Raptors Roll Call March 30 vs Heat

Ashamed at first, then proud, then excited, then let down. Sex with Miley Cyrus or the night as a Raptors fan? The Heat win 113-101 and drop us to 17-35.


Raptors Roll Call Mar 24 vs Bulls

Heartbreak City…….102-101 the Bulls take it in overtime. Raptors fall to 16-33, but this may have been the game of the year when it comes down to heart and hustle.


Raptors Roll Call March 17 vs Bobcats

An embarrassing swing mid-game saw us fall behind and never catch up. 107-103, the Cats beat the Raps and we should all be ashamed. Raptors fall to 15-30.


Raptors Roll Call March 16 vs Grizzlies

We entered the den and killed a grizzly with our bare hands. 114-110 the Raptors win in overtime, displaying why it’s important to practice free throws and in-bounding the ball. We are 15-29 and a Jeremy Lin injury away from the playoff hunt.