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2012-13 Raptors Predictions


I might not be good at photoshop, but I'm also bad at predictions!

Looking at some expert predictions and making a few of my own.

Valanciunas Flashes Potential, Raptors Down Bucks


Mad Dog Face.

Four blocks from Jonas and a big Lowry fourth quarter. 5-1 record.

Way Too Many Words on the End of the Bench


Grabbing a nap on the floor rather than the bench.

Rambling but mostly coherent thoughts on how the roster breaks down from #13-18 – Double-A, DMC, Acy, Magloire, McNeal, and Wright.

I’m Loving Kyle Lowry


KLow's heart, no doubt.


Victoire en Montreal: Raps Win Big Over Knicks



Plan the parade.

Should the Raptors Use Two-Point Guard Units?


Try sharing, guys.

With three capable point guards on the roster, the Raptors may be tempted to employ 2-PG looks.

More Evil Stats! BP’s SCHOENE Projections for the Raptors


The namesake, Russ Schoene.

Basketball Prospectus has released their 2012-13 SCHOENE player projections, and they’ve kindly allowed me to share the odd nugget with the Republic.

Will Landry Fields’ 3FG% Improve?


Fields' three-point opportunities should be of a higher quality in Toronto.

Landry Fields saw his three-point shooting effectiveness drop off dramatically in his sophomore season. Should we expect it to bounce back?

DeMar DeRozan’s Unique TS% Path


Can Demar follow Dunleavy's path?

DeMar DeRozan’s career path has been odd thus far, as he’s one of a small group of players to experience True Shooting % decreases twice so early in his career.

Wages of Wins: Raptors a Potential 4th Seed


2nd worst in the NBA? C'mon Son!

Blake reflects on the recent Wages of Wins model that predicts the Raptors to win 43-45 games and finished 4th in the East.

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