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RR Season Preview Panel – Part Two



We asked all our writers to answer a series of questions heading into the opener. Today is part two.

RR Season Preview Panel – Part One



We asked all our writers to answer a series of questions heading into the opener. Today is part one.

Theory: Raptors will have league’s longest average game time



Raptor fans could be in for some long games this season.

Raptors top Celtics in second unit showcase



The Raptors nearly lose it when a late missed dunk gives Boston late life, but the subs hang on.

Raptors defeat Knicks in what will now be known as The Quincy Acy Game



Quincy Acy, henceforth known as Quincy AThree (or A3), took over, and the league will never be the same.

Practice Recap, Valanciunas’ English, Cumulative Talent, Ross Laid Back?



Recapping the practice, looking back at some wings and debating whether the current ‘big three’ is the best one we’ve had in years, and some Valanciunas and Ross talk, including a GIF or two.

PreSeason Wrap-Up


We made it through the long-preseason.

With preseason having wrapped up it’s a good time to quickly look back at some of the items we’ve been discussing and reflect on them.

Raps beat Grizzlies, Friends and Family Applaud


Even Jonas was confused about how to watch this game. But hey, 6 and 1!

If the Grizzlies fall in the woods and nobody’s watching, do they make a sound?

Front-Court Minute Distribution


Best pie chart ever?

How should Dwane Casey distribute the front-court minutes?

Raps get little love in 2012 NBA GM’s Survey


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: the most athletic rookie in the NBA.

But hey, a little love is better than no love at all, right?

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