Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raptors Roll Call Mar 14 vs Nets

Our playoff hopes take a hit with the-man-we-all-wish-we-were takes it to the Raptors with 16 points, 21 rebounds and a 98-84 Nets victory. Our record drops to 14-29.

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Raptors Roll Call Mar 13 vs Cavaliers

Hot In Cleveland is right…. Raptors pull off the mild surprise and take this one 96-88, taking us to 14-28 and leaving us 4 games out of the playoffs.


Raptors Roll Call March 11 vs Bucks

A nice sized lead, then a slugfest, then the usual fade in the 4th. Bucks win 105-99 and we slip to 13-28. Bright side: we still have more hopes of getting into the post season than the Leafs.


Raptors Roll Call Feb 28 vs Rockets

Hard to say we fought hard all game, but we had a shot at the end, which is all you can ask for. Rockets pull it out 88-85 as we land at 10-24.


Raptors Roll Call Feb 22 vs Pistons

Some rest, some practice, a little partying….all adds up to a Raptors win, beating Detroit 103-93 and we finally hit double digit wins, entering the break 10-23.


Raptors Roll Call Feb 17 vs Bobcats

Charlotte had lost 16 in a row. Like true Canadians, we took them in, made them a meal, gave them our bed to sleep in and let them steal our money. Bobcats win 98-91 and we drop to 9-23.