Should Casey Get Extended?


Raptors fans wanted him gone immediately once Masai took over, but he kept him around for the final year of his contract. Then all of a sudden Gay gets traded, team improves tenfold and Casey doesn’t appear as awful. That being said, has it changed your mind as a fan or is the general consensus… Read more »


Kyle Lowry On Jim Rome Show


Incase you missed it, Kyle interviewed with the Rome yesterday. Rome discusses various topics with him. From all the trade rumours earlier this season, to reaction of the Gay trade to life being pretty good at the moment. Have a listen.


What If We Don’t Retain Lowry This Summer?


As the title states, what happens if Lowry isn’t back in a Raptors uniform next season? Do we draft his replacement? Backfill via free agency? Or acquire someone via trade(s) between now and this summer? Come share your two cents.


Why Shouldn’t The Raptors Make A Run At LeBron?


Grange’s article this morning isn’t as much to do about going after LBJ, but more about the MLSE changing the culture of professional sports in Toronto. Winning is the priority and will take precedence over shorter term financial gains. You gotta spend to win and they want to win now. What’s your reaction?


Who Do You Like In The First Round?


Let’s have fun and be optimistic for a change. Last time we saw the post-season in Toronto was back in 2007-08. If things continue the way they should we’ll still be playing late into April. That being said, who do want to Raptors to play in the first round of the 2013-14 playoffs?


Vasquez One And Done In Toronto?


ESPN recently included a blurb via their Insider questioning Greivis’ future here in Toronto beyond this season. I think most would agree he’s been a little bit of a disappointment. Do most think this is just a bump in the road, or is this what we can now expect from him long term?


Masai Speaks! Annnnnnd Nothing is Clear Yet.


Masai addressed the media today in Washington and really did a great job as one of our members said “leaving himself subtle for future ‘outs’.” But basically although the forbidden word “tank” wasn’t used it would appear as though the thought of it has been put to rest.


So, Is Casey a Good Coach or a Bad Coach?


Did Casey suddenly have an epiphany the day that Rudy left? Or was he coaching the same way he is now, but players are starting to listen? Or was he coaching based on the talent he had on the team before the trade? Thoughts?