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A Few Positives



Another weak start to an NBA season for Raptors fans. We still tirelessly discuss and highlight the negatives with this franchise. Let’s change it up and chat about the positives so far (albeit there may only be a few) starting this 2013-14 season.

There Is An Elephant In The Room And His Name Is Rudy



What to do with Rudy? That is a big question facing the Raptors right now. Come see the options shared and the risks that may or may not come with those options provided.

A New Take On Tanking



Tanking, rebuilding, building through the draft, blowing it up, whatever you want to call it is semantics; the end result is the Raptors lose a lot of games. Come check out RR member Matt52′s new take on tanking.

Strong League-wide Interest In DeRozan?



According to FOX Sports one NBA general manager said that their is strong league-wide interest in DeMar, but at this point nothing would entice Masai to move DeRozan. Do you agree or do you think Ujiri is making a mistake by not exploring his options right now?

SI’s Best & Worst Case Scenarios For The Raptors



Reasonable assessment of our beloved Raptors. The funniest part was the Rob Ford reference though.

Casey Getting a Fair Shot or Ujiri Waiting It Out?


Dwane Casey; Masai Ujiri

Do you think Casey is getting a fair shot or is Ujiri just letting the situation and contract run its course? Come vote and share your two cents.

Raptors Sign Carlos Morais



[sarcasm]The Raptors jumped into the FA ocean once again and caught a big one in Angolan native, Carlos Morais. Don’t act like you aren’t impressed either. This is a big deal. [/sarcasm]

Raptors: 1 of the 7 Teams in the NBA That Are “Mired in Monotony”



Good read courtesy of Jonathan Hartzell from who discusses ways in building a championship contender. We’re one of those “monotony” or as most refer to us as “treadmill” teams.

Is Rudy Really the Most Overrated SF in the NBA?



ESPN did a piece last week debating the NBA small forwards by answering various questions. One of them being the league’s most overrated SF. And the response from all of the writers were unanimous, Rudy Gay. Do you agree or disagree?

How To Cure Tanking



Everything will be OK Raptors fans. Watch the video in our forums and you’ll see what we mean.

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