Casey’s Deadline


After watching Casey’s latest media scrum,  its evident that he counters/dodges questions regarding the team’s competence level with remarks such as “It’s a process”, “We’re nowhere near where we have to be”, “We’re not a finished product..” and so on. So the question is simple: How much more time do we give Dwane Casey to complete… Read more »




The #FireCasey hashtag is trending now. OK, well maybe not where its supposed to via Twitter, but it certainly is here at Raptors Republic.

Kyle Lowry; C.J. Watson

What is our style of play or identity?


Casey was interviewed prior to the Clipper game and mentioned that the team did not have an identity or at least one that he believed would win in the playoffs. (defensive) Are we winning on talent alone? Last year we had a easy schedule coming into the playoffs and lost our defensive toughness even though… Read more »