Of Rebounding, Douby, DeRozan and Larry

Right now we got two players on our entire roster who you could classify as rebounders without thinking twice, that’s Bosh and Evans and they aren’t even slotted to be in the same lineup. As you go down the roster you’re quickly looking at Bargnani and Turkoglu for rebounding help and neither’s strengths lie on… Read more »

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Raptors vs Suns Live Blog

Raptors 74, Suns 73 Starters: Nichols, Ibekwe, O’Bryant, Ukic, DeRozan It’s 18-17 Suns early in the second and the only Raptor who’s showing a signal of intent is DeMar DeRozan who’s giving us the mid-range game yet again. All eyes on Ukic really and right now he’s struggling to create off the bounce for anyone…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Notes from Summer League: Day 1 & 2

Chris Denker, of Netscouts Basketball, is reporting live from summer league: If you are evaluating on wins and losses the Toronto Raptors summer league performance has been disappointing with an 0-2 start.  But if you are merely evaluating individuals and getting a look at your draft picks you can take away a few positives with… Read more »


PG ménage à trois, Jarrett Jack

Summer league is as painful to write about as it is to watch but something quick needs to be said about it: DeRozan is good, Ukic is not, Douby is a ball-hog, O’Bryant is soft and Smush is desperate. While Douby was going one-on-one every chance he got hoping that the Raptors would see the… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Summer League: Raptors vs Lakers Live Blog

Follow the game on @raptorsrepublic ‘Sup everybody, they’re singing the national anthems. They got a real cow to sing the Canadian one. Never really liked how the US national anthem gets a louder cheer even though it was sung worse.


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