we are fast approaching the Dec 15th date to remove restrictions on new player movement. Since the trade talks are likely to heat up, it seems a good time to take a minute to reflect on what we’ve seen so far. Are the Raps meeting or exceeding expectations in any   …Continue Reading

Who to Trade, or Not to Trade?



Whether you believe that The Raps should tank and get their future centerpiece or whether you believe that they should take advantage of their week division/conference and go for a playoff birth and a series win isn’t the goal of this discussion. Its to discuss who we should trade and who we should keep and   …Continue Reading

29th out of 30



29th out of 30 NBA teams is where the Raptors stand in assists per game. Here’s looking at you Kyle. I think someone forgot to remind Lowry he’s a free agent after this season. Anyone think he perhaps could be contributing our woes?

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