Should we look at the triangle offense?


This year, Jonas is coming into his own as a low post player and we have two very good guards to work with him. Sounds like Triangle time to me! Thoughts? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


Terrence Ross: The bidding starts here!


Is he too inconsistent … and too big a gamble? Is his potential, and the way he has looked in the last two games, too dreamy to pass up? Does a reasonable extension (with a potential hometown discount) make it very likely he’ll be trade-able, anyway, as long as we don’t significantly overpay – so… Read more »


Is Jonas now ready for “Prime-time”?


We all know that Dwane Casey was much criticized, last season, for “slowing Jonas’ development” by not playing him much during “crunch time” . And yet some sense that quite a few wonder if we should fully expect he’ll “hit his stride”, and so be ready to take those minutes, regularly, this season. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow… Read more »


Is Terrence Ross Underappreciated by the Raptors Fan Base?


Ross was thought to be the 3&D wing fixture of our future. After last season, most seemed to complete write Ross off. Pre-season has changed some perspectives, but was last season really as bad as many felt? Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith


Has Casey Finally Learned?


Nice piece written by Josh Lewenberg over at TSN. Just reaffirms how predictable of a team were really were last year but mostly on offense side. Follow @raptorsrepublicFollow @DocNaismith